Tweet Tweet

Twitter is becomming the Internet story of 2009

We use it here to make some of our announcements, in fact we were lucky enough to find a couple of our writers via a quick Tweet – How cool is that? I find that I’m using it more and more to get great insight via a few folks that I follow. Whether it’s hyper-intelligent gurus or your favorite celebrity Twitter can entertain and educate all in only a few sentences.

We encourage all of our Readers to Follow us on Twitter. We’ll make some announcements, point to great hockey posts not only from our site but on other sites as well, and fill you in on any other cool stories. If you are not yet familiar with Twitter check them out here (totally free by the way).

If you have a Twitter account why not leave it in a comment below. We’ll post a list featuring some of the best hockey twitterers around in the coming weeks.