Your Team’s Real Theme Song: Central Division

There are certain songs that stick to a team which become a defining characteristic. You’ll think of The Fratelli’s Chelsea Dagger, or Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing. What you might not think of are songs that reveal the true colours of your team rather than the colours management has painted for you. Through a six part series, I will break down by division the song that encapsulates each NHL team. Starting first with the Central Division.

Chicago Blackhawks – This Is How We Do It, Montell Jordan

This is a classic song that always gets the right attention at a party, or any function. It may be a personal favourite, but for the Chicago Blackhawks who seem to have figured out hockey in general it just makes sense. The Blackhawks have grown from a team that garnered little attention before the days of Seabrook, Keith, Kane, and Toews, to turn into a powerhouse making the playoffs the last 5 years since hiring head coach Joel Quenneville.

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Columbus Blue Jackets – Don’t You (Forget About Me), Simple Minds

It was a run that we all hoped wouldn’t come to an end without a playoff run, but, alas, all good things come to an end. Rooting for the underdog that was the Columbus Blue Jackets was something every hockey fan did that wasn’t in any way affiliated with the Detroit Red Wings or Minnesota Wild. So please, NHL fans, don’t forget about the Blue Jackets, they honestly need your attention next season.

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Detroit Red Wings – Straighten It Out, Pete Rock and CL Smooth

The first season without captain and all-star defenseman Niklas Lidstrom was supposed to be like trying to ride a bike without the handle bars. The Red Wings are one of the most enjoyable teams to watch with their deep talent pool and their wizard of a coach Mike Babcock. They quite literally straightened it out and kept their 21 year playoff appearance streak alive by coming together. You can never count out the Red Wings.

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Nashville Predators – The Gambler, Kenny Rogers

It’s not often you see a defensive pairing like Shea Weber and Ryan Suter broken up due to contract issues. Ryan Suter left in the off season preferring his hometown team of The Minnesota Wild over his current Nashville Predators. David Poile gambled on letting Shea Weber test the market and ultimately matched the offer his franchise player got from the Flyers (which was a boatload of cash), and let Suter walk. He’s a gambler, but he made the decisions he had to for his team, knowing he couldn’t keep both.

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St. Louis Blues – Hangin’ Tough, New Kids On The Block

So it may be a bit of an obscure choice to you, but the St. Louis Blues play a tough style and it showed to really break down the Kings in the playoffs. The blues have big bodies who show now mercy… and so do the LA Kings. This match up really showed how tough the Blues are and how those two styles of play made for one of the most exciting first round playoff series in recent memory.

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Check back later this afternoon for the Northwest Division list.