NHL 2013 Draft War Room: Top 30 QMJHL Prospects

by Eldon MacDonald

2013 NHL Draft: Year of the “Q”

Jonathan Drouin and Nathan MacKinnon
Jonathan Drouin and Nathan MacKinnon at the Top Prospects Practice [photo: David Chan]
Every year, or so it seems, the NHL draft prospects from the QMJHL seemed to be looked down upon compared to their CHL counterparts in the OHL and WHL. Well not this year, as the QMJHL seems to have it all:

  • Potential superstars – MacKinnon, Drouin
  • High-end centres: MacKinnon, Gauthier, Dauphin
  • High-end wingers: Mantha, Erne, Zykov
  • High-end goalies: Fucale, Desrosiers
  • High-end defensemen: Morin, Diaby
  • Potential 1strounders – MacKinnon, Drouin, Gauthier, Morin, Mantha, Erne, Zykov, Dauphin
  • Potential 2ndrounders – Fucale, Carrier, Duclair, Diaby
  • Potential 3rdrounders: Desrosiers, Sorensen, Kostalek, Laplante, Poirier, Roy, Weeger, Etchegary, Paquin-Boudreau, Dunn, Murphy
  • Potential 4throunders: Labbé, Grégoire

Since we are not sure what the 2014 draft will bring, let’s show a little love for the QMJHL boys of 2013. I have copied the details from the round by round postings and added more quotes, more profiles and more videos for many of the prospects to give you as complete a picture as possible on all of class from the Q.

CHL Prospects in the War Room Top 120 Final Rankings:

Below, you can find a listing of the players ranked in the first four rounds of the draft for all the leagues in the CHL.


QMJHL – 2013

OHL – 2013

WHL – 2013


1 – MacKinnon, Nathan 7 – Monahan, Sean 2 – Jones, Seth


3 – Drouin, Jonathan 9 – Zadorov, Nikita 15 – Shinkaruk, Hunter


14 – Gauthier, Frédérik 10 – Nurse, Darnell 16 – Morrissey, Josh


17 – Morin, Samuel 11 – Domi, Max 18 – Pulock, Ryan


20 – Mantha, Anthony 12 – Horvat, Bo 19 – Lazar, Curtis


21 – Erne, Adam 25 – Rychel, Kerby 27 – Bowey, Madison


23 – Zykov, Valentin 26 – Hartman, Ryan 28 – Mueller, Mirco


29 – Dauphin, Laurent 31 – Bigras, Chris 32 – Klimchuk, Morgan


35 – Fucale, Zach 37 – Bailey, Justin 34 – Theodore, Shea


39 – Carrier, William 42 – Lodge, Jimmy 43 – Heatherington, Dillon


44 – Duclair, Anthony 47 – Baptiste, Nick 45 – Comrie, Eric


51 – Diaby, Jonathan-Ismael 53 – Nastasiuk, Zach 46 – Petan, Nicolas


61 – Desrosiers, Philippe 54 – Dickinson, Jason 48 – Jarry, Tristan


64 – Sorensen, Nick 55 – Subban, Jordan 62 – Roy, Eric


68 – Kostalek, Jan 59 – Martin, Spencer 65 – Bjorkstrand, Oliver


71 – Laplante, Yan Pavel 81 – Moutrey, Nick 72 – Wheaton, Mitchell


73 – Poirier, Émile 82 – Kujawinski, Ryan 74 – Bell, Myles


78 – Roy, Marc-Olivier 110 – Elie, Remi 85 – Lipsbergs, Roberts


80 – Weeger, MacKenzie   95 – Houck, Jackson


83 – Etchegary, Kurt   101 – Geertsen, Mason


87 – Paquin-Boudreau, Gabryel   106 – Chase, Greg


88 – Dunn, Vincent   109 – Lees, Jesse


90 – Murphy, Matt   117 – Lipon, JC


97 – Trainor, Peter   120 – Burke, Brendan


107 – Labbé, Dylan    


108 – Grégoire, Jérémy    

2012 NHL Draft Class from the Q

If you don’t believe that the QMJHL has drastically improved this year, reflect back to last year. Not one home grown prospect drafted in the top 120 for 2012 has much more than an outside chance of making the NHL.


QMJHL – 2012


12 – Mikhail Grigorenko


46 – Raphael Bussieres


48 – Dillon Fournier


49 – Martin Frk


57 – Alexandre Mallet


88 – James Melindy


101 – Cedric Paquette


103 – Loic Leduc


108 – Andrew O’Brien


109 – Christophe Lalancette

Other Posts in This Series – War Room Top 120 Rankings

Round 1 – Prospects ranked 1 to 30

Round 2 – Prospects ranked 31 to 60

Round 3 – Prospects ranked 61 to 90

Round 4 – Prospects ranked 91 to 120

NHL 2013 Draft War Room: QMJHL Prospect Rankings – Top 30

(Note: Players’ ranking in the War Room Final Rankings in brackets)

1. (1) MacKinnon, Nathan

  • Hashtag:MrMacMoney
  • Team:#22, Halifax, QMJHL
  • Position: Centre
  • Shoots: Right
  • Height:6’0
  • Weight:182 lb.
  • Born: Halifax, NS, 1-Sep-95
  • Other rankings:
    • 1 – Hockey Prospect
    • 1 – ISS
    • 2 – NHL
    • 2 – Bob MacKenzie
    • 2 – Chris Ralph
    • 2 – Future Considerations
    • 2 – Hockey Prospectus
    • 3 – Craig Button
  • Twitter A/C:@Mackinnon9

