Nic Ehlers, Bobby Farnham Fined for Diving

The NHL issued two fines for diving on Thursday. One went to Winnipeg Jets rookie Nic Ehlers and the other to New Jersey Devils waiver claim Bobby Farnham.

For a player to receive a fine for embellishing it has to be their second embellishment of the year. The league’s announcement on Farnham says he was warned for an embellishment that took place on November 22 against the Canucks. His second one was a December 30 game against the Ottawa Senators.

For Ehlers, his first warning came in a November 21 game against the Arizona Coyotes. The fined offense came in a December 29 game against the Detroit Red Wings.

Here’s Bobby Farnham’s second embellishment.

It’s possible he did actually hurt his knee by landing on it, but having a trainer come out onto the ice for a dive is a little embarrassing, I’m sure, once it’s posted by the NHL like this. The worst part of it is the clip the NHL selected, which includes an announcer saying that this is the kind of thing Farnham has to do in order to stay in the league.

And here is Ehler’s second embellishment of the season.

Ehlers doesn’t get the replay and commentary that Farnham does, so it’s a little less embarrassing. No penalty was called on the play.

For embellishing/diving fines, a penalty being called for embellishing has no effect on the league’s ruling. They make the decisions on what are dives after the games and fine according to that. Two embellishments on the year automatically carries a $2,000 fine. A third embellishment carries a $3,000 fines and there are increasing amounts for each infraction, including brining the coach into the mix and fining him.

The coach’s fine enters on the fourth embellishment. The player is fined $4,000 (and has been fined $5,000 prior to that) and the coach is fined $2,000.

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