Interview With QMJHL Prospect Eduard Nasybullin

In this translated interview, originally appearing on the popular russian portal, Rimouski Oceanic defenseman Eduard Nasybullin talks about his first steps in hockey, getting used to Canada, and personal life.

* For the original interview by Vladislav Lyazgyan, click here.

– Eduard, when did you start playing hockey? Were your parents happy about it?

Eduard Nasybullin
(Vadim Kitayev –

– My parents got me involved in hockey when I was 5. It was my father’s idea, because he wanted me to play hockey. My parents always supported and helped me. It wasn’t easy for them, hockey equipment is very expensive. Every day my parents drove me to the practice, taking time away from their work day.

– When did you finally understand that your whole life would be tied with hockey?

– Frankly speaking, I alway considered hockey very seriously and it gradually became the most important thing in my life. After some big wins in big tournaments, I understood that living without hockey would be very hard.

Eduard Nasybullin
Eduard Nasybullin – TC Media

– Did you follow the CHL Import Draft ceremony?

– Of course, I follow everything related to me or my friends. During the ceremony, I was cheering for my former team mate Artur Tyanulin [now playing for the Ottawa 67s].

– What were your first thoughts once you heard your surname?

– I was very happy to get drafted by Rimouski, before the draft my agent and I had some negotiations with this club. Therefore I didn’t feel any suprise.

– Who helped you with the move overseas? What were the biggest problems after your move?

– My agent helped me a lot. Once I got to Rimouski, the biggest problem was that I missed Russia. Now I adapted much more thanks to my coaches and team mate. I still miss my family a lot. For now we just talk on Skype, but during the winter I’ll get back to Russia for a week and I’ll do what is needed to get them to Canada.

– With whom you talk more in the locker room?

– Frankly speaking, I have great ties with all my team mates, they are all my friends.

– Did you feel the language barrier?

– At first I did. The fact is that here they talk French. Now I can more or less talk in English. In the team there are no other Russian-speaking players.

– Did you feel any difference between the MHL and the QMJHL? Is there anything similar?

– Only the names are similar (smiles). They are two very different leagues.

– Do you think the mentality of Canadian people is very different from the Russian one?

– No, I would say it is not. Here there is good people, always friendly.

– Do you follow the NHL? Do you dream about playing for any of its team?

– Yes, I follow the NHL now, but not every day. I always loved Darius Kasparaitis! He’s what a defenseman should be. My dream is to get drafted in the NHL, I want to play there on any team.

– Is there anything you don’t like as a professional hockey player?

– I like everything, but being always far from the family is very hard.

– What’s your favorite music genre?

Eduard Nasybullin
Eduard Nasybullin – Russian Ice Hockey Federation

– I listen pretty much everything!

– Is there anything you can’t do, but would like to learn?

– I haven’t think about anything like that so far. Regarding hockey, I would like to learn thinking faster.

– Did you already realize who is more cheerful and who is more serious in your team?

– I think I can joke with each of my team mates, but that at the sime time they can be very serious, if needed. I can’t highlight anyone in particular.

– What are your goals for this season?

– I don’t have any personal goal. But we have a team goal: winning the QMJHL trophy and the Memorial Cup.

– What was your deam last night?

– Oh, something personal, I’ll leave it for myself (smiles).

– Do you have any good or bad quality?

– Oh, it’s hard to say such things… each person is different and you can find good and bad things in everyone.