  • Profile 1: Christopher Ralph atTHW
  • Profile 2: A Profile I did on Nathan at the start of the season at THW Combine
  • Quote 1: ISS Director of Scouting, Dennis MacInnis, as quoted on MetroNews.ca, “Nathan MacKinnon moves back to ISS No. 1 after answering any questions we had about him with his dominating MVP Memorial Cup performance.I have personally been watching MacKinnon since he was a peewee, and while his skills have become top one per cent in the world, what has impressed me most has been his growing maturity – the bigger the moment, the more hungry he becomes.”
  • Quote 2: Ryan Kennedy at TheHockeyNews.com, “His explosive stride separates him from everyone else, while the pivot can get red-hot in the faceoff circle and also play a chippy, physical game. That’s what NHL scouts love to see.”
  • Quote 3: Louis Elliot at Yahoo! Sports, “Mackinnon is noted for having a pro-style, two-way game. He will easily crack Florida’s roster as soon as next year, perhaps even as a first-liner. His scoring ability will naturally compliment and serve to take pressure off of Huberdeau. As a team that has significantly lacked offensive fire power since the days of the Russian Rocket, the Panthers won’t pass up the chemistry and skill level of the potential potent duo of forwards. A combination of Huberdeau and Mackinnon would solidify the Panthers’ offense for years to come.”
  • Audio: From ThePipelineShow.com
  • Video 1:Memorial Cup MVP performance from Sportsnet.ca
  • Video 2: Motivational video that Nathan and the rest of the Mooseheads watched prior to the Memorial Cup final game from Neate Sager at Yahoo! Sports Canada
  • Video 3: Memorial Cup Game Two from Sportsnet.ca
  • Video 4: Nathan drives Jonathan Drouin to hockey practice: Uploaded to YouTube by 7JohnMoore.

2. (3) Drouin, Jonathan

  • Hashtag:MrSmoothAndEasy
  • Team:#27, Halifax, QMJHL
  • Position: Left Wing
  • Hoots: Left
  • Height:5’11
  • Weight:190 lb.
  • Born:Ste-Agathe-des-Monts, QC, 27-Mar-95
  • Other rankings:
  • 1 – Chris Ralph
  • 1 – Hockey Prospectus
  • 2 – Craig Button
  • 3 – NHL
  • 3 – Bob MacKenzie
  • 3 – Future Considerations
  • 3 – Hockey Prospect
  • 3 – ISS
  • Twitter A/C:@jodrouin27

  • Profile 1:Christopher Ralph at THW
  • Profile 2: A profile I did on Jonathan at the start of the season at THW Combine
  • Quote 1: Christopher Ralph @ THW, “Two words sum up the case (or least make a good starting point) for choosing the sublime winger over the two aforementioned potential cornerstone prospects – hockey sense. Often used when describing, but what really do we mean when we talk about hockey sense. Not easy to put to words, but his awareness, vision, anticipation, poise and focus are all off the charts. Jonathan doesn’t just go where the puck is; he goes to where the puck will be.”
  • Quote 2: My Draft War Room comments from March at THW, “Jonathan will have to have an enormous playoff run to get past Seth Jones to go first in the 2013 draft. However, Jonathan has already had an enormous playoff run (leading Halifax after being down 3-0 against Quebec last year to victory in overtime in game 7) under his belt so that is not an impossibility. So how did Jonathan do in the 1st game of the Q playoffs – 6 points. Game on! To those who say Jonathan hasn’t a chance of going first, I just ask you to watch the montage of Jonathan put up by Chris Ralph at THW.  The only word that comes close to describing Jonathan’s play in this montage is “rudiculous”, a word I made up to describe a performance so overwhelming that it is rude to the opponent.”
  • Audio: From ThePipelineShow.com
  • Video 1: Deking Them Out of Their Pants at CBC.ca[removed by source]
  • Video 2: Profile at NHL.com
  • Video 3: Highlights: Uploaded to YouTube by NathanBrown17.
  • Video 4: Jonathan’s 2011-12 QMJHL playoff game winning goal in overtime against Quebec in game 7: Uploaded to YouTube by Halifax Mooseheads.

3. (14) Gauthier, Frédérik

  • Hashtag: MrNotJustAnybody
  • Team: #23, Rimouski, QMJHL
  • Position: Centre
  • Shoots: Left
  • Height: 6’5
  • Weight:215 lb.
  • Born: Laval, QC, 26-Apr-13
  • Other rankings:
  • 13 – NHL
  • 13 – Bob MacKenzie
  • 16 – Future Considerations
  • 18 – ISS
  • 21 – Craig Button
  • 22 – Chris Ralph
  • 29 – Hockey Prospect
  • 31 – Hockey Prospectus
  • Twitter A/C:None found
  • https://twitter.com/McKeensDraftGs/status/324292135841062912
  • Profile 1:A profile I did on Frédérik early in the year at THW Combine
  • Profile 2: From Mike G Morreale atNHL.com
  • Quote 1: Corey Pronman at HockeyProspectus.com, “Gauthier experienced an up-and-down campaign. He showed significant flashes, but also lapsed offensively for long stretches. He measures at 6’5″, 214 pounds, has some offensive talent, and shows advanced play for his age. He is an above-average skater, well above-average for a player his size, as he has a real easiness to his stride. He exerts little effort in his pushoffs, and he picks up speed very well. He is very agile, given his size. He had good offensive numbers this season, despite lining up against the opposition’s best players and taking a lot of defensive zone draws. He has a good amount of offensive hockey sense, but sometimes he is too conservative and would be better served by letting his creativity show.”
  • Quote 2:My Draft War Room comments from March at THW, “Frederik has been struggling since his return from a recent injury. However, I do not think that will have a major impact on his rankings as even minor injuries can result in significant performance issues. The real issue with FrédérikGauthier is: Is he Radek Bonk, a large 3rd line defense first center, or is he Jordan Staal, a large 2nd line center who is good defensively but brings a significant offensive contribution. Those teams that are leaning to the Jordan Staal comparison will likely have him in the 8 to 13 range.”
  • Video 1: Highlights: Uploaded to YouTube by DumbassShello.
  • Video 2: Profile fromNHL.com
  • Video 3: Craig Button Analysis: Uploaded to YouTube by Craig Button.

