2016 NHL Draft War Room: Second Round Risers

by Eldon MacDonald (edited by @ChrisRalphTHW)

THW’s War Room Top 210 NHL Draft Rankings for May have already been released.

We’ve taken a more in-depth look the top 30 prospects along with some thoughts behind the rankings, and grouped these impact prospects in tiers in a two-part series (Part 1 and Part 2). In this article, we dive into the potential hidden gems of the second round, those prospects on the rise and if things go right for them, they could be significant contributors in the big league.

The likelihood of success of becoming a full-time NHLer drops off dramatically when you get to the second round. By my calculations, the chances of success for players drafted in the 31-45 range is only 33 percent. This further drops to 24 percent for players drafted 46 to 60. The reason most of these talented players are in the second round is usually for one of the following:

  • Size and strength
  • Skating

There have been some gems in the second round over the years. Maybe your team can come up with the equivalent of one of the following (to name a few) former second round selections this year.

  • Boston: Milan Lucic – 2006, 50th
  • Boston: Patrcie Bergeron – 2003, 45th
  • Carolina: Justin Faulk – 2010, 37th
  • Chicago: Duncan Keith – 2002, 54th
  • Colorado: Ryan O’Reilly – 2009, 33rd
  • Dallas: James Neal – 2005, 33rd
  • Los Angeles: Mike Cammelleri – 2001, 49th
  • Montreal: P.K. Subban – 2007, 43rd
  • Nashville: Roman Josi – 2008, 38th
  • Nashville: Shea Weber – 2003, 49th
  • New Jersey: Damon Severson – 2012, 60th
  • Rangers: Derek Stepan – 2008, 51st
  • San Jose: Mark-Edouard Vlasic – 2005, 35th
  • Louis Blues: David Backes – 2003, 62nd
  • Tampa: Nikita Kucherov – 2011, 58th


2016 NHL Draft War Room: Second Round Risers 

  1. Dineen, Cam
  • North Bay, OHL
  • 0.9 PPG (points-pet-game)
  • 68GP 13G 46A 59P +18
  • 5’11, 182
  • Defenseman, Shoots Left, USA (nation)
  • 32nd, up from 74; NHL Central Scouting Combined – 48th

#MrHSMP (High-Speed Mental Processor)

  • What’s impressive: High-speed mental processing of game, results, vision
  • Improvements to make: Strength, shot, edge (a bit of nastiness)
  • Commentary: Putting up almost a point a game on a team where defense always comes first. Coach, Stan Butler: “Wow!”
  • Goal: Link here


  1. Mascherin, Adam
  • Kitchener, OHL
  • 1.2 PPG
  • 65-35-46-81 +19
  • 5’10, 206
  • LW, L, CDN
  • 34th, up from 59; NHL Central Scouting Combined – 56th


  • What’s impressive: NHL ready shot, finish, playmaking, skating, work ethic
  • Improvements to make: Play without the puck
  • Commentary: It’s all about the shot
  • Profile: Link here


  1. Pu, Cliff
  • London, OHL
  • 0.5 PPG
  • 63-12-19-31 +12
  • 6’2, 192
  • RW, R, CDN
  • 36th, up from unranked; NHL Central Scouting Combined – 105th


  • What’s impressive: Size, speed, dangle, passing, hard shot, forechecking, anticipation
  • Improvements to make: Consistency
  • Commentary: Cliff’s game has gone from Mr. Pew to Mr. Who this year. He has become a force for London in the playoffs. Size, speed, skill – it gets me every time.
  • 2016 Playoff Goals: Link here


  1. Katchouk, Boris
  • Sault Ste. Marie, OHL
  • 0.8 PPG
  • 63-24-27-51 +7
  • 6’1, 181
  • LW, L, CDN
  • 37th, up from 69; NHL Central Scouting Combined – 30th


  • What’s impressive: Stickhandling, hard accurate shot, physical play, high energy, good finish, no quit, no holds barred attitude
  • Improvements to make: Skating, strength
  • Commentary: You are likely to find a place for Boris in your lineup because he is willing to do almost anything, “Mr. With a Vengeance!”
  • Goal: Link here


  1. Fitzpatrick, Evan
  • Sherbrooke, QMJHL
  • 8 PPG
  • 54 GP, 3.42 GAA, .896 SV%
  • 6’3, 220
  • G, L, CDN
  • 38th, up from unranked; NHL Central Scouting Combined – 35th


  • What’s impressive: Size, athleticism, tracking and reading the play, calmness, work ethic
  • Improvements to make: Consistency
  • Commentary: When he is on, he looks like the guy you want your team to have as its No. 1 goalie in the future. He is Mr. Big Stop. He just has to keep the button on more often.
  • His coach’s comments: Link here


  1. Bitten, Will
  • Flint, OHL
  • ~1.0 PPG
  • 68-30-35-65 -29
  • 5’10, 163
  • C, R, CDN
  • 41st, up from 49; NHL Central Scouting Combined – 57th


  • What’s impressive: Skating, agility, hockey sense, creativity, stickhandling, finish, forechecking, work ethic, persistence.
  • Improvements to make: Weight and strength, shot
  • Commentary: Will Bitten is a smaller player who works like a bumblebee and buzzes around hard on the puck or hard in pursuit of the puck. Add the skill (skating, agility, creativity, stickhandling) to the buzz and you have a hockey player that brings an infectious excitement to fans and teammates alike.
  • 2015-16 Highlights: Link here


  1. Sokolov, Dmitri
  • Sudbury, OHL
  • 0.8 PPG
  • 68-30-22-52 -40
  • 6’0, 208
  • C/LW, L, RUS
  • 42nd, up from unranked; NHL Central Scouting Combined – 183th


