Exploring NHL Season Ticket Benefits

We continue our summer series on the different aspects of NHL season tickets. In part one, we looked at which teams were the most budget friendly when it came to full season ticket prices at the lowest level. We now turn our attention to what teams offer their full season ticket holders.

When you make such an important and expensive investment such as season tickets, it needs to have perks. You expect them. You are paying a premium and should expect to get more than those that choose to purchase by the game.

While all teams offer benefits for their season ticket holders, the benefits offered vary by team. While there are many similarities, they are some key differences I think you’d be interested in.

Our focus today is on the things teams offer that stand out from the rest. Ready to feel a little jealous? After reading this, I think many of you will wonder why your team doesn’t do something similar. We’ll start looking at what most teams offer. Then we’ll look at who stands out above the rest.

Penguins center Sidney Crosby
No matter who your favorite player is, season ticket holders love the meet and greets that are a part of most packages. (Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports)

Basic Benefits

You know the drill. When you are a season ticket holder, most every team offers the same kind of benefits for putting in a commitment. These can include:

  • Stanley Cup Playoff Priority.
  • Significant Savings on Additional Tickets.
  • Guaranteed Same Seat for Every Game.
  • Dedicated Ticket Representatives.
  • Ability to Trade Tickets.
  • Exclusive Gifts.
  • Various Discounts for Concessions, Parking and Merchandise.
  • Priority Access to Other Events at an Arena.
  • Access to Exclusive STH Events.

This is pretty consistent league wide. Of course the more tickets you purchase and money you spend, the more that can become available to you.

While most teams have a similar framework in place for the kind of benefits they offer, some teams do go above and beyond to really make your season ticket experience a truly memorable one.

I took a look at the different team websites to get a sense of what is currently being offered to fans of different teams. My immediate takeaway? Interesting. There is definitely a variety of things being offered in different markets. Some stand out more than others.

We’ll outline some of the most interesting things I noticed for each team. If you’re jealous at the end of this, I am not sorry.

Reviewing Benefits Leaguewide

Anaheim Ducks

The Ducks offer a rewards program. Fans gets points for purchases of tickets, concessions and merchandise. They also get points for arriving early at Honda Center among other things.

Among some of the perks for members, the Ducks offer a summer beach party. Party on Wayne.

Arizona Coyotes

New for the 2019-20 season, the Coyotes are offering fans the chance to purchase season tickets in their “Cold Beers & Cheeseburger Zone.” Yum.

For $57/ticket for the season, fans get a choice of sandwich, which can include a cheeseburger, a veggie burger, a grilled chicken sandwich or a hot dog. This also comes with chips and choice of beverage (water, soda, Coors Light or Dos Equis.)

On the high end, some season ticket holders get a custom seat nameplate. They also can get access to a complementary luxury suite.

Boston Bruins

The Bruins do a couple of interesting things. They have an official draft party with a player appearance. At this event, fans have access to free appetizers and one free drink. Most teams do draft parties. This one seems to stand out.

The Bruins also do a BBQ with food, games, music and alumni appearances. There’s a meet and greet with breakfast and coffee served (It is Dunkin for this, right?)

But perhaps the biggest thing that stood out for me was the presence of a Season Ticket Council. Fans on a two-year term work with the Bruins’ front office in an effort to create a better guest experience. There are now 30 fan bases screaming in outrage that their team doesn’t do this. Perhaps some others do, but that wasn’t visible on the websites I saw.

Boston Bruins' Zdeno Chara Patrice Bergeron
The Bruins Season Ticket Council might be one of the best things out there. (THE CANADIAN PRESS/AP/Winslow Townson)

Buffalo Sabres

Season tickets holders get access to one Rochester Americans’ game. I believe the Amerks play a game or two at KeyBank Center. Still this is a nice way for fans to get a chance to watch their prospects play as part of their membership.

The Sabres do also offer Zamboni rides, a Halloween skate and they give one parking pass for every two season tickets in the 200 level. The value of that pass is $700 for the season. How nice would free parking be for you? Stay tuned on that one.

Calgary Flames

The one thing I saw the Flames offer isn’t limited to season ticket holders. They have a variety of experiences that are available for fans. These include a goal judge experience, a center ice experience and various dressing room experiences among other things. What stood out is that you don’t have to be a season ticket holder for these. That’s good because if you want season tickets in Calgary, better hop on the wait list now.

Carolina Hurricanes

The Hurricanes offer a complementary seat upgrade option for individual games. Depending on the level you have, the value of this can range from $200-$800. So if a team you really want to see is in town and want to go from Section 323 to the 100’s, done. This is a neat little perk.

The two other things that stood out were a family movie night and access to purchase tickets for the annual season ticket holder road game. I didn’t see many other teams offer a dedicated road game option. The Hurricanes definitely stood out in this exercise. It again reinforces how fun the Raleigh market is.

Chicago Blackhawks

Now this one really stood out for me from last season. Players got to wear a warm-up jersey that had a collage of season ticket holders on it. What a creative and neat way to include your loyal fans; literally wearing them around while warming up. We need more things like this league-wide.

Colorado Avalanche

The Avalanche offer an exclusive meet the team party as one of their big benefits. They also have a rewards program called the Blue-Line Loyalty Program. With enough points, fans can pick their experience.

Columbus Blue Jackets

Among the things that stood out to me were 20% off concessions (at certain levels), 17% off parking and friends and family tickets. Also full season ticket holders get a gift which is a hoodie.