4. (17) Morin, Samuel

  • Hashtag: TheCharaDoppelganger
  • Team: Rimouski, QMJHL
  • Position: Defense
  • Shoots: Left
  • Height:6’6
  • Weight:202 lb.
  • Born: St. Henri, QC, 12-Jul-95
  • Other rankings:
  • 13 – Craig Button
  • 18 – Hockey Prospect
  • 30 – ISS
  • 32 – NHL
  • 51 – Bob MacKenzie
  • 32 – Chris Ralph
  • 60 – Hockey Prospectus
  • Twitter A/C:@samhockey0000
  • Profile 1: Shawn Reznik atTHW
  • Profile 2: Brenda Branswell atCanada.com
  • Quote 1: Craig Button at Flames.NHL.com, “I don’t know where you find6-foot-7 defencemen that can skate, that are tough physically, that are rugged, that can make a play with the puck. I don’t know where you find them. … I saw ZdenoChara play at that age. Zdeno was raw and I don’t think Zdeno was as polished at that age as this kid. We know what Zdeno has become. He’s one of the smartest players in the National Hockey League and we know the physical attributes. I think that I do believe that Samuel can develop that part of his game.”
  • Quote 2: My Draft War Room comments from March at THW, “This is another guy that I would want on my team. Yes, he is still very raw but how often do you a get 6’7 guy who can skate with a nasty steak. Also, he may never be Bobby Orr but he has some offensive upside. This guy could go much higher because physical specimens like Samuel are very rare and very much in demand.”
  • Video 1: 2013 U18 Highlights: Uploaded to YouTube by BigWhite06.
  • Video 2:Fight with Kurt Etchegary resulting in a knockout: Uploaded to YouTube by HockeyFightsPlus.

5. (20) Mantha, Anthony

  • Hashtag: TheInvisibleMan
  • Team: #8,Val d’Or, QMJHL
  • Position: Right Wing
  • Shoots: Left
  • Height: 6’3
  • Weight: 200 lb.
  • Born:Longueuil, QC, 16-Sep-94
  • Other rankings:
  • 17 – Chris Ralph
  • 16 – NHL
  • 16 – Craig Button
  • 17 – Bob MacKenzie
  • 18 – Future Considerations
  • 19 – Hockey Prospect
  • 22 – Hockey Prospectus
  • 23 – ISS
  • Twitter A/C:None found

  • Profile 1:Shawn Reznik at THW
  • Profile 2: ArponBasu at NHL.com
  • Quote 1:Karen Mielands at InLowWeTrust.com, “Mantha has a gritty style to his game, and he isn’t afraid to head to the dirty areas around the net. With that style, he led the QMJHL in goals and was tenth overall in points. He doesn’t just depend on his size, though. Mantha has an impressive wrist shot and quick release. He is more of a goal scorer than a playmaker, and seems to be headed towards the power forward role. It was difficult to see where his game was going just one year ago.”
  • Quote 2: My Draft War Room comments from March at THW, “Size, skills, results – that’s Anthony Mantha. The team drafting Anthony is looking to fill that top 6 power forward position – a position unfilled on most clubs. I have Anthony rated a little lower than most as I have concerns with his drive and consistency.”
  • Audio: From ThePipelineShow.com
  • Video 1: Goal compilation: Uploaded to YouTubeby TVHockeyProspect.
  • Video 2: Interview with John Moore: Uploaded to YouTube by 7JohnMoore.
  • Video 3: Craig Button Analysis: Uploaded to YouTube by Craig Button.

6. (21) Erne, Adam

  • Hashtag: MrHeartbeat
  • Team: #73, Quebec, QMJHL
  • Position: Right Wing
  • Shoots: Left
  • Height:6’1
  • Weight:198 lb.
  • Born: North Brandford, 20-Apr-95
  • Other rankings:
  • 25 – Chris Ralph
  • 16 – Bob MacKenzie
  • 18 – Hockey Prospectus
  • 20 – Craig Button
  • 22 – Hockey Prospect
  • 28 – Future Considerations
  • 35 – NHL
  • Twitter A/C:@Adamerne73

  • Profile 1: Shawn Reznik atTHW
  • Profile 2: A profile I did on Adam early in the year at THW Combine
  • Quote 1: Corey Pronman at HockeyProspectus.com, “Erne features the ideal power forward style that NHL teams love, as his high-end north/south game is coupled with good skill. His best attribute is his skating; he frequently bursts through the neutral zone, drawing penalties, creating chances, and downright embarrassing defensemen with his speed and acceleration. His willingness to drive to the net combined with his strength are deadly when combined with his speed. One scout described him as a “horse” in terms of his raw physical attributes.”
  • Quote 2: Bill Placzek at Draftsite.com, “Strong, balanced skater who shows outside speed and an excellent shot. Plays a mix of a power-forward and sniper. Plays with power on the wall and wins puck battles there. The lightning release of his shot and his ability to find space make him much to contend with. Plays fearlessly and hungry, creates space, is a playmaker, and shoots extremely well. Reads, sets, and attacks well with a dominating presence. Throws big checks. Powerful shot.”
  • Audio: From ThePipelineShow.com
  • Video 1: Profile:FromNHL.com
  • Video 2: Highlights:Uploaded to YouTube by Fred O’donnell.
  • Video 3: Craig Button Analysis: Uploaded to YouTube by TheBadQuality.

7. (23) Zykov, Valentin

  • Hashtag: TheRussianHighNote
  • Team:Baie-Comeau, QMJHL
  • Position: Right Wing
  • Shoots: Right
  • Height:6’1
  • Weight:215 lb.
  • Born: St. Petersburg, Russia, 15-May-95
  • Other rankings:
  • 12 – NHL
  • 13 – Hockey Prospect
  • 20 – Chris Ralph
  • 19 – Future Considerations
  • 19 – ISS
  • 19 – Hockey Prospectus
  • 27 – Bob MacKenzie
  • 37 – Craig Button
  • Twitter A/C: None found

