2011 NHL Entry Draft Fantasy-Based Top 100 Rankings

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Made especially for fantasy hockey junkies, the following rankings are based on a prospect’s pure offensive potential.

Goalies get no love here. Apologies to vital guardians of the goal, but your potential is just too monumentally difficult to predict from a fantasy armchair GM’s point of view.

As THW’s Josh Deitell eloquently summed up comparing the actual NHL draft versus fantasy drafts:

Grit, work ethic, defensive-zone play, and personality: all intangibles that NHL teams consider when making their selections in the NHL Entry Draft that are not particularly relevant for fantasy hockey.

Yes, you do want to pick players who you think will make it to the NHL and contribute, so it’s important to consider bust potential and the fact that some European players take years to make their way across the pond and can easily make their way back, but first and foremost is offensive upside.

One will quickly notice some of the undersized forwards and blueliners creep up the rankings in comparison with my Final Top 210 Rankings. To reiterate, these rankings are focused on the pure offensive upside a prospect possesses. I tried to implement a healthy dose of realism as, by strict use of my own definition, some of these diminutive players would have ranked even higher. I also took into account on some occasions that because of prospects solid all-around ability, may get more ice time which may translate in offensive output.

How would you rank the 2011 draft crop from a fantasy outlook?

Joel Armia
Joel Armia {Photo courtesy of: Elite Prospects}

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  • THW = My ranking from THW Final Rankings (Top 210)
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*Myles Bell would be ranked much higher (30-40 range), but given his unfortunate off ice circumstances he rated 100 as more of a honourable mention.


Christopher Ralph is THW’s prospect and draft analyst