Top 10 Twitter Accounts: Tampa Bay Lightning

For those people looking to stay in touch with the Tampa Bay Lightning at all times of the day and night, check out the following Twitter accounts.  They are all chalk full of great info about the team and organization, and some even sprinkle in a little humor.  I have broken them down into three categories based on the frequency and relevance of their tweets, enjoy!

Lightning Twitter Giants

1.  @TBLightning, The Official Lightning Account:  For obvious reasons, this is the best account around.  They give you game updates, team news, and front office happenings to keep Bolt Nation informed.


2. @HockeyBay: This account is run by fans for fans.  It gives you great news stories, and some humorous insight behind the Thunderous clouds.  As this post shows, they even back up the Tampa Bay Lightning like true fans should.


3. @LightningTimes, Tampa Bay Times Lightning Writer Damian Cristodero: This guy knows his Bolts, and gets to write about them for the newspaper.  He gives a unique look into operations, and reports on the overall team which is why his account is always blowing up.

4. @dingdish, Lightning Analyst Chris Dingman: This man is a former Stanley Cup champion who covers the Bolts night in and night out.  He keeps his Twitter account running strong at most hours of the day, and even mixes in some personal aspects so you can get to know the real him better.  It’s a great follow for any Lightning fan.


Lightning Tweetributors

5. @BoltsRadio, The offical Twitter Account for the Tampa Bay Lightning Radio Network: This account specializes in post game reactions, interviews, and anything game related.  They mix it up with some news, and even a few off-the-wall guests and live tweet options, and are a very active account.  If you haven’t followed them yet you’re missing out.

6. @erlendssonTBO, Tampa Tribune Lightning Beat Writer Erik Erlendsson: He is a great writer who knows how to capture the game, and he likes to focus on coaching calls in the Bolts locker room.  He gives good overviews of what to expect for the next game, and you can count on his account to stay active with other NHL news as well.


7. @BoltProspects: This account gives you daily updates (and often a lot more frequent than that) on the latest in Tampa Bay Lightning happenings.  They even give predictions for upcoming games, and some local flair along the way.



Bolt Backers

8. @TBLightningFeed: This is a comprehensive blog and news feed that is sure to brighten any Bolts fan’s day with their rich content and external links.  They post a ton of information so be sure you give their feed some time to get through it.  They also give some news on other teams as well.

9. @tampabaybuzztap: If you don’t find what you need from the Lightning News Feed Twitter account, be sure to follow this one.  They give game previews and other insights into the Lightning organization which makes them a quality tweeter.


10. (There’s a tie) @Akillorn19, @RealStamkos91, and @CoopersLaw; Alex Killorn, Steven Stamkos, and Jon Cooper’s Official Twitter Accounts: These accounts may not be the most active, but they are rich with personal content from each player and coach respectively.  Following them is a great way to learn about who these men are off the ice, and to see their individual senses of humor along the way.

Well that sums up the 10 bets Tampa Bay Lightning Twitter accounts, feel free to follow all of them so that you can keep up on the latest news and happenings with the Bolts and beyond.


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NOTE: I will be switching to follow the St. Louis Blues in the coming weeks.