  • Profile 1: Fred Poulin at THW
  • Profile 2: Ben Kerr at LastWordOnSports.com
  • Quote 1: Eric Veilleux, Baie-Comeau Head Coach, at Marketwire.com, “Valentin is one of the most complete players in the league. He is capable of remarkable games and adapts easily to different styles. He has great motivation, unusual perseverance and above all an extraordinary talent. His determination and self-discipline led him where he is today”
  • Quote 2: My Draft War Room comments from March at THW, “One of the least talked about potential 1st rounders, Valentin has gone from a “C” skater in the NHL’s preliminary ratings to 12 in the mid-term rankings. Off the ice, he has learned English and a few words in French. On the ice, the other teams have learned that he is not a player to be trifled with. They have learned that Valentin is not your typical Russian; he loves to create havoc around the net – shooting, passing, going to the net, cycling around the net, hounding the player with the puck. In short, he is a player that other teams have quickly learned to hate. I look at him as a cross between Jannik Hansen and Nick Foligno, a player with skills who can bring a little intensity to the game. He was also just named “Offensive Rookie of the Year” in the Q.”
  • Video 1: Interview with John Moore at SportsAndMoore.com[moved at source]
  • Video 2: Craig Button Analysis: Uploaded to YouTube from TheBadQuality.
  • Video 3:Profile and highlights from RDS.ca – InFrench except for interview portion with Valentin.
  • Video 4: Overtime game-winning goal from TVASports.ca

8. (29) Dauphin, Laurent

  • Hashtag: MrBigGameHunter
  • Team:Chicoutimi, QMJHL
  • Position: Centre
  • Shoots: Left
  • Height:6’0
  • Weight:183 lb.
  • Born: Repentigny, QC, 27-Mar-95
  • Other rankings:
  • 22 – Craig Button
  • 35 – Chris Ralph
  • 34 – Hockey Prospectus
  • 37 – NHL
  • 45 – Bob MacKenzie
  • Twitter A/C: @flippers27

Profile 1: Carl Maloney atTHW

  • Profile 2: Ben Kerr at LastWordOnSports.com
  • Quote 1: Craig Button atNHL.com, “Laurent is a quiet competitor. Don’t be fooled by him. There’s not this over the top, outwardly bubbly competitor, but still waters run deep. And this guy isa big-time competitor. He doesn’t get pushed away from the game, he doesn’t get pushed away from the hard areas, he makes plays when it matters, he makes plays against difficult opponents, he makes plays under challenging circumstances. He’s smart. You talk about hockey sense … he’s got exceptional hockey sense. I think he’s got exceptional competiveness. The important areas on the ice, the important areas in the game, the critical points, he’s there. He’s always there. He’s not going to wow you with these end-to-end rushes, but you talk about incredibly functional and a big-time competitor.”
  • Quote 2: Corey Pronman at HockeyProspectus.com, “Dauphin had a good rookie season for Chicoutimi, displaying a high amount of upside. He is a skilled player with the puck, with the kind of soft touch and control that a top forward prospect needs. He has shiftiness in his game, as he is able to make quick movements with his feet and hands. He couples strong acceleration with a good top gear. He is quality passer who makes nice saucer distributions, and he can make plays with limited time and space. Dauphin’s main area of improvement will have to come from his strength level.”
  • Video 1: 2013U18 Highlights: Uploaded toYouTubeby BigWhite06.
  • Video 2: Top Prospects Game Highlights: From NHL.com.

9. (35) Fucale, Zach

  • Hashtag: DrCoolTender
  • Team: #31, Halifax, QMJHL
  • Position: Goal
  • Shoots: Left
  • Height: 6’1
  • Weight: 181 lb.
  • Born:Rosemère, QC, 28-May-95
  • Other rankings:
  • 07 – Craig Button
  • 14 – Hockey Prospect
  • 22 – NHL 22
  • 22 – Bob MacKenzie
  • 34 – Chris Ralph
  • 93 – HockeyProspectus
  • Twitter A/C: @Fucale31

  • Profile 1: Anatoliy Metter atTHW
  • Profile 2: David O’Connor atTHW
  • Quote 1: Ben Kerr @ LastWordonSports.com, “However it is Fucale’s skill at the backend that allows the Mooseheads to play their all out offensive style, as he is always there to make the save when a breakdown occurs.  He really is the backbone for Halifax and we rate him as the best goaltender available in the draft.”
  • Quote 2: My War Room Comments from March, “Will a goalie be selected in the 1st round this year? If the answer is yes, Zach Fucale is likely to be your man as he is the 1st goalie on the NHL Central Scouting, Bob MacKenzie’s and most other rankings. Zach reminds me of Tim Horton’s Roll Up the Rim campaign – you roll up the rim on a coffee cup and get asked to play again even if you don’t win a prize, time and time again. That’s what they do in Halifax, roll Zach out on the ice every game and then ask him to play again. However, Zach has a better winning % at 85.4% than the 25% chance of winning a prize at Tim Horton’s.”
  • Audio: From ThePipelineShow.com
  • Video 1: NHL Combine: From Avalanche.NHL.com
  • Video 2: From NHL.com
  • Video 3: Highlights: Uploaded to YouTube by DumbassShello.

10. (39) Carrier, William

  • Hashtag: MrTurnandBurn
  • Team: #28, Cape Breton, QMJHL
  • Position: Left Wing
  • Shoots: Left
  • Height: 6’2
  • Weight: 198 lb.
  • Born: LaSalle, QC, 20-Dec-94
  • Other rankings:
  • 25 – NHL
  • 36 – Chris Ralph
  • 41 – Hockey Prospectus
  • 42 – Bob MacKenzie
  • Twitter A/C: None found

  • Profile 1: THW
  • Profile 2: Ben Kerr at LastWordonSports
  • Profile 3: A profile I did early in the year at THW Combine
  • Quote 1:Derek Leblanc at “DobberSports.com, “Carrier is a power forward who will go through you if he cannot get around you. He has a long reach and uses it effectively to protect the puck. He plays a simple game and is not afraid to go to the net. Carrier has improved every year and has Hockey Canada pedigree”.
  • Quote 2: Bill Metzer at HockeyBuzz.com, “Carrier saw a steady diet of opposing teams’ shutdown defensemen and top checking lines. A typical power forward in the offensive zone,the 6-foot-2 left winger excels in cycling the puck down low and muscling his way to the net. He scores a lot of “pro-style” goals, collecting loose pucks, rebounds and tip-ins. A bonus to his game compared to other power forwards is that he is considered a responsible defensive player and, at least before the injury, was considered an above-average skater for a player of size and frame.”
  • Audio: FromThePipelineShow.com
  • Video 1: Craig Button Analysis: UploadedtoYouTubebyTheBadQuality.
  • Video 2: Highlights: Uploaded to YouTube by DumbassShello.

