2019 NHL Draft: Fisher’s Top 186 for November

I’m trying harder, but this isn’t getting any easier.

With every passing year, I’m starting to feel more like a real scout.

Realistically, I’m a regional scout — based in British Columbia, now in my 11th season covering the Western Hockey League from Kelowna, and also following the B.C. Hockey League to a lesser degree. The vast majority of my live viewings are WHL games, thus that’s my wheelhouse.

Nolan Foote Kelowna Rockets
(Marissa Baecker/Shootthebreeze.ca)
I’m getting spoiled this season, watching the Kelowna Rockets and their three potential first-round picks in Nolan Foote (above), Kaedan Korczak and Lassi Thomson. All three are trending towards being top-50 picks and it’s starting to look like they are all worthy of the top 31.

Beyond that, I’m watching what I can on TV and here on the Internet — be it streamed games, highlights, YouTube reels or Twitter GIFs. I truly enjoy watching hockey and it takes up most of my spare time.

However, as an independent scout trying to produce comprehensive monthly rankings leading up to a full seven-round mock draft in June, I’ve had to build a network of trusted peers — consisting of fellow scouts, fellow media members, even fellow fans. That has been a work in progress over the last decade — my mocks date back to 2012 — and I’m grateful for all the insight I’ve been able to glean from around the hockey world.

I grew up in Saskatchewan and previously lived in three different places across Alberta. I’ve maintained connections in the prairies, I know a few people in Ontario, and I’ve got to know others in Quebec and the Maritimes, as well as throughout the United States. I’ve even developed solid contacts in Russia and Finland, the Czech Republic and Switzerland. Here, there, everywhere.

Some of them submit regular lists from the countries and leagues that they know best — their own personal rankings — while others will reach out with feedback and constructive criticism once my rankings are released. I try to keep those lines of communication open — my inbox is always open at larry.fisher31@gmail.com — and I do make frequent inquiries about particular prospects.

So you can imagine the amount of information I have to process on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis. Not to mention the struggle within, spending hours agonizing over my order, reviewing it and tweaking it, only to be second-guessing it within minutes of publishing my rankings. It’s all volunteer at this point, all on my own ‘free’ time — a labour of love and a constant learning experience.

It’s only November and I already have more than 400 draft-eligible prospects on my radar, along with 100-plus overagers on a separate list that I’ll need to integrate in the New Year. For now, I’m focusing on the first-time eligibles — those born from Sept. 16, 2000 to Sept. 15, 2001 — and putting most of my energy into getting to know those kids. I already have a decent read on the overagers from tracking them for past drafts, so I can play catch-up on them once the calendar flips to 2019 and work them into my rankings somewhere between January and June. That’s the plan.

Brett Leason Prince Albert Raiders
(Robert Murray/WHL)
Prince Albert Raiders forward Brett Leason is probably topping my list of overagers right now — leading the WHL in goals with 18 and sitting second in points with 41 heading into this weekend. Leason is reminding me of Tanner Pearson’s emergence as a double-overager who still got selected in the first round. If Leason makes Canada’s world-junior team and has a strong showing there, he could be a top-62 pick despite being passed over in both 2017 and 2018.

I know 2019 is a deeper and stronger draft for the WHL, but I’m liking the overall depth and with a bigger sample size and more feedback, I’m feeling comfortable in expanding my rankings from 124 to 186 — from four rounds to six, essentially leaving room for a full round of overagers, another 31 prospects to be added at a later date. At least 31, since I’m sensing a trend of teams taking more overagers and there are plenty of quality leftovers for 2019. I wouldn’t be shocked if that number was closer to 50.

Nevertheless, here are my top 186 prospects for November — all first-time eligibles — following a few recent tournaments and the Canada Russia Series that also showcased some of the top talents for 2019.

