5 Bold NHL Trade Deadline Predictions

March 2nd is the day hockey fans have been longing for: the 2015 NHL Trade Deadline.

On this day, almost anything can happen, as has been proven throughout NHL history.

However, this year’s trade deadline feels somewhat different, in that a number of trades have already been completed. Big chips certainly remain on the table, however the chances of such players being moved become increasingly less likely as the deadline approaches.

As a result of the pre-deadline activity this season, Monday’s 3 P.M deadline could be much quieter than usual, yet the potential remains for major players to be moved in what could make for one of the most exciting deadline’s in recent history.

As the David Clarkson trade has taught us: expect the unexpected.

With that being said, here are 5 bold predictions for the 2015 trade deadline:

The Toronto Maple Leafs Trade Phil Kessel or Tyler Bozak

Phil Kessel Maple Leafs
(Amy Irvin / The Hockey Writers)

If the Leafs were to trade either Phil Kessel or Tyler Bozak, it would certainly be a blockbuster, however not totally unexpected.

Given the Leafs’ commitment to rebuilding their team, both Kessel and Bozak would pay Toronto significant dividends in return if traded, especially so considering both remain signed to contracts of significant term.

Phil Kessel has the skills to be a game changing player on a nightly basis and has been a top 10 scorer in the NHL. Kessel’s current contract retains a cap hit of 8 Million Dollars over the next seven seasons.

Any team interested in Kessel’s services would no doubt have to pay a hefty asking price, likely a first round pick (if not two), a young roster player as well as a top prospect.

The New York Islanders could be a trading partner for Kessel, as they have a number of solid prospects which could come Toronto’s way, such as Ryan Strome.

Chance of Kessel Trade: 20%

On the other hand, Bozak appears more likely to be traded, as rumours have been swirling regarding a trade between the Leafs and Rangers. Bozak has three years remaining on his contract at a cap hit of 4.2 Million Dollars following this season.

A solid second or third line center, Bozak would bring back much less in a trade than Kessel, however the opportunity would remain for the Leafs to strengthen their rebuild, especially if Bozak was moved to a cup contender.

Chance of Bozak Trade: 65%

Ryan O’Reilly is Traded by the Colorado Avalanche

It seems as if every season Ryan O’Reilly’s name is featured in various trade rumors, however will this year finally see the young star headed out of Colorado?.

Following their surprising success in the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs, the Colorado Avalanche have struggled to live up to their sky high expectations this season, and Ryan O’Reilly has certianly been of little help.

After scoring a career high 28 goals and 64 points this past season, O’Reilly has been a ghost of his previous self on the ice this year, having recording a mere 10 goals and 36 total points.

With one year remaining on his contract with a cap hit of 6 Million Dollars, O’Reilly has long been sought after by many teams and would be a welcome addition to rosters throughout the league. O’Reilly’s rocky relationship with the Avalanche could give Colorado motive to deal the young star, however his play this year has certainly dampened his trade value.

In a trade situation, the Avalanche would certainly be looking for a young prospect in return who could devlop with the team’s current core of young stars. A first round draft pick also, depending on the team involved, would certainly not be out of the question.

Chance of O’Reilly Trade: 45%

The San Jose Sharks Deal Patrick Marleau or Joe Thornton

Patrick Marleau
(Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports)

Has the time finally come for the San Jose Sharks to trade long time stars Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau?

The Trade Deadline will soon determine whether the Sharks feel they are good enough to not only make the playoffs, but make a deep playoff or whether they recognize their need to re-tool, not necessarily rebuild.

Both Marleau and Thornton have virtually the same remaining contract, with two years remaining following this season with cap hits of 6.6 and 6.75 Million Dollars each.

(Photo courtesy of Justin Yamada/ Flikr.)
(Photo courtesy of Justin Yamada/ Flikr.)

Marleau, known as a goal scorer, and Thornton, known primarily as a playmaker, were both elite NHL talents at one point in their careers and still remain highly valuable players, especially to any team hoping to make a deep playoff run.

If the Sharks do choose to go down this road, both players would garner a significant return depending on San Jose’s future direction. Each is deserving of a first round draft pick in return, while a top prospect or young up and coming roster player would not be out of the question.

Trading Marleau seems more likely, however the movement of either would surely signal a major change in direction in San Jose.