11. (44) Duclair, Anthony

  • Hashtag: MrElectric
  • Team: #10, Quebec, QMJHL
  • Position: Left Wing
  • Shoots: Right
  • Height: 5’11
  • Weight: 182 lb.
  • Born: Pointe Claire, QC, 26-Jul-95
  • Other rankings:
  • 40 – Chris Ralph
  • 35 – Bob MacKenzie
  • 37 – Hockey Prospectus
  • 43 – Craig Button
  • 79 – NHL
  • Twitter A/C: @aduclair10

  • Profile 1: Shawn Reznik at THW
  • Profile 2: An early season profile I did on Anthony at THW Combine
  • Quote 1: Ben Kerr at LastWordonSports.com, “Duclair is a fantastic skater, who has a ton of top end speed and great acceleration. He is able to stickhandle at top speed which forces defenders to back up on him on the rush as he is able to go wide and cut to the net if they don’t respect his speed and skating ability. He also has a tremendous ability to change gears and beat defenders that way. Add to that fantastic agility and great edgework and you have one of the best skaters in this draft.”
  • Quote 2: My War Room Comments from March, “Anthony is starting to put it back together after getting called out by his teammates for not being team oriented enough. Although he will have some “splaining” to do at the Combine, ultimately it is Anthony’s on ice work that will decide where he goes. I still like his electrifying speed down the ice and his ability to use his other skills (passing, stickhandling, shooting) at top speed.”
  • Video 1: Highlights – Uploaded toYouTubeby DumbassShello.
  • Video 2: Profile:FromCanoe.TVin French.

12. (51) Diaby, Jonathan-Ismael

  • Hashtag: ThePunisher
  • Team: #3, Victoriaville, QMJHL
  • Position: Defense
  • Shoots: Left
  • Height: 6’5
  • Weight: 231 lb.
  • Born:Blainville, QC, 16-Nov-94
  • Other rankings:
  • 64 – Chris Ralph
  • 51 – NHL 51
  • HM (51-60) – Bob MacKenzie
  • 83 – Hockey Prospectus
  • Twitter A/C: @Jonathan_Diaby

  • Profile 1: Ben Kerr at LastWordOnSports.com
  • Quote 1: FromMomentum.Hockey.com, “Jonathan Diaby is a 6-foot-5 and 235-pound punishing defensive defenseman playing for the Victoriaville Tigres that shows a lot of competitiveness. The native from Blainville, Quebec improved his ranking by 8 positions, going from the 45th to the 37th rank on the CSS’s final list. In 67 games played this season, the Tigres’ alternate captain showed great leadership and toughness, but also added some good numbers with 4 goals, 26 points and 117 penalty minutes, including 10 fights this season. Already well known for his robust physical play, the shutdown big d-man shows surprising skating ability and wants to improve his decision making to become an even more complete pro player. Diaby played a solid shutdown role when the No. 11 seeded Victoriaville Tigres upset the No. 6 seeded Moncton Wildcats in the first round of the QMJHL Playoffs”.
  • Quote 2: Bill Meltzer at HockeyBuzz.com, “Depending on the scouting source, Diaby is described either as a potential sleeper with second-pairing pro upside as a defensive defenseman or as a fringe prospect who could struggle to deal with the skill of pro players. He had a huge frame (6-foot-5, 225 pounds) and the toughness to make use of it.”
  • Quote 3: Chris Lund with NHL Combine Testing Results at Senators.NHL.com, “Wing Span:1 (tie). Seth Jones, Portland (WHL) and Jonathan Ismael-Diaby, Victoriaville (QMJHL), 81.0 inches.”
  • Video 1: NHL Combine: FromJets.NHL.com
  • Video 2: Uploaded toYouTubeby HockeyFightsPlus.

13. (61) Desrosiers, Philippe

  • Hashtag: MrGoalieCanada
  • Team: #30, Rimouski, QMJHL
  • Position: Goal
  • Shoots: Right
  • Height: 6’1
  • Weight: 182 lb.
  • Born: St. Hyacinthe, QC, 15-Aug-15
  • Other rankings:
  • 71 – Chris Ralph
  • 36 – Craig Button
  • HM (61 to 70) – Bob MacKenzie
  • 76 – NHL
  • 150 – Hockey Prospectus
  • Twitter A/C:@pdesro30

  • Profile 1:Anatoliy Meter at THW
  • Profile 2: Steven Ellis at HockeyHouse.net
  • Quote 1:Philippe Desrosiers, himself, at NHL.com, “Right now I’m ranked seventh (for North American goalies by NHL Central Scouting), but I think I’m a lot better than this. I think, compared to Zach Fucale, I’m as good as him.”
  • Quote 2:Team Canada U18 Assistant Coach, Jody Hull at TheGlobeandMail.com, “He was awesome. He was awesome early when they were coming at us, I think at one point it was 6-0 or 7-0 on shots on net. He was very solid and calming influence back there for us. He gave us the opportunity to get the big victory today.”
  • Quote 3:Neate Sager at Yahoo! Sports Canada, “The 6-foot-1¼, 182-pound Desrosiers is projected as a potential third-round selection. The goalie has a well-honed butterfly technique that increases his chance of making the first save. His experiences with the U18 team and at the 2011 Canada Winter Games tournament have also likely contributed to his mental toughness. Scouting reports note his glove hand and rebound control are works in progress.”
  • Audio: ISS Draft Countdown: May 11th atThePipelineShow.com
  • Video 1: U18 Gold Medal:Les Canadiens champions fromRDS.ca.(In French)
  • Video 2: 43 safe performance against the Quebec Remparts: Desrosiers ne fait aucune fleur aux Remparts fromCanoe.ca.(In French)

14. (64) Sorensen, Nick

  • Hashtag: MrAll-In
  • Team: #94, Quebec, QMJHL
  • Position: Right Wing
  • Shoots: Right
  • Height: 6’1
  • Weight: 175 lb.
  • Born:Holbaek, Denmark, 23-Oct-94
  • Other rankings:
  • 52 – Chris Ralph
  • 48 – Hockey Prospectus
  • 50 – Bob MacKenzie
  • 64 – NHL
  • 68 – Craig Button
  • Twitter A/C:@NickSorensen94


  • Profile 1:Shawn Reznik at THW
  • Profile 2: An early season profile I put up at THW Combine
  • Quote 1:Ryan English @ TheScoutingReport.org, “He has a good stride, is quite agile and plays a smart two-way game positionally. Sorensen is a natural finisher with a knack in front of the net, and seems like the type of player that will only rise with a full seasons worth of exposure to scouts”.
  • Video 1:Highlights: Uploaded to YouTube by DumbassShello.