First Round

1) Jack Hughes (LC, USA, NTDP U18)

2) Kaapo Kakko (RW, Finland, TPS Liiga)

3) Vasili Podkolzin (RW, Russia, SKA St. Petersburg MHL)

4) Kirby Dach (RC/RW, Canada, Saskatoon WHL)

5) Dylan Cozens (RC/RW, Canada, Lethbridge WHL)

6) Bowen Byram (LD, Canada, Vancouver WHL)

7) Matthew Boldy (LW, USA, NTDP U18)

8) Trevor Zegras (LC, USA, NTDP U18)

9) Ryan Suzuki (LC, Canada, Barrie OHL)

10) Peyton Krebs (LW/LC, Canada, Kootenay WHL)

11) Cam York (LD, USA, NTDP U18)

12) Alex Newhook (LC/LW, Canada, Victoria BCHL)

13) Alex Turcotte (LC, USA, NTDP U18)

14) Philip Broberg (LD, Sweden, AIK J20)

15) Anttoni Honka (RD, Finland, JYP Liiga)

16) Mikko Kokkonen (LD, Finland, Jukurit Liiga)

17) Cole Caufield (RW, USA, NTDP U18)

18) Arthur Kaliyev (LW, USA, Hamilton OHL)

19) Raphaël Lavoie (C/RW, Canada, Halifax QMJHL)

20) Nolan Foote (LC/LW, Canada/USA, Kelowna WHL)

21) Moritz Seider (RD, Germany, Adler Mannheim DEL)

22) Victor Söderström (RD, Sweden, Brynas J20)

23) Lassi Thomson (RD, Finland, Kelowna WHL)

24) Pavel Dorofeyev (LW/RW, Russia, Magnitogorsk MHL)

25) Nils Hoglander (LW, Sweden, Rogle SHL)

26) Jakob Pelletier (LW/RW, Canada, Moncton QMJHL)

27) John Beecher (LC, USA, NTDP U18)

28) Bobby Brink (RW, USA, Sioux City USHL)

29) Spencer Knight (G, USA, NTDP U18)

30) Matthew Robertson (LD, Canada, Edmonton WHL)

31) Kaedan Korczak (RD, Canada, Kelowna WHL)

Second Round

32) Yaroslav Likhachyov (RW, Russia, Gatineau QMJHL)

33) Blake Murray (LC, Canada, Sudbury OHL)

34) Alex Vlasic (LD, USA, NTDP U18)

35) Tobias Bjornfot (LD, Sweden, Djurgardens J20)

36) Ville Heinola (LD, Finland, Lukko U20)

37) Albin Grewe (LC, Sweden, Djurgardens J20)

38) Simon Holmstrom (RW/LW, Sweden, HV71 J20)

39) Michal Teply (RW, Czech Republic, Bili Tygri Liberec)

40) Maxim Cajkovic (RW/LW, Slovakia, Saint John QMJHL)

41) Valentin Nussbaumer (LC/LW, Switzerland, Shawinigan QMJHL)

42) Yegor Spiridonov (LW, Russia, Magnitogorsk MHL)

43) Daniil Gutik (LW, Russia, Loko Yaroslavl MHL)

44) Ilya Nikolayev (F, Russia, Loko Yaroslavl MHL)

45) Artemi Knyazev (LD, Russia, Chicoutimi QMJHL)

46) Ben Brinkman (LD, USA, Minnesota NCAA)

47) Henry Thrun (LD, USA, NTDP U18)

48) Samuel Poulin (LW, Canada, Sherbrooke QMJHL)

49) Nathan Légaré (RW, Canada, Baie-Comeau QMJHL)

50) Connor McMichael (LC, Canada, London OHL)

51) Matvei Guskov (LC, Russia, London OHL)

52) Yegor Afanasyev (F, Russia, Muskegon USHL)

53) Marcus Kallionkieli (F, Finland, Sioux City USHL)

54) Nick Robertson (LC/LW, USA, Peterborough OHL)

55) Josh Williams (RW, Canada, Medicine Hat WHL)

56) Sasha Mutala (RW, Canada, Tri-City WHL)

57) Dustin Wolf (G, USA, Everett WHL)

58) Drew Helleson (RD, USA, NTDP U18)

59) Hugo Has (RD, Czech Republic, Tappara Liiga)

60) Michael Vukojevic (LD, Canada, Kitchener OHL)

61) Oleg Zaitsev (LC, Russia, Red Deer WHL)

62) Vladimir Alistrov (LW, Belarus, Edmonton WHL)

Third Round

63) Nolan Maier (G, Canada, Saskatoon WHL)

64) Hugo Alnefelt (G, Sweden, HV71 J20)

65) Cameron Rowe (G, USA, NTDP U18)

66) John Farinacci (RC, USA, NTDP U18)

67) Dillon Hamaliuk (LW, Canada, Seattle WHL)

68) Luke Toporowski (LW, USA, Spokane WHL)

69) Henri Nikkanen (LC, Finland, Jukurit Liiga)

70) Patrik Puistola (LW, Finland, Tappara U20)