Chance of Marleau Trade: 35%
Chance of Thornton Trade: 25%

Dion Phaneuf is Traded to the Detroit Red Wings

Maple Leafs captain
(Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports)

If the Leafs are planning to unload their core players in order to initiate a major rebuild, chances are current team captain Dion Phaneuf will be shown the door at some point, quite possibly at the trade deadline.

Although Phaneuf has played as a top pairing defenseman in Toronto, realistically he is a top-4 defender on most NHL teams. A number of teams, including the Detroit Red Wings, are actively looking to upgrade their defensive depth in order to make long playoff runs.

Phaneuf, who has six years remaining on his contract at the conclusion of this season, carries a cap hit of 7 Million Dollars per season.

Detroit has been looking to add a quality defender for some time now and have been rumoured to be interested in a number of defenders throughout the league.

Any trade involving Detroit and Phaneuf would likely see Toronto target draft picks and prospects, however at least one player would have to return to the Maple Leafs in order to create a balance in salary. Stephen Weiss, a center who carries a 4.9 Million Dollar cap hit over the next three seasons could be an option, while it would be a safe bet to say the Leafs would insist on adding a young player, such as center Riley Sheahan.

Chance of Phaneuf Trade: 45%

The Carolina Hurricanes Trade Eric Staal

hurricanes news
(Andy Martin Jr)

The Carolina Hurricanes are no stranger to huge deadline deals, but it remains to be seen whether new General Manager Ron Francis will make any such moves at his first NHL Trade Deadline.

Lifelong Hurricane Eric Staal is undoubtedly an elite NHL talent, however his offensive production has been declining ever since he reached the 100 point plateau in his second NHL season.

With one year remaining on his current contract at a cap hit of 8.25 Million Dollars, many have been questioning whether Eric will choose to re-sign with the consistently poor Hurricanes.

Eric would certainly fetch a huge amount in a trade, making such a decision tempting to Francis, who could certainly add multiple young stars to his roster in the right deal.

The best destination for Eric Staal could be an up and coming team such as the Edmonton Oilers, who could use a star center man with playoff experience to help guide their young team to the next level. Also, the Oilers have plenty of young players and prospects who could be moved in order to acquire Staal, making a potential deal extremely tempting to Ron Francis.

Chance of a Staal Trade: 35%


14 thoughts on “5 Bold NHL Trade Deadline Predictions”

  1. NONE of your predictions came true. Not even close. BTW, Bozak is worth more than Kessel and any team would be crazy to give up good prospects or high picks for Kessel and just for you Brett, the Islanders DO NOT want him. With all the talent they have and a leader like Tavares, why would they ruin the dressing room with a plug like Phil. Hockey fans do not look forward to the trade deadline. Tell me something Brett, why do you write about hockey, it seems clear to me that you do not know what your writing about

  2. Absolutely cannot see Eric Staal being dealt. If the Canes have adamantly denied that Jordan won’t be traded and there’s no desire on his part to leave, why would they deal his brother…??

  3. To clarify, per Section 11.8, part C of the CBA: “A no-move clause may prevent the involuntary relocation of a Player, whether by Trade, Loan or Waiver claim.” At the end of the day, if a player with a no-movement clause is presented with a trade, he reserves the right to waive his NMC and accept that trade. A NMC does not mean you can not be traded, it means that a players team can not move him without his explicit approval.

  4. This guy could have posted an article saying “Horton for Clarkson” and all the comments would have been “do your homework dweeb!!! your an idiot! their’s no chance!!! what a hack!”

    Especially with the salary cap fears for next season, it could be a crazy crazy day

  5. Staal’s no trade clause notwithstanding, when the did the Oilers become “an up and coming” team?

    Wings looking to take on Phaneuf and his lousy contract and even more lousy play? I think Holland is smarter than that. No need for a D (who wouldn’t be the impact piece they need) on the wrong side of 30 for any of the Wings deep prospect pool.

  6. You must be thinking of Mike Milbury. No way Garth Snow gives up Strome for kessel in a straight up deal, much less as part of a package. Those extra nine points Kessel has over Strome aren’t worth the years or the millions that separate the two, and in a year or two the rookie will be the better player.

  7. The Red Wings do not want or need Dion Phaneuf. Kenny Holland is too smart to take on another player on the downward arc of his career, especially after spending time in Toronto learning how to lose on a regular basis.

    Besides, a bag of used hockey pucks would be asking too much for him.

  8. Montreal with Plekanec and Desharnais as their top 2 centers will disappoint in the playoffs once again.

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