15. (68) Košťálek, Jan

  • Hashtag:MrBunkerBuster
  • Team: #3, Rimouski, QMJHL
  • Position: Defense
  • Shoots: Right
  • Height: 6’0
  • Weight: 182
  • Born: Prague, Czech Republic, 17-Feb-95
  • Other rankings:
  • 57 – Hockey Prospectus
  • 58 – NHL
  • 84 – Chris Ralph
  • 66 – Craig Button
  • Twitter A/C:None found

  • Profile 1: THW
  • Profile 2: An early season profile I put up at THW Combine
  • Quote 1: Me, early in the season at THW Combine, “I saw a poised, mature defender of modest stature play a professional type of two-way game. Everything was smooth; his skating, his breakout passes, his ability to move the puck up ice, his skill in keeping defenders at bay. Košťálek looks like a reliable 20 year-old defender playing in the CHL waiting for the NHL to finally get its act together. In fact, the only thing that wasn’t smooth was his bunker buster hits which caused the building to shake a bit”.
  • Quote 2: Corey Pronman at HockeyProspectus.com, “Kostalek is one of the better Czech prospects in recent years. He played in the Czech men’s league for ten games at age 16, and played at the U-18 and U-19 levels that same season before coming to the QMJHL for his draft year. Kostalek is a heady defenseman, and while he may not possess the most offensive upside, he projects as a tough-minutes defender with some puck moving ability. He makes a lot of stops with a good stick, impressive defensive positioning, and solid physicality.”
  • Video:Big “bunker buster” hit followed, naturally, by a fight:Uploaded toYouTube by HockeyFightsPlus.

16. (71) LaPlante, Yan Pavel

  • Hashtag:MrHyper
  • Team: #23, PEI, QMJHL
  • Position: Left Wing
  • Shoots: Left
  • Height: 6’0
  • Weight: 170 lb.
  • Born: Chateauguay, QC, 23-Apr-95
  • Other rankings:
  • 75 – Chris Ralph
  • 54 – Craig Button
  • 67 – NHL
  • 101 – Hockey Prospectus
  • Twitter A/C:@RuanPavel23

Profile: Kevin McGran at TheStar.com

  • Quote 1:Yan PavelLaPlante @ HockeyCanada.ca, “Monday, April 1, the sixth game of a seven series ended in the third overtime period. My season had just ended. I prepared my bags for my return, Wednesday, April 3, when I received a call to represent my country for the second time in less than 18 years. I had two days to get back to the Prince Edward Island and prepare to fly on Friday morning to Toronto for training camp. I was excited at the prospect of once again represent Canada. It is always an honor to wear the Team Canada uniform, especially after winning the last tournament in the Czech Republic.

Arriving in Toronto, we just had a week to prepare the tactical and socially. From the first day we started strong. After several sessions on the ice and in the gym, we quickly got together and created a very good team chemistry. The days were very busy and very difficult physically. Over the week progressed, we could see that the players became much more comfortable on the ice and with the other players. The event marked my week in Toronto was definitely the meeting with Ron Ellis who came to speak to us of the 1972 series between Canada and the Soviet Union. I had chills just listening to his story when they came back from a deficit of three games and then win in the Soviet Union during the eighth game.

After a busy week, we flew to Istanbul. A flight of ten hours. It’s never nice to be so long in an airplane. Especially when you have to sleep to recover and try to adapt to the time difference from Russia. We stayed a few hours in Turkey and then we fly to Sochi, Russia”. – Google translation

  • Quote 2: Bill Meltzer at HockeyBuzz.com, “Smart player with character and leadership capabilities. He is creative off-the-rush but keeps it simple when the play settles in the other team’s zone. Two-way winger that plays with his heart on his sleeve.”
  • Video 1:2013 U18 Highlights: Uploaded to YouTube by BigWhite06.
  • Video 2: Return from injury: Uploaded to YouTube by 7JohnMoore.

17. (73) Poirier, Émile

  • Hashtag: MrMainstay
  • Team: #27, Gatineau, QMJHL
  • Position: Left Wing
  • Shoots: Left
  • Height: 6’1
  • Weight: 183 lb.
  • Born:Montréal, QC, 14-Dec-94
  • Other rankings:
    • NHL 53
    • Bob MacKenzie HM (61 to 70)
    • Chris Ralph 42
  • Twitter A/C: @epoirier27

  • Profile 1: Ben Kerr at LastWordOnSports.com
  • Profile 2:Guillaume Gervais at RDS.ca. Use Google translate for English.
  • Quote 1: From MomentumHockey.com, “The creative playmaker (Poirier) with soft hands and top speed second gear had 89 % of his points at even strength or on the Penalty Kill after Christmas. Poirier saw his status skyrocket in the second half of the season and was also one of the main reasons why the No. 13 seeded Gatineau Olympiques defeated the No. 4 seeded Rimouski Oceanic in the first round of the QMJHL Playoffs. Poirier had 10 points in 10 playoffs games, including 6 goals, and earned the first star of the game three times during that stretch. His very competitive nature, combined with his offensive instincts, gave him the chance to double his number of goals from last season and he just does lots of things NHL scouts like for an offensive forward”.
  • Quote 2: My Draft War Room comments from December, “Great hands, nice agility, reasonable size, and willing to drop the gloves. Emile is one of the mainstays on a not very good hockey club, the Gatineau Olympiques. I am inGatineau this week so I plan to see him live later in the week.”
  • Video 1:NHL Combine: Canoe.TV
  • Video 2: Hat trick:Uploaded to YouTube by SuperGiroux28.