71) Vojtech Strondala (LC, Czech Republic, Kometa Brno)

72) Mikhail Abramov (RW, Russia, Victoriaville QMJHL)

73) Nikita Alexandrov (LC, Germany/Russia, Charlottetown QMJHL)

74) Dmitri Sheshin (RW, Russia, Magnitogorsk MHL)

75) Billy Constantinou (RD, Canada, Niagara OHL)

76) Thomas Harley (LD, Canada/USA, Mississauga OHL)

77) Vladislav Kolyachonok (LD, Belarus, Flint OHL)

78) Andrei Pribylskiy (RD, Russia, Dynamo Moskva KHL)

79) Marcel Barinka (F, Czech Republic, Halifax QMJHL)

80) Xavier Parent (LW, Canada, Halifax QMJHL)

81) Xavier Simoneau (LW/LC, Canada, Drummondville QMJHL)

82) Anthony Romano (RW, Canada, Sioux Falls USHL)

83) Robert Mastrosimone (LC, USA, Chicago USHL)

84) Brady Meyer (LC, USA, Des Moines USHL)

85) Logan Barlage (RW/LW, Canada, Lethbridge WHL)

86) Tag Bertuzzi (LC, Canada, Guelph OHL)

87) Phillip Tomasino (RC, Canada, Niagara OHL)

88) Ryan Johnson (LD, USA, Sioux Falls USHL)

89) Jordan Spence (RD, Canada, Moncton QMJHL)

90) Leevi Aaltonen (LW, Finland, KalPa Liiga)

91) Elmer Soderblom (LW, Sweden, Frolunda J20)

92) Arvid Costmar (RC, Sweden, Linköping J20)

93) Albert Johansson (LD, Sweden, Farjestad SHL)

Fourth Round

94) Antti Tuomisto (LD, Finland, Assat U20)

95) Kim Nousiainen (LD, Finland, KalPa Liiga)

96) Iivari Rasanen (LD, Finland, Tappara U20)

97) Ilya Mironov (LD, Russia, Loko Yaroslavl MHL)

98) Taylor Gauthier (G, Canada, Prince George WHL)

99) Colten Ellis (G, Canada, Rimouski QMJHL)

100) Hunter Jones (G, Canada, Peterborough OHL)

101) Victor Ostman (G, Sweden, HV71 J20)

102) Nikola Pasic (LC, Sweden, Linkoping J20)

103) Karl Henriksson (LC/LW, Sweden, Frolunda J20)

104) Yegor Chinakhov (F, Russia, Omskie Yastreby MHL)

105) Yegor Serdyuk (RW, Russia, Victoriaville QMJHL)

106) Brooklyn Kalmikov (LW, Canada, Cape Breton QMJHL)

107) Massimo Rizzo (LC/LW, Canada, Penticton BCHL)

108) Harrison Blaisdell (LW, Canada, Chilliwack BCHL)

109) Alex Campbell (LC, Canada, Victoria BCHL)

110) Reece Newkirk (LC, Canada, Portland WHL)

111) Martin Lang (LW, Czech Republic, Kamloops WHL)

112) Cole Mackay (RW, Canada, Sault Ste. Marie OHL)

113) Nick Porco (LW, Canada, Saginaw OHL)

114) Danil Antropov (RW, Canada/Kazakhstan, Oshawa OHL)

115) Case McCarthy (RD, USA, NTDP U18)

116) Marshall Warren (LD, USA, NTDP U18)

117) Trevor Janicke (RW, USA, Central Illinois USHL)

118) Grant Silianoff (F, USA, Cedar Rapids USHL)

119) Vladislav Firstov (F, Russia, Waterloo USHL)

120) Matias Maccelli (LW, Finland, Dubuque USHL)

121) Shane Pinto (RW, USA, Lincoln USHL)

122) Ryder Donovan (RC, USA, Team North High School)

123) Jake Lee (LD, Canada, Seattle WHL)

124) Cole Moberg (LD, Canada, Prince George WHL)

Fifth Round

125) Simon Lundmark (RD, Sweden, Linkoping J20)

126) Kalle Loponen (RD, Finland,Kärpät U20)

127) Antti Saarela (LC/LW, Finland, Lukko Liiga)

128) Konsta Hirvonen (LC/LW, Finland, HIFK U20)

129) Valtteri Ojantakanen (F, Finland, Jokerit U20)

130) Wiljami Myllyla (F, Finland, HIFK U20)

