Is Ryan Wilson Done With the Avalanche?

Throughout his years with the Colorado Avalanche, Ryan Wilson has been the type of player who frustrates you as a fan so very much. He has shown that he can be a huge impact for the team, providing solid defense, the threat of a big solid hit, and a good first pass. However, some games, he could appear as the complete opposite, invisible, a whipping boy for fans. That is, when Wilson is healthy. Basically, Ryan Wilson is sort of like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.

With his latest shoulder injury shutting him down for the remainder of the season, is Ryan Wilson done with the Avalanche? Wilson was playing much better hockey this season up until this latest shoulder injury. Again. Ryan Wilson has had the worst luck when it comes to injuries in his career, you can’t help but feel bad for the guy. At the beginning of the season, coach Roy was impressed with ‘Willy’ and seemed to have him penciled in as one of the top 6 defenders. Unfortunately that never happened, and it is hurting the team, whether you would like to admit it or not.

Never Stays Healthy

Ryan Wilson just can’t catch a break. Well he can, but only if its injury related it seems. He has had concussion issues, ankle issues, you name it, he’s probably had it. Before the season started, it was pretty obvious that this would be his last chance to stay with the team, given his injury history. Wilson started out playing great, but then got injured with a puck to the head in one of the Avs’ practices. Then, he got injured again. Now, he has to have season ending shoulder surgery.

The very bad part about this is that when healthy, Ryan Wilson does really help the Colorado Avalanche out. Sadly, the guy has not been able to put together a complete healthy season in a very long time. Wilson was at times electrifying to watch as he would come in and land a huge body check in open ice. Those days have passed, and it makes you wonder if its time for him to move on.

Last Season in Colorado?

So is Ryan Wilson done with the Avalanche? Are the Avalanche willing to keep on his salary in the hopes he can find his game while at the same time staying healthy? My money is on him trying to find another team. Colorado simply cannot afford to have him sitting out injured. The Avalanche need help big time on defense, and Wilson does make the defense better, however, its just not worth it with this latest injury. Who knows, maybe he can bounce back and put his injuries behind him, I hope he does. Though from the Avs point of view, they should be looking elsewhere for defensive help, sooner rather than later.

If Ryan Wilson hadn’t caught the injury bug so often, we could be looking at a great top 4 defenseman. Hopes were high for Wilson to finally put his game back together this year, sadly for Avalanche fans that won’t be possible. If he does not play another game for the Avs, I wish him all the best as he really deserves better. Here’s a little trip down memory lane for some of you, a video from FOUR years ago with some good old Ryan Wilson highlights.

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