18. (78) Roy, Marc-Olivier

  • Hashtag:MrMotor
  • Team: #11, Blainville-Boisbriand, QMJHL
  • Position: Centre/Left Wing
  • Shoots: Left
  • Height: 6’1
  • Weight: 180 lb.
  • Born:Boisbriand, QC, 5-Nov-94
  • Other rankings:
  • 59 – Chris Ralph
  • 52 – Craig Button
  • 70 – Hockey Prospectus
  • 73 – NHL
  • Twitter A/C:@MarcoRoy11

  • Profile: Vincent Tremblay at RDS.ca. Use Google translate for English
  • Quote 1: Corey Pronman at Hockey Prospectus.com, “Roy’s best skill is his skating, which is plus, as he can jet through the neutral zone with impressive top speed. He is a technically sound skater, and he is very elusive in tight. I have heard different takes on his offensive upside. One scout thinks he projects as an average offensive player, while another says his offensive instincts and puck play are very good but classifies his offensive potential as above-average.”
  • Quote 2: : Ryan English @ TheScouting Report.org, “Roy plays 1st line, 1st powerplay and 2nd PK minutes for a deep Armada team with coach Jean-Francois Houle, who is very strict with regards to compete level and defensive play. That alone tells you alot about Roy as a prospect. Roy has a quick, tidy stride and has great agility and footwork. He competes on the boards despite being undersized and is very dangerous on the rush offensively”.
  • Video 1: NHL Combine: FromBlueJackets.NHL.com
  • Video 2: Highlights: Uploaded toYouTubeby DumbassShello.
  • Video 3: Shoot Out Goal: Uploaded to YouTube by AntonGetzlaf.

19. (80) Weeger, MacKenzie

  • Hashtag: MrLateBloomer
  • Team: #52, Halifax, QMJHL
  • Position: Defense
  • Shoots: Right
  • Height: 5’11
  • Weight: 181 lb.
  • Born: Nepean, ON, 2-Jan-94 – 2ndtime draft eligible
  • Other rankings:
  • 205 – Chris Ralph
  • 200 – Hockey Prospectus
  • 224 – NHL
  • Twitter A/C:@weegar52

  • Profile 1: Neate Sager via Yahoo! Sports Canada
  • Profile 2: From HerdHistory.com
  • Quote 1: Halifax Mooseheads Coach, Dominique Ducharme @ Yahoo.com, “He had a great season. There were little details in his game. He had the Junior A habits a little bit where he would sometimes take too much time with the puck or his execution or reaction would be a little bit slow. He really adapted well. It took a little bit of time. He really improved on everything else — his skating, his positioning”.
  • Quote 2:Daniel Nugent-Bowman from TheStarPhoenix.com, “Weegar had eight goals and 44 points in 62 games, finishing second on the club in scoring among their defencemen. His plus-55 rating was also tops in the QMJHL. Mooseheads assistant coach Steve Hartley, who works with the team’s defencemen, said Weegar has great instincts in the offensive zone, while playing a responsible defensive game.”
  • Video 1:Profile: FromTheQMJHL.ca
  • Video 2: Shoot Out:Uploaded to YouTube by Halifax Mooseheads.
  • Video 3:Back in the day goal: Uploaded to  YouTubeby AllSports13.

20. (83) Etchegary, Kurt

  • Hashtag: McWarrior
  • Team: #19, Quebec, QMJHL
  • Position: Centre
  • Shoots: Left
  • Height: 5’11
  • Weight: 185 lb.
  • Born: St. John’s, NL, 12-Nov-94
  • Other rankings:
  • 87 – Chris Ralph
  • 100 – NHL
  • 120 – Hockey Prospectus
  • Twitter A/C:@etchy19


  • Profile: Shawn Reznik at THW
  • Quote 1:Shawn Reznik at THW, “The 5’11″ bulky center has a work ethic unmatched by his peers.  He’ll never be the most skillful player in the game, but his presence on the ice speaks volumes.  His pugnacious, truculent two-way style of play is a main reason why he was promoted to 2nd line duties early in the year.  His offensive abilities are just as prominent as his defensive acumen.  Partnered with his workhorse approach, Etchegary enjoys throwing his weight around and isn’t one to back down from some fisticuffs.”
  • Quote 2:My Draft War Room comments from March, “He’s back; not high-end but a warrior out there – the guy every team wants on their side. It is no coincidence that the Remparts have looked more like a team and have performed better since his return. This was Kurt’s second major injury so that may have an impact on where he is picked.”
  • Audio: 2013 Draft Spotlight: Kurt Etchegary at ThePipelineShow.com.
  • Video 1: Highlights: Uploaded toYouTubeby DumbassShello.
  • Video 2: Fight: Uploaded to YouTubeby HockeyFightsPlus.

21. (87) Paquin-Boudreau, Gabryel

  • Hashtag: MrOpportunity
  • Team: #13, Baie-Comeau, QMJHL
  • Position: Left Wing
  • Shoots: Left
  • Height: 5’11
  • Weight: 167 lb.
  • Born:McMasterville, QC, 21-Feb-95
  • Other rankings:
  • 53 – Craig Button
  • 81 – Chris Ralph
  • 71 – NHL
  • 108 – Hockey Prospectus
  • Twitter A/C: None found

  • Profile 1:Bradshaw Furlong fromTheHockeyHouse.net
  • Profile 2: Étienne Pouliot atUniversHockey.ca. Use Google translate for English.
  • Quote 1: Baie-ComeauDrakkar Coach, Eric Veilleux @ OeilRegional.com, “He had a great season. He is a fine passer and fast skater. I’m not worried in his case”. – Translation by Google
  • Quote 2:Étienne Pouliot from UniversHockey.ca, “I see GabryelPaquin-Boudreau being selected in the middle rounds (3-5) of the NHL Entry Draft. His size will certainly scare some teams. The fact that he played with a first-round talent as ValentinZykov will also perhaps push recruiters to question the real value of the young man.This is a player who is at risk, because his game is mainly based on the attack and that most teams are looking for players of good size, which is not the case for Paquin-Boudreau. He could pay dividends if he ever developed to his full potential, which I think is one of a  left winger on a second / third line.” – Google translation with a little touch-up
  • Video 1:NHL Combine: From Jets.NHL.com
  • Video 2: Suspension:FromRDS.ca – In French

