The Top 14 Hockey Tweets of 2014

Twitter has become the best social media platform for hockey fans to interact with their favorite players directly. Hockey players are also able to use it as a tool to sell themselves as a brand. While some choose to be bland and vanilla, others like to show off their sense of humor.

Paul Bissonnette and Roberto Luongo are two of the more prominent Twitter comedians. In addition, official club accounts, like the Los Angeles Kings and Columbus Blue Jackets, have found success drawing out of market fans with their quirkiness. In fact, both have been known to have some brotastic moments.

Since its inception in 2006, Twitter has provided us with plenty of comedic moments whether intentional or unintentional. Here are the top 14 of 2014.

14. Habs bonding trip

Brandon Prust and George Parros show the great lengths teammates will go for each other both on and off the ice.

13. Barry Trotz unfortunate picture placement

12. Michael Grabner gives Hilary Knight some gear advice

Michael Grabner is one of the NHL’s fastest skaters and after seeing Hilary Knight’s picture in Sports Illustrated, he wanted to turn her onto CCM skates.

11. Roberto Luongo’s memory of Whoopi is now tainted forever

Me too, Roberto. Me too.

10. Ryan Malone picture caption

Ryan Malone’s run-in with the law and getting caught with cocaine paved the way for this hilarious tweet from Dan Ryan of the Bruins Hockey Now blog.

9. Loyal FedEx employee

Dustin Brown sure loves rubbing some salt into fresh open wounds.

8. Blue Jackets’ response to ESPN

Everyone likes to pick on ESPN. Even NHL teams.

7. Kings in the heat of the playoffs

There really are not that many things better than some good ol’ playoff time chirping from the Kings’ Twitter account.

6. Roberto Luongo’s question regarding the new shootout rules

Roberto Luongo has made it known how much he despises the shootout even before sending out this tweet.

5. Blue Jackets poetry

Another mastery of social media from the legendary Blue Jackets Twitter account. Someone give that PR guy a raise.

4. Non-hockey fans guess Phil Kessel’s profession

We all have friends who don’t watch hockey and don’t know who Phil Kessel is. Combine that with the fact that Kessel does not look like your prototypical athlete and you have the right ingredients for a viral tweet.

3. #AskNeal

Last spring, the Pittsburgh Penguins decided to hold a Q&A on Twitter with one of hockey’s most notorious cheap shot artists, James Neal.

While with the Dallas Stars, his antics went unnoticed, but in the spotlight of the Penguins’ media attention, Neal might as well have been performing on Broadway. After many seasons of watching him escape the wrath of the NHL’s Department of Player Safety, everyone from former referee Paul Stewart to THW’s very own Bill Schoeninger chimed in to reprimand Neal and his actions.

The Q&A was very poorly timed and led to some great unintentional humor from hockey fans. It was hard to pick just one so look below for a link to Crossing Broad’s site for other great ones.

The Penguins’ #AskNeal Twitter Hashtag Went Horribly Wrong

2. Roberto Luongo’s Kardashian imitation

Roberto Loungo’s Photoshop skills are exquisite.

1. Paul Bissonnette’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

This summer’s craze had everyone and their moms (literally) dumping ice water over their heads in the name of charity. Paul Bissonnette, true to form, wanted to one-up everybody. And that he did.

Congratulations, Biz, you won the internet this year.

Have any other favorites? Comment below.

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