Defending the Move to Re-sign Randy Carlyle (Sort of)


So Leafs Nation (I HATE to call it that)  went apoplectic yesterday around 2pm when it was announced that Randy Carlyle was not only being retained by the club, but also signed to a two year extension.

I was not immediately thrilled with the news, as I was hoping for a little schadenfreude at the expense of a old R.C.   As I told you the other day, the only legitimate reason to want to fire the coach is spite: it will make you feel good to get rid of him.

People who mention “culture change” as a reason to fire him are ridiculous and not worth your time and I won’t comment on that here, expect to mock it as corporate-speak and P.R placation.

People who are obsessed with advanced stats (they are a valuable tool, but let’s get a grip) claim that the collapse of the Leafs this past spring was “predictable by anyone” who looked at them.  Which, if you believe that, you are a bigger fool than the kind of people who claim one Carlyle’s biggest mistakes was running Grabovski and Macarthur out of town.


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