Blackhawks Update: Quenneville Gonna Quenneville

Blackhawks Sweep Trip to Alberta
The Hawks dispatched a listless Oilers team 5-1 on Monday and prevailed 3-2 over the Flames Wednesday night. The latter was especially satisfying, with a three-goal third period comeback and this Patrick Kane game-winner:

Speaking of Kane, he now has the third-most goals in the NHL after notching three in Alberta.

Joel Quenneville Is Doing Quenneville Things
Alas. I believe someone may have predicted it.
After what was likely his best game of the season, Jeremy Morin has been banished to the AHL in favor of Michal Handzus. Why? Because Handzus is a veteran. This renders irrelevant the fact that he has been a disaster on the ice all season… in the eyes of the only man that matters, that is. Things were only made sillier when Quenneville elected to slot Handzus into the center spot on the second line, a position that Brando Pirri had previously occupied very successfully for weeks.
Senselessly mixing up lines even when the team is playing well? That certainly sounds like Q. Haters gonna hate and Quenneville gonna Quenneville.

Marian Hossa’s Family

Not much detail was available other than “family matter” at the time of Hossa’s departure from the team. This was relieving news.

The Official Niklas Hjalmarsson Point Watch
Yes, I just made this up now.
After a two assist night in Calgary Wednesday, Hjalmarsson is on pace to more than double his previous career high in points.
Atta boy. Toftbo.

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