Those that renew are entered for a chance to win different experiences and gifts as well, including autographed memorabilia, road trip on the team plane and other neat things. Winners are usually announced on the game broadcast.

Dallas Stars

Here is something different that I didn’t see anyone else do. The Stars will waive processing fees when season ticket holders buy additional tickets. This ends up being a $10 savings per ticket. These are the kind of things more teams need to do to give fans incentives to do stuff like this.

Detroit Red Wings

The Red Wings offer a lot of what other teams do. They do however give some season tickets holders a $100 gift certificate to Iridescence at Motor City Casino. They are one of the best restaurants in Detroit. It might seem small but it’s perks like this that make being a season ticket holder special.

Edmonton Oilers

The Oilers are one of a handful of teams that offer multi-year plans. When Connor McDavid landed there, that seemed like an easy choice. It still could be, but given recent history, things better change in a hurry. I think we’ll start seeing more teams offer multi-year plans down the road, especially if it comes with a price lock guarantee.

Edmonton Oilers' Connor McDavid
Edmonton Oilers’ Connor McDavid will try to bring back confidence to the Oilers’ season ticket fan base. (THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jason Franson)

Florida Panthers

The Panthers were one of the only teams that had options for both free and valet parking at the higher levels. They also offer “exclusive” concession pricing and 25% off at Pantherland. That’s among the higher discounts out there.

Los Angeles Kings

The Kings offer some different items that I think fans would enjoy. They host six private events for season ticket holders, one of which is a state of the team event. Fans also get a yearbook! That’s a nifty item many fans would love to have.

Minnesota Wild

The Wild offer some unique things, one of which is a free game program and media notes for some levels. They also offer free coffee in the third period in the club level. As a coffee lover, that speaks my language. If you have glass seats, fans get free beer, wine and food offerings.

Montreal Canadiens

Ok so the high-end stuff really stood out in Montreal. If you are a part of Club Desjardins, you get access to free concessions, a private entrance and custom chairs in your name among other things. Seems only a handful of teams do private or semi-private entrances. I’m willing to bet many of you season ticket holders would love that perk.

Nashville Predators

Ok so we need to talk about the “7th Man Marketplace.” The 7th Man Marketplace provides the opportunity to resell tickets directly to other Preds fans within the Nashville Predators television viewing area for Golden Games. Selling through the 7th Man Marketplace on NHL Ticket Exchange will ensure that the best possible atmosphere is created for players and fans by keeping Preds home games Gold.

This is awesome. It helps them keep a decided home ice advantage. Remember when Blackhawks’ fans would travel down and take over Bridgestone Arena? Given recent team success, you don’t see this as much anymore. Good stuff from the Predators.

New Jersey Devils

The Devils are one of the teams that offer a member’s only entrance to the Prudential Center. But the big thing they do is a tenured custom jersey. Say what?

Yep! In five-year intervals, season ticket holders get access to a new, customized Devils jersey. The benefit gets triggered after every five years and renewal is completed for the following season. What a neat way to ensure a new jersey. I think they are the only team currently doing this. Bravo.

New Jersey Devils Taylor Hall
Devils’ ticket holders get access to a custom jersey every five years. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

New York Islanders

The Islanders will soon be at Belmont Park. Want to be among the first to experience the new arena? Yep, you have to be a full season ticket holder.

But if you are, you get food and drink access at the Grant Thornton Lounge and Qatar Club. Even at the half season level, you can buy up and gain this benefit.

New York Rangers

The Rangers stood out to me here. They offer a pick your perk promotion. It’s for a limited time, but if you buy a quarter season, you get to pick a perk. You can watch a practice, take an on-ice photo, get a $10 concession credit or 20% off merchandise. If you get the higher levels, the Rangers allow you to pick your experiences. They also offer a merchandise discount based on your tenure.

Ottawa Senators

The Senators offer the Seventh Club. They offer 20% off concessions, but excludes alcohol. They also offer free parking for ticket holders with five plus years tenure. But what stood out is the pick your experiences. Depending on what level you are, you ca pick from a list of experiences. One of them was a train to Montreal to watch a Senators’ game. Not bad.

The Best of the Rest

  • Philadelphia Flyers: Dedicated concession lines. This wins.
  • Pittsburgh Penguins: Player delivered season tickets (Columbus and others do this too) and being part of the team photo for those with 20+ years.
  • San Jose Sharks: Entrance to SAP Center before public and discounted AHL tickets for the Barricuda.
  • St. Louis Blues: New exclusive season ticket holder event series.
  • Tampa Bay Lightning: A private tour of Amalie Arena with you and seven of your friends. Also 35% off merchandise.
  • Toronto Maple Leafs: Give-A-Kid-A-Game Ticket Donation. This one is awesome.
  • Vancouver Canucks: Ability to customize benefits and a $200 Rogers Arena gift card.
  • Vegas Golden Knights: Have an offering of a 10-year commitment!
  • Washington Capitals: A $100-$450 credit in Monumental Bucks to use for tickets, alcohol, concessions, but not merchandise.
  • Winnipeg Jets: A coat check on certain levels and Jets rewards.

In Conclusion

As you can see, there is a wide variety of perks being offered. How many of these would you like to see? Is there a perk I didn’t mention that your team offers? Let us know! We’ll wrap up our series next time when we explore the state of concession prices and why they are always so high.