The 4th Line Podcast: Episode 33

4th line podcastIt’s episode 33 of The 4th Line Podcast presented by The Hockey Writers.

This week, the guys welcome Joel as the new co-host and do some draft prep. Carl and Joel talk about players that should be traded before the trade deadline and Mark Scheig and Ross Bonander from The Hockey Writers and Matthew O’Brien from whyhockey join for a mock draft. They even have some time to put a Bluejacket in Kangaroo Court.

Catch the latest episode of The 4th Line below. To catch up on past episodes of the series, head on over the the Podcast link in the menu above.  You can also find The 4th Line on Soundcloud, iTunes and Twitter.

About The 4th Line Podcast:

Started by Carl, Dave and Gary in October 2014, the guys share their thoughts on the news of the week and air their grievances in the Kangaroo Court.  With a variety of opinions, The 4th Line provide their own unique and fun view of hockey. So, tune in every week to hear the latest from the guys and their guests, and get a view on the game you can’t find anywhere else.