Why Are the Bruins Putting Up with Milan Lucic?

The Boston Bruins lost again last night to the Montreal Canadiens, 6-4, and, again, Milan Lucic made a spectacle of himself in the wrong way. Late in the third period, Lucic was sent to the penalty box and on his way there he made a vulgar gesture to the Canadien faithful.


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Incredibly embarrassing for Lucic and the Boston Bruins. Lucic has time and time again put himself into this position. A writer at the popular Bruins news site, Days of Y’Orr, made a very great point on Twitter about Lucic, saying,


That is a very good point. The Bruins quickly got tired of Tyler Seguin’s antics off the ice, yet Lucic’s antics on ice gets swept under the rug? At least when Seguin was in Boston partying, he was contributing somewhat on the ice and wasn’t whining about every little play and giving up when things got bleak.

Lucic used to be an entertaining player in Boston, always trying to pick a fight and actually made some great hockey plays, but he has gone downhill fast. Not only in his immaturity, but in play as well. He has been giving up on a lot of plays and complaining to the refs on every little thing. It’s just getting tiring to see this game in and game out. He was also a shell of his former self in the playoffs last season. Lucic only recorded seven points in 12 games, a far cry from his 19 point effort the year prior. So far this season, Lucic has been an absolute disaster, becoming a non-factor on offense (two assists in six games). I know the entire Bruins team is struggling in generating offense, but, as a “leader”, Lucic needs to pick up his game and get a better attitude.

It was easier to put up with Lucic in the past because he was performing well on the ice, but his immaturity has gotten the best of him. In Seguin’s case, he was still putting up numbers, better than Lucic’s, but the Bruins knew that he could damage the locker room with his off ice antics, so they dealt him to Dallas. Lucic threatened to kill Dale Weise, is a notorious complainer, and it isn’t the first time he has made obscene gestures. How is that not a locker room distraction, especially with the harsh Boston media chronicling your every move? Perhaps Lucic, like Seguin, needs a new environment where he can thrive or a smaller market where his actions aren’t underneath a massive miscroscope.

Even if the Bruins wanted to rid themselves of Lucic, Peter Chiarelli has gotten the Bruins in such a hole financially that it’ll be difficult to trade him, or at least trade him for some value. So, basically the Bruins are stuck with Lucic, but there has been no inkling about Lucic being moved anyway, even though he should. If Lucic is being just as immature as Seguin, you must make the same move. It is incredibly hypocritical of the Bruins to not rid themselves of Lucic.

I’m not totally disagreeing with the Seguin trade, he needed a new environment and the Bruins got some good pieces in return, but how could Chiarelli keep a less talented and far less mature player in Lucic over Seguin. It just doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

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