131) Matias Mäntykivi (LC, Finland, SaiPa U20)

132) Aku Raty (RW, Finland,Kärpät U20)

133) Max Wahlgren (LC/LW, Sweden, Modo J20)

134) Jacob Grönhagen (LC, Sweden, HV71 J20)

135) Graeme Clarke (RW, Canada, Ottawa OHL)

136) Jamieson Rees (LC, Canada, Sarnia OHL)

137) Keean Washkurak (LC, Canada, Mississauga OHL)

138) Kyen Sopa (RW, Switzerland, Niagara OHL)

139) David Kope (RW, Canada, Edmonton WHL)

140) Adam Beckman (LW/LC, Canada, Spokane WHL)

141) Alexei Protas (LC, Belarus, Prince Albert WHL)

142) Filip Prikryl (LC/RW, Czech Republic, Saint John QMJHL)

143) Michal Mrazik (LW, Slovakia, Rögle BK J20)

144) Ty Jackson (LC, Canada, Dubuque USHL)

145) Josh Nodler (RC, USA, Fargo USHL)

146) Judd Caulfield (RW, USA, NTDP U18)

147) Cade Webber (LD, USA, NTDP U18)

148) Roman Bychkov (LD, Russia, Loko Yaroslavl MHL)

149) Daniil Misyul (LD, Russia, Loko Yaroslavl MHL)

150) Nikita Vashchenko (LD, Russia, SKA-Varyagi Morozova MHL)

151) Vladimir Sartakov (G, Russia, Avto Yekaterinburg MHL)

152) Mads Sogaard (G, Denmark, Medicine Hat WHL)

153) Trent Miner (G, Canada, Vancouver WHL)

154) Ethan Anders (G, Canada, Red Deer WHL)

155) Isaiah Saville (G, USA, Tri-City USHL)

Sixth Round

156) Patrick Moynihan (RW, USA, NTDP U18)

157) Danny Weight (F, USA, NTDP U17)

158) Michael Gildon (F, USA, NTDP U18)

159) Lynden Breen (F, Canada, Central Illinois USHL)

160) Mike Koster (LD, USA, Team Northeast High School)

161) Maxence Guenette (RD, Canada, Val-d’Or QMJHL)

162) Andrew Perrott (RD, USA/Canada, London OHL)

163) Lev Starikov (LD, Russia, Windsor OHL)

164) Nikita Okhotyuk (LD, Russia, Ottawa OHL)

165) Roope Taponen (G, Finland, HIFK U20)

166) Kari Piiroinen (G, Finland, Windsor OHL)

167) Mack Guzda (G, USA/Canada, Owen Sound OHL)

168) Roman Basran (G, Canada, Kelowna WHL)

169) Sergei Alkhimov (F, Russia, Regina WHL)

170) Nikita Sedov (LD, Russia, Regina WHL)

171) Emil Malysjev (LD, Sweden/Russia, Saskatoon WHL)

172) Albert Lyckasen (RD, Sweden, Linköping J20)

173) Gianni Fairbrother (LD, Canada, Everett WHL)

174) Quinn Schmiemann (LD, Canada, Kamloops WHL)

175) Dominick Fensore (LD, USA, NTDP U18)

176) Braden Doyle (LD, USA, Boston Jr. Bruins NCDC)

177) Jackson LaCombe (LD, USA, Shattuck St. Mary’s Midget Prep)

178) Will Francis (RD, USA, Cedar Rapids USHL)

179) Layton Ahac (LD, Canada, Prince George BCHL)

180) Oliver Turan (RD, Slovakia, Drummondville QMJHL)

181) Sean Larochelle (RD, Canada, Victoriaville QMJHL)

182) Alex Beaucage (RW, Canada, Rouyn-Noranda QMJHL)

183) Brett Budgell (LC, Canada, Charlottetown QMJHL)

184) Ethan Phillips (RC, Canada, Sioux Falls USHL)

185) Austen Swankler (LC, USA, Waterloo USHL)

186) Jackson Jutting (LC, USA, Minnesota NAHL)

On My Radar (225)

NOTE: All first-time draft-eligible prospects listed by position in alphabetical order.

