Are Changes Coming to NHL All-Star Process?

Wait – there’s going to be changes to the NHL All-Star Weekend? They might not be the changes some fans are looking for, but according to Elliotte Friedman there will be changes coming next season.

VIDEO: Expect Big Changes to Come to the NHL ASG Process

The first change is one that is expected from most who’ve followed the news of the All-Star Game this season. It’s expected that fan voting will either be taken out of the all-star process or that it will be altered so that write-in votes won’t be available to fans.

Alex Ovechkin, NHL All-Star, NHL, Washington Capitals
With Ovechkin missing the NHL All-Star festivities, it could mean big changes to the league’s process. (Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports)

This alleged change comes after a fan-driven campaign voted enforcer – John Scott – into the game this season. It was something that caused a lot of controversy in the NHL leading up to this weekend’s festivities.

The second change, however, is one that comes after two star players left their team’s games late prior to All-Star Weekend forcing them out of the special game. Alex Ovechkin (tied for second in goals this season) left Washington’s last game before the break with a lower body injury while Chicago’s Jonathan Toews was shut down with an illness.

Both were named all-stars. Both missed All-Star Weekend. And both will miss one game with their teammates following the break thanks to their absence. But the NHL wants to see their stars at the All-Star festivities. And because of that, changes will be coming to the possible length of the suspension if you miss the All-Star Game – according to Friedman.