  • What’s impressive: Great shot, great release, great finish, play in tight, cycle, stickhandling, puck protection
  • Improvements to make: Recovery from shoulder problems, adherence to training and dietary regiment, skating speed, consistency of effort, play without the puck
  • Commentary: Touted as a potential top 10 coming over from Russia last fall, Dmitri Sokolov didn’t meet expectations due to being out of shape and having a season-long shoulder problem. He also needed to work on his consistency of effort and his defensive game. Dmitri worked on his training regimen during the year to bring himself into shape, and will put his shoulder to off-season surgery. He generally looked better as the season progressed. He ended the season with 15 goals in his last 23 games, not too shabby. Will a NHL team gamble on a High Risk prospect with the possibility of a sniper reward earlier than others project? In a draft year with a good first round and not so much after 45 or so, I am willing to bet yes.
  • Highlights: Link here


  1. Kyrou, Jordan
  • Sarnia, OHL
  • 8 PPG
  • 65-17-34-51 +13
  • 6’0, 179
  • RW/C, R, CDN
  • 45th, up from 56; NHL Central Scouting Combined – 41st


  • What’s impressive: Elite skating, passing, stickhandling, shot, tempo
  • Improvements to make: Strength, play without the puck, work in dirty areas
  • Commentary: Jordan has some high-end skills to his game, particularly his skating, that would look good in today’s NHL . His passing is noteworthy as well. However, he will not become an NHL regular despite his skills unless he significantly adds to his strength, spends more time in the dirty areas and works on his play without the puck.
  • 2016 Playoff Goals: Link here


  1. Parsons, Tyler
  • London, OHL
  • 49-2.33-.921
  • 6’1, 184
  • G, L, CDN
  • 51st, up from unranked; NHL Central Scouting Combined – 55th


  • What’s impressive: Athleticism, positioning, ability to challenge the shooters, puck tracking, glove hand, explosiveness, work ethic, difference maker
  • Improvements to make: Can overplay the puck
  • Commentary: Goalie of the month in the OHL for March, Tyler Parsons has continued his hot play in the playoffs. He is Mr. Late riser.
  • Penalty Shot Save: Link here


  1. Allison, Wade
  • Tri-City, USHL
  • 8 PPG
  • 56-25-22-47 +16
  • 6’2 ,205
  • RW, R, CDN
  • 53rd, up from unranked; NHL Central Scouting Combined – 84th


  • What’s impressive: Size, power forward ability, strength, finish
  • Improvements to make: Skating
  • Commentary : MVP of the USHL Playoffs, MVP of Team West for the USHL Top Prospects Game, Wade Allison is Mr. MVP. When the game is high stakes, you want Wade Allison on your side.
  • 5 star performer: Link here



  1. Morrison, Cam
  • Youngstown, USHL
  • 1 PPG
  • 60-24-32-66 +38
  • 6’3 ,201, LW, L, CDN
  • 54th, up from 64; NHL Central Scouting Combined – 63rd


  • What’s impressive: Size, power forward, hockey sense, consistency, puck protection, drive to the net, finish.
  • Improvements to make: Agility, edgework, play without the puck
  • Commentary: Cam Morrison is the kind of guy who goes to work every game and gives a consistent workman-like effort who also possesses the size and finish to put his team on the scoreboard and make a difference.


  1. Lindgren, Ryan
  • 4 PPG
  • 61-6-19-25
  • 6’0, 198
  • D, L, USA
  • 55th, up from unranked); NHL Central Scouting Combined – 67


  • What’s impressive: Leadership, high compete, lower body strength, defensive awareness, consistency, work in tight quarters, calmness, solid defensive defenseman
  • Improvements to make: Offense
  • Commentary: Ryan Lindgren is that solid, defensive defenseman you can call on every night for leadership (Captain of Team USA at the IIHF U18’s), consistency and just getting the job done. He is Mr. Solid.
  • High school: Link here


  1. Stillman, Riley
  • Oshawa, OHL
  • 3 PPG
  • 62-6-15-21 -9
  • 6’1, 180
  • D, L, CDN
  • 56th, up from unranked; NHL Central Scouting Combined – 91st


  • What’s impressive: Leadership, NHL bloodlines (son of former NHLer Cory Stillman), hockey sense, vision, open ice hits.
  • Improvements to make: Strength
  • Commentary: For those of you who don’t believe off-ice conditioning can make all the difference, talk to Riley


  1. Fox, Adam
  • 9 PPG
  • 64-9-50-59
  • 5’10, 179
  • D, L, USA
  • 58th, up from unranked; NHL Central Scouting Combined – 68th


  • What’s impressive: Vision, playmaking, puck moving, transition, QB abilities,
  • Improvements to make: Weight, strength
  • Commentary: The top defenseman at the IIHF U18s has all the skills to be a top defenseman in the NHL. He is just missing the size part of the NHL composition. Will his skills be enough, I am sure that at least a few teams looking for a power play QB will give him a hard look in the second round.


  1. Pitlick, Rem
  • Muskegon, USHL
  • 6 PPG
  • 56-46-43-89 +6
  • 5’10, 195
  • C, L, USA
  • 59th, up from unranked; NHL Central Scouting Combined – 131st


  • What’s impressive: Speed, shot, stickhandling, finish, vision, results (USHL scoring champion), work ethic, consistency, NHL bloodlines (son of Lance Pitlick)
  • Improvements to make: Physical play
  • Commentary: Going from 5’7, 170 lbs. of shrimp last year to 5’10 195 lbs. of solid this year plus adding some speed – more than impressive. Winning the USHL scoring title by 23 points – much, much more than impressive. I think a player with Rem Pitlick’s dimensions, skills, speed and terrific results should strongly be considered a second round pick in the upcoming draft.
  • Profile: Link here

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