Forwards (129)

Ilya Altybarmakyan (LW/RW, Russia, SKA-Varyagi im. Morozova MHL)

Isac Andersson (LC/LW, Sweden,Frölunda J20)

Filiph Åström (LC/LW, Sweden, Frolunda J20)

Jan Bambula (LW/RW, Czech Republic, AZ Havirov)

Dan Bartos (RW, Czech Republic, HC Litvinov U19)

Danil Bashkirov (F, Russia, Tolpar Ufa MHL)

John Beaton (LC, Canada, Kemptville CCHL)

Martin Beranek (RW/LW, Czech Republic, Ceske Budejovice)

Daniil Berestnev (LW, Russia, Val-d’Or QMJHL)

Marek Berka (LW, Czech Republic, HC Litvinov U19)

Tomas Bernat (RW, Czech Republic, Rytiri Kladno U19)

Jan Bernovsky (RW, Czech Republic, HC Vitkovice U19)

Kyle Bettens (RW/RC, Canada/USA, Fargo USHL)

Luke Bignell (LC, Canada, Barrie OHL)

Mathieu Bizier (LC, Canada, Rimouski QMJHL)

Oscar Bjerselius (LC, Sweden, Djurgardens J20)

Kaden Bohlsen (RC, USA, Des Moines USHL)

Jonathan Brinkman (LW, Denmark, Aalborg Pirates)

Ethan Browne (LC, Canada, Prince George WHL)

Petr Cajka (LC/LW, Czech Republic, Erie OHL)

Joe Carroll (LW, Canada, Sault Ste. Marie OHL)

Filip Cenka (LC, Slovakia, Team Slovakia U20)

Erik Cermak (LW, Czech Republic, Peterborough OHL)

Alexander Cherny (LW/RW, Russia, Krasnaya Armiya Moskva MHL)

Rob Christy (LW, USA, Team Southeast High School)

Eric Ciccolini (RW, Canada, Toronto Jr. Canadiens OJHL)

Matous Cmiel (RW, Czech Republic, HC Trinec U19)

Liam Connors (RW, USA, St. Sebastian’s High School)

Daniel D’Amico (LW, Canada, Windsor OHL)

Maxim Denezhkin (LC, Russia, Loko Yaroslavl MHL)

Gabriel Denis (LC, Canada, Shawinigan QMJHL)

Graham Dickerson (RW, Canada, Kitchener OHL)

Michael Drabek (LC, Czech Republic, Bili Tygri Liberec U19)

Ryan Drkulec (F, USA, Waterloo USHL)

Carson Dyck (F, Canada, Okotoks AJHL)

Lucas Edmonds (RW, Sweden/Canada, Karlskrona J20)

Adam Edström (LC, Sweden, Mora J20)

Charles Eklund (RW/LW, Sweden, Mora SHL)

Nicolas Ferenyi (LW/LC, Slovakia, Dukla Trencin U20)

Lucas Feuk (LC/LW, Sweden, Sodertalje J20)

Garrett Foster (RW, USA, Phillips Exeter Academy)

Jordan Frasca (LC, Canada, Windsor OHL)

Martin Friden (LW, Sweden, Vaxjo J20)

Amir Garayev (LW, Russia, Kapitan Stupino, MHL)

Ty Glover (LC, Great Britain/Canada, Buffalo Jr. Sabres OJHL)

Andrej Golian (LW, Slovakia, Team Slovakia U20)

Alexander Gordin (F, Russia, SKA-Varyagi Morozova MHL)

Gustav Green (LC, Denmark, Rungsted Seier Capital)

Robert Griffin (RC, USA, Boston Jr. Bruins NCDC)

Arseni Gritsyuk (F, Russia, Omskie Yastreby MHL)

Aaron Huglen (F, USA, Fargo USHL)

Aarne Intonen (LC, Finland, TPS U20)

Dylan Jackson (RW, Canada, Dubuque USHL)

Mikkel Jensen (LC, Denmark, SønderjyskE)

Wilson Johansson (RW, Sweden, Färjestad J20)

Daniel Jouza (LW, Czech Republic, HC Litvinov U19)

David Karlstrom (LC/RW, Sweden, AIK J20)

Ivan Kazakov (LW/LC, Russia, Kapitan Stupino, MHL)

Ethan Keppen (LW, Canada, Flint OHL)

Nino Kinder (LC, Germany, Eisbären Juniors Berlin U20)

Jami Krannila (LC, Finland, Sioux Falls USHL)

Anton Larsson (LC/LW, Sweden, Djurgarden J20)

Ethan Leyh (LW, Canada, Langley BCHL)

Owen Lindmark (RC, USA, NTDP U18)

