Arizona Coyotes to Unveil New Jerseys

Arizona Coyotes
The Coyotes are making some big changes under new ownership. (Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports)

It had long-been rumored that a change was coming, and on June 1 it was made official: the Arizona Coyotes will be debuting a new set of home and away uniforms for the upcoming 2015-2016 NHL season.

The reveal will happen during the team’s official draft party on June 26 at Gila River Arena.

Since joining the league in 1996, the Coyotes have undergone a name change — Phoenix to Arizona — in 2014 as well as a full brand change in 2003. The name change was a subtle one while their uniform and logo change over a decade ago was a pretty significant one.

It’s unclear if the uniform change will be part of a larger brand change, but there have been suggestions that a new logo may be incoming alongside the new sweaters for the desert dogs. Also unknown is whether the team will be sticking with the brick red and tan color scheme, or going to something new all together.

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There’s been no mention about potential teasers for fans as the build up to release happens, but it wouldn’t be surprising if something is shown, or leaked, along the way.

Recently, I touched on teams that are due for a uniform change, and the Coyotes were number two on that list. My reasoning is that I truly don’t believe the brick red, despite its ties to the area, works well with a sports jersey. Especially when it’s featured as the primary color of the uniform. I’m also not a fan on the Coyote head logo, which I know many will disagree with me on. I just find it to be pretty boring, even though it sure beats the weasel that they had on the black third jersey for a while.

Side note, please don’t go with a predominantly black look that every team tries to do at one point or another. The team already tried and failed with the aforementioned weasel jerseys.

After having a throwback night last season, many fans began clamoring for a look that was similar to what the Coyotes wore during their first seven years in the league. Though I highly doubt they would go back to what they used to have, the thought of taking pieces from the original designs could be a plausible one. Just imagine a kachina-striped jersey that utilizes the current Coyotes logo? Or even something like this great concept over at Icethetics? The possibilities with a team name like the Coyotes are nearly endless.