Sharks Trade Tyler Kennedy for a Bucket of Pucks

Apparently the dog house never really leaves a player. Tyler Kennedy struggled to get playing time his entire time in San Jose. It was widely reported that he and Todd McLellan never saw things the same way. But couldn’t Doug Wilson try to get at least something for him?

Tyler Kennedy Trade Details

There isn’t much to tell you, to be honest. The Isles get Kennedy and the Sharks get a 7th round pick in 2016. But wait! There is a silver lining.

I’m sorry, I’m kidding. No there isn’t. Tyler Kennedy basically has to lead the Islanders to a Stanley Cup this season for the Sharks to realistically get any value out of the trade. So, what’s Doug Wilson’s angle?

Tyler Kennedy
(Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports)

It seems like he was just throwing names out there and took any real offer. Considering what he got for fourth line center, Andrew Desjardins, Kennedy should have gotten something. But, no. Desjardins net the Sharks a player under contract and a 2017 draft pick. That seems appropriate for a fourth liner and “great teammate.” Tyler Kennedy has experience in big games, he controls play on the third line at times, yet his dog house reputation made him too easy to sell.

What it does achieve, however, is the goal of a tomorrow team. Somewhat. Pushing Tyler Kennedy out forces younger players into the lineup. Look for Chris Tierney and Barclay Goodrow to earn more minutes as the season winds down.

4 thoughts on “Sharks Trade Tyler Kennedy for a Bucket of Pucks”

  1. I don’t know that his cap hit is too high considering the experience he brings to an inexperienced playoff team in New York.
    The healthy scratch business is a problem of his coaching. TMac hasn’t seen Kennedy as all that useful, which I disagree with.
    Yes, he’s a rental. But how does Andrew Desjardins (also a UFA) get more in return? I know Chicago is shedding cap space, but come on, even TK should get something at least on par.

    • 3rd round is definitely high, but for where you can play TK (3rd line) he has the potential to have more impact than Desi. A 5th round conditional would have been fine. The article merely bemoans that DW didn’t push for enough in return. SJ weren’t losing anything keeping him, so not moving him wouldn’t really hurt. Believe me, it’s good that the Sharks got ANYTHING out of him. But I think they could’ve gotten more.

  2. i read this as 2 things… doug wilson is trying to screw the sharks before being fired, and/or he is pretty much forcing Tmac to use certain players. either way it all looks shady.

    • It’s hard to believe that he’s intentionally screwing it all up. Just like in politics, it’s not ineptitude, it’s working as intended. There’s a master plan in there somewhere

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