Josh Lopina (RC, USA, Lincoln USHL)

David Maniacek (LW/RW, Slovakia, Dukla Trencin U20)

Kosta Manikis (RC, Canada, Stouffville OJHL)

Felix-Antoine Marcotty (RW, Canada, Chicoutimi QMJHL)

Cullen McLean (LC, Canada, Sault Ste. Marie OHL)

Peter Melcher (LW, Slovakia, Everett WHL)

Arlo Merritt (LC, Canada, Kimball Union High School)

Julian Mettler (LW/LC, Switzerland, Kloten NLB)

Vladislav Mikhailov (LC, Russia, Dynamo Moskva MHL)

Cody Morgan (RC, Canada, Windsor OHL)

Alex Morozoff (LC, Canada, Red Deer WHL)

Koby Morrisseau (LC, Canada, Regina WHL)

Brad Morrissey (RW, Canada, Tri-City USHL)

Gleb Murtazin (F, Russia, Green Bay USHL)

Radek Muzik (RW/LW, Czech Republic, Luleå J20)

Adam Najman (F, Czech Republic, Bili Tygri Liberec)

Vincent Nardone (LW, Canada, Flin Flon SJHL)

Nikita Nesterenko (LC, USA, New Jersey Jr. Titans 18U)

Jackson Niedermayer (LW, USA/Canada, Penticton BCHL)

Zachary Okabe (F, Canada/Australia, Grande Prairie AJHL)

Quinn Olson (LW, Canada, Okotoks AJHL)

Ilya Ovechkin (F, Russia, Kapitan Stupino MHL)

Tyler Paquette (RW, USA, Des Moines USHL)

Juuso Pärssinen (LC, Finland, TPS U20)

Bailey Peach (RW, Canada, Sherbrooke QMJHL)

Jonas Peterek (RW, Czech Republic, Frydek-Mistek)

Mikko Petman (RW, Finland, Lukko Liiga)

Garrett Pinoniemi (LC, USA, Team Northeast High School)

Rhett Pitlick (LW, USA, Team Southwest High School)

Mason Primeau (LC, Canada, Guelph OHL)

Patrik Prymula (F, Czech Republic, Sparta Praha U18)

Ondrej Psenicka (RW/LW, Czech Republic, Sparta Praha U19)

Henrik Rybinski (LW/RW, Canada, Medicine Hat WHL)

Jakub Rychlovský (LC, Czech Republic, Bili Tygri Liberec U19)

Ilya Safonov (LC, Russia, Irbis Kazan MHL)

Jan Sarvas (LW/RW, Slovakia, Banska Bystrica U20)

Dean Schwenninger (LC, Switzerland, Zug U20)

Cole Schwindt (RW, Canada, Mississauga OHL)

Maxim Shabanov (LC, Russia, Belye Medvedi Chelyabinsk MHL)

Vladislav Shutov (RW/RC, Russia, Reaktor Nizhnikamsk MHL)

Carl Sjöberg (RW/LC, Sweden, Örebro J20)

Dominik Sklenar (LW, Czech Republic, Hradec Kralove U19)

Dominik Sojka (LC, Slovakia, Banska Bystrica U20)

Emmett Sproule (LW/LC, Canada, Erie OHL)

Sam Stange (RW, USA, Team Wisconsin High School)

Daniil Stepanov (RC, Belarus, Moose Jaw WHL)

Keegan Stevenson (RC, Canada, Guelph OHL)

Yves Stoffel (RW/LW, Switzerland, Zug U20)

Albin Sundsvik (LC, Sweden, Skelleftea J20)

Matthew Sutton (RW, USA, Gilmour Academy)

Premysl Svoboda (LW, Czech Republic, HC Litvinov U19)

Alex Swetlikoff (LC, Canada, Vernon BCHL)

Daniil Tesanov (RW, Russia, Loko Yaroslavl MHL)

Daniel V. Tkac (LC/LW, Slovakia/USA, Merritt BCHL)

Matej Toman (LW, Czech Republic, Prince George WHL)

Brayden Tracey (LW, Canada, Moose Jaw WHL)

Alexei Tsyplakov (LW, Russia, SKA-1946 St. Petersburg MHL)

Ilya Usov (LW/LC, Belarus, Salisbury High School)

Yannik Valenti (RW, Germany, Vancouver WHL)

Adrian Valigura (LW, Slovakia, HK Poprad U20)

Joel Wahlgren (LC/LW, Sweden, Modo J20)

