Quotes of the Week: Gordie Howe

This week’s quotes of the week are by and about the incomparable Mr. Hockey himself, Gordie Howe.

I’m really just a lucky old farm boy.
Gordie Howe [3]

Howe’s 500th Goal

Most of the time when I hit the blue line, I have no idea what I’m gonna do to beat the goaltender.
Gordie Howe [4]

Howe has both the ability and the knack for making the difficult plays look routine. [Maurice] Richard—you can’t miss his skill, it’s so dramatic. Gordie—you have to know your hockey or you won’t appreciate him.
Tommy Ivan [1]

If you find you can push someone around, then you push him around.
Gordie Howe [2]

When I came up I cut out all the newspaper pictures showing me in a Red Wing uniform just to prove to everyone that I played in the NHL.
Gordie Howe [3]

The weak teams are Boston and New York. The strong ones are Toronto, Chicago, Montreal, and Gordie Howe.
Dave Keon [4]

Gordie Howe Retired RW Jersey
Howe’s Retired Detroit Jersey (Credit: Wikipedia user Schmackity)

He was the one guy without a weakness: he was ambidextrous, he was big, he was tough, he was a wonderful skater, he had maximum anticipation.  In his whole career he never wasted a step.
Frank Orr [4]

He could do everything on the ice.  He was the all-around ultimate hockey player of his time.
Andy Bathgate [4]

If you play a little rough, you get respect. And with respect you get just a little bit more space on the ice.
Gordie Howe [4]

I’m on the bench and Jack Adams shouts, ‘Syd, Syd, get in there.’ Nobody moves and he’s furious. Finally, he looks right at me and shouts it again.’I’m not Syd,’ I told him. ‘I don’t give a damn, get in there anyway!’
Gordie Howe, on his first NHL game [3]

He was a lethal combination of grit, power, and single-mindedness. The John Wayne of hockey.
Karl Samuelson [4]

The Stanley Cup is not something you can keep forever, you have to earn it every year you play.
Gordie Howe [4]

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