2009 ASG Skills Competition Highlights: Chara Breaks Record, Ovechkin/Malkin Steals the Show

I’m not going to type a long, drawn out play-by-play here but I will say this about the 2009 ASG Skills Competition: It’s great to see these guys get into it, especially when they show the kind of laid back panache that could catch the casual observer’s attention. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve listened to someone comment on how dry hockey player’s personalities are, and this kind of thing helps put that to rest.

Now, if only the league could figure out how to get people to actually watch these events they’d be in good shape.

Breakaway Challenge

Keep your eyes peeled for Alexander Ovechkin and Evgeni Malkin bustin’ out the slapstick towards the end of Ovie’s breakaway routine. Feud shmeud.

Hardest Shot

I don’t know about you, but the thought of standing in front of a puck that is going faster than most automobiles can travel at top speed is enough to make my butt cheeks clench. Like, bust-a-walnut clench.

Elimination Shootout 1/3

Is it just me or does Tim Thomas seem like a really cool guy to hang out with. You know, when he’s not diving head-first into oncoming players and all that.

Elimination Shootout 2/3

Elimination Shootout 3/3

Fastest Skater

NHL players can skate fast (unless his name is Darren McCarty). Enough said.

Shot Accuracy

Talk about stellar product placement. Does anyone else feel the need to destroy a Big Mac after watching this? Chicken McNuggets? A double cheeseburger?