Jacob Winterton (LW, Canada, Flint OHL)

Alex Young (RC, Canada, Canmore AJHL)

Tyler Young (RW, USA, Lawrence Academy)

Patriks Zabusovs (F, Latvia, Riga MHL)

Danil Zinovyev (LW/LC, Russia, Belye Medvedi Chelyabinsk MHL)

Defencemen (80)

David Aebischer (RD, Switzerland, Gatineau QMJHL)

Cade Alami (LD, USA, Mid-Fairfield Rangers U18)

Yegor Alanov (LD, Germany/Russia, Vaxjo J20)

Jacson Alexander (LD, Canada, Edmonton WHL)

Malik Alishlalov (LD, Russia, Mid-Fairfield Rangers U18)

Nathan Allensen (LD, Canada, Barrie OHL)

Nicklas Andrews (LD, USA, Brookings NAHL)

Vadim Antipin (LD, Russia, Stalnye Lisy Magnitogorsk MHL)

Yegor Arbuzov (LD, Russia, Spokane WHL)

Jarrett Baker (LD, Canada, Drummondville QMJHL)

Luke Bast (LD, Canada, Brooks AJHL)

Samuel Bolduc (LD, Canada, Blainville-Boisbriand QMJHL)

Mitchell Brewer (LD, Canada, Oshawa OHL)

Jonas Brondberg (LD, Denmark, Växjö Lakers J20)

Mitchell Brown (RD, Canada, Tri-City WHL)

Yegor Bryutov (LD, Russia, Tyumenski Legion MHL)

Nikolai Burenov (LD, Russia, Russkie Vityazi Chekhov MHL)

Semyon Chistyakov (LD, Russia, Tolpar Ufa MHL)

Chase Felgueiras (RD, Canada, Humboldt SJHL)

Cedric Fiedler (LD, Switzerland/USA, Fargo USHL)

Joey Foss (LD, USA, Odessa NAHL)

Ethan Frisch (RD, USA, Green Bay USHL)

Chris Giroday (LD, Canada, Green Bay USHL)

Mikhail Gonchar (LD, Russia/USA, Shattuck St. Mary’s Midget Prep)

Clay Hanus (LD, USA, Portland WHL)

Santeri Hatakka (LD, Finland, Jokerit U20)

Ludvig Hedstrom (LD, Sweden, Djurgårdens J20)

Mathew Hill (LD, Canada, Barrie OHL)

Albin Hjalmarsson (LD, Sweden, Djurgardens J20)

Matej Ilencik (LD, Slovakia, Södertälje J18)

Christopher Inniss (RD, Canada, Rimouski QMJHL)

Samuel Johannesson (RD, Sweden, Rogle J20)

Nolan Jones (LD, Canada, Lethbridge WHL)

Zac Jones (LD, USA, Tri-City USHL)

Jakub Kleiner (RD, Czech Republic, Pirati Chomutov U19)

Jan Klodner (LD, Czech Republic, Zdar nad Sazavou U19)

Luke Krys (RD, USA/Canada, Salisbury High School)

Noah Laaouan (RD, Canada, Cape Breton QMJHL)

Grayson Ladd (RD, Canada, Windsor OHL)

Nathan Larose (RD, Canada, Saint John QMJHL)

Matus Lukas Lavicka (LD, Slovakia, Team Slovakia U20)

Jacob LeGuerrier (RD, Canada, Sault Ste. Marie OHL)

Jonatan Lundgren (LD, Sweden, Skelleftea J20)

Alexander Lundqvist (LD, Sweden, Leksands J20)

Yegor Martynov (LD, Russia, Stalnye Lisy Magnitogorsk MHL)

Evan McIntyre (LD, Canada, Cedar Rapids USHL)

Christopher Merisier-Ortiz (LD, Canada, Baie-Comeau QMJHL)

Mason Millman (LD, Canada, Saginaw OHL)

Jan Mlcak (LD, Czech Republic, Kometa Brno U19)

Cooper Moore (LD, USA, Mid-Fairfield Rangers U18)

Tommy Pasanen (RD, Germany/Finland, Sioux City USHL)

Thomas Pelletier (RD, Canada, Drummondville QMJHL)

Lucas Peric (LD, Canada, Ottawa OHL)

Alexander Popovic (LD, Sweden, MODO J20)

Jordan Power (LD, Canada, Lincoln USHL)

Kirby Proctor (LD, Canada, Des Moines USHL)

