Black N’ Gold Podcast: Vesey and Bruins Roster & Expecations

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In Episode 23 of the Black N’ Gold Hockey podcast hosts Mark Allred and Rob Tomlin are joined by THW colleague Brandon Share-Cohen. The trio starts by diving into the decision by  Jimmy Vesey to join the New York Rangers. They also take a look at how the Bruins roster looks right now with training camp only a few weeks away. Lastly, the guys talk about their season expectations for the Bruins and prospects who could earn rosters spots in camp.

  • Intro: 0:00-4:20
  • Jimmy Vesey: 4:21-11:20
  • Roster Analysis: 11:21-30:00
  • Season Expectations: 30:01-41:25
  • Prospects: 41:26-end

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