Moritz Raab (LD, Germany, Jungadler Mannheim U20)

Jasper Rannisto (LD, Finland, Blainville-Boisbriand QMJHL)

Patrik Rasin (LD, Czech Republic, Dukla Jihlava U19)

Liam Ross (LD, Canada, Sudbury OHL)

Ryan Siedem (RD, USA, Central Illinois USHL)

Joonas Sillanpaa (LD, Finland, Kamloops WHL)

Brian Silver (RD, USA, Omaha USHL)

Roman Sinitsyn (LD, Russia, Loko Yaroslavl MHL)

Samuel Sjölund (LD, Sweden/USA, AIK J20)

Hunter Skinner (RD, USA, Muskegon USHL)

Nathan Staios (LD, Canada/USA, Windsor OHL)

Mikhail Stikhanovsky (LD, Russia, Mamonty Yugry MHL)

Jayden Struble (LD, USA, St. Sebastian’s High School)

Adam Subrt (LD, Czech Republic, HC Litvinov U19)

Jiri Suhrada (LD, Czech Republic, Pelicans U20)

David Turecek (RD, Czech Republic, Karlovy Vary U19)

Dmitri Tyuvilin (LD, Russia, Loko Yaroslavl MHL)

Zach Uens (LD, Canada, Wellington OJHL)

Igor Usmanov (LD, Russia, Lada Togliatti VHL)

Jackson van de Leest (LD, Canada, Calgary WHL)

Ondrej Volrab (RD, Czech Republic, Rytiri Kladno U19)

Jack York (RD, Canada, Kitchener OHL)

Jakub Zurek (LD, Czech Republic, Bili Tygri Liberec U19)

Goaltenders (16)

Tobias Ancicka (G, Germany, Eisbären Juniors Berlin U20)

Boston Bilous (G, Canada, Edmonton WHL)

Luke Cavallin (G, Canada/England, Flint OHL)

Nicolas Daws (G, Canada, Guelph OHL)

Samuel Hlavaj (G, Slovakia, Team Slovakia U20)

Tomas Keinänen (G, Finland, TPS U20)

Patrik Kozel (G, Slovakia, Liptovsky Mikulas U20)

Derek Mullahy (G, USA, Dexter High School)

Marcus Nygren (G, Sweden, MODO J20)

Lukas Parik (G, Czech Republic, Bili Tygri Liberec U19)

Adam Romancik (G, Slovakia, Skalica U20)

Jan Skorpik (G, Czech Republic, Sparta Praha U19)

Logan Stein (G, USA, Waterloo USHL)

Henrik Tikkanen (G, Finland, HIFK U20)

Tomas Vlk (G, Czech Republic, Pardubice U19)

Jack Williams (G, USA, Springfield NAHL)

Final Thoughts

That’s a lot to take in — a big list — but I’m quite content with my November rankings.

There are definitely some tiers taking shape and some large groupings of interchangeable prospects, but Jack Hughes has once again distanced himself from the pack with a dominant display at the Five Nations under-18 tournament. As long as he doesn’t get outperformed by a 2019 peer at the World Juniors, there will be no debate for first overall leading up to June’s draft and he’ll go wire-to-wire as the No. 1 prospect.

Jack Hughes Team USA U-18
(Dave Reginek/Getty Images)
Jack Hughes racked up 16 points (six goals, 10 assists) in just four games at last week’s Five Nations tournament in the Czech Republic.

November saw several new names enter my rankings, including a good number of USHLers. Their season starts a little later and my contacts in that league aren’t keen on providing preseason projections, but those initial lists are in now and it appears there are some studs in the making again.

I’m admittedly always a bit behind on the USHL, but it is becoming one of the better development leagues and I’ve been tracking it closer and closer from afar with every passing season — especially the games involving the Program (NTDP).

As mentioned, from the outset of my rankings, this is shaping up to be a bounce-back year for the WHL, which only had 20 total prospects drafted in 2018. I’m expecting that number to nearly double for 2019 counting the overagers from the Dub.

There are also tons of Finns again — both forwards and defenders — and it’s looking like a resurgence for Russia as well. Goalies are voodoo, but I’m a fan of the overall crop of netminders for 2019.

Add it all up — add them all up — and it’s going to be very difficult to settle on 217 prospects for my eighth annual mock draft in June. It’s tough enough already — without the overagers — so as I was saying, this scouting thing isn’t getting any easier.