22. (88) Dunn, Vincent

  • Hashtag:MrIceWarrior
  • Team: #26, Val d’Or, QMJHL
  • Position: Centre
  • Shoots: Left
  • Height: 5’11
  • Weight: 175 lb.
  • Born: Gatineau, QC, 14-Sep-95
  • Other rankings:
  • 94 – Hockey Prospectus
  • 88 – Chris Ralph
  • 101 – NHL
  • Twitter A/C:@DunnVincent

  • Profile: Rick Springhetti atMcKeensHockey.com
  • Quote 1: Kyle Woodlief @ USAToday.com,” Every time we go in to see Anthony Mantha play, we come out wondering who this Dunn kid is. Now we know”.
  • Quote 2: My Draft War Room comments from December, “He has that fiery, vocal character and on-ice intensity that makes you believe you have a true ice warrior out there. Gritty, good down low, will take on all comers, irritating to the point of inducing hatred in his opponents. Improving his shot and the ability to put up points and suddenly you have one of the mainstays of the attack. In short, he is a pest who puts up points and can be successful despite his modest dimensions.”
  • Video: Fight:Uploaded by HockeyFightsPlus toYouTube.

23. (90) Murphy, Matt

  • Hashtag:MrAllAround
  • Team: #24, Halifax, QMJHL
  • Position: Defense
  • Shoots: Left
  • Height: 6’1
  • Weight: 200 lb.
  • Born: Fredericton, 1-May-95
  • Other rankings:
  • 165 – Chris Ralph
  • 138 – Hockey Prospectus
  • 156 – NHL 156
  • Twitter A/C:@Mpmurphy2

  • Profile: Rick Springhetti at McKeensHockey.com
  • Quote: Ryan English @ TheScoutingReport.org, “A very solid two way defender, Murphy is the type of player that you wish you never had to take off the ice. He’s a great defender but he can also chip in offensively with his plus shot and poise. It seems like he never makes a mistake. He can make a solid outlet pass but he’s also not afraid to rush it up the ice himself. He plays with a lot of confidence for a 17 year old but when you see him play, you can see why. He has the speed to keep up with the best forwards in the league and the hockey sense to out play them”.
  • Video 1:Highlights: Uploaded toYouTubeby DumbassShello.
  • Video 2: Fight: Uploaded to YouTube by HockeyFightsPlus.

24. (97) Trainor, Peter

  • Hashtag:MrEveryNight
  • Team: #17, Rimouski, QMJHL
  • Position: Left Wing
  • Shoots: Left
  • Height: 5’11
  • Weight: 185 lb.
  • Born: Fredericton, NB, 1-Jun-93 – 3rd time draft eligible
  • Other rankings:
    • NHL 211
    • Chris Ralph 157
  • Twitter A/C:@ptrainor17


  • Profile 1: THW
  • Profile 2: Jay MacGlashen at NHLontheIce.com
  • Quote: Rimouski Oceanic Head Coach, Serge Beausoleil at Sportsnet.ca, “He’s a great shooter, he’s got good hockey sense and he’s really dangerous all around the net with his wrist shots.”
  • Video:Interview by JournalAdvantage via YouTube.

25. (107) Labbé, Dylan

  • Hashtag: MrGritty
  • Team: #24, Shawinigan, QMJHL
  • Position: Defense
  • Shoots: Left
  • Height: 6’2
  • Weight: 189 lb.
  • Born:Lévis, QC, 9-Jan-95
  • Other rankings:
  • 117 – Chris Ralph
  • 102 – NHL
  • Twitter A/C: @kidLabbe
  • Profile: From MomentumHockey.com
  • Quote 1: Nicolas Ducharme at LeChodesShawinigan.ca, “Used in a regular role early in the season, Labbé has seen his responsibilities increase over the months, experiencing a meteoric rise. He amassed 28 points in 61 games. – Translation by Google
  • Quote 2: Adam Kimelman at NHL.com from the NHL Combine, “Bench Press: 1. Tyler Lewington, Medicine Hat, 16; 2 (tie). KerbyRychel, Windsor (OHL), and Dylan Labbe, Shawinigan (QMJHL), 15.”
  • Video:Fight:Uploaded toYouTube by HockeyFightsPlus.

26.  (108) Grégoire,Jérémy

  • Hashtag: MrDecisionMaker
  • Team: #10, Baie-Comeau, QMJHL
  • Position: Centre
  • Shoots: Left
  • Height: 6’0
  • Weight: 188 lb.
  • Born:Sherbrooke, QC, 5-Aug-95
  • Other rankings:
  • 103 – Chris Ralph
  • 108 – NHL
  • 132 – Hockey Prospectus
  • Twitter A/C: @JayGreg32

  • Quote: From Sean Lafortune @ TheProspects.Blog.com, “He (Grégoire) was strong positionally in his own zone, and looks to be a player who thinks the game. He displayed an ability to make the right decision (either positionally or with the puck) almost all of the time. He was energetic on the penalty kill, using his stick to get in passing lanes and was willing to work hard to get into passing lanes. He needs to continue to work on his mobility and first few steps. He also can struggle with his one on one elusiveness and puck skills, but the intangibles make up for it.”
  • Video 1: Highlights: Uploaded to YouTube by DumbassShello.
  • Video 2: Team Quebec U17 Captain: FromCHL.com

Five Dark Horses from the Q

Because after the top 120 you only have a 10% or so chance of picking an eventual NHL regular, I have not completed in depth profiles on the these five players, but they definitely merit some consideration on draft day.

27.  Antone Bibeau – Charlottetown Islanders, goaltender, 6’2, 210, 1-May-94, 46-5-2.81-.911

  • Passed over (once) goalie with NHL size and with decent but not spectacular season – worth a flyer.

28. Ryan Graves – Charlottetown Islanders, defense, 6’4, 225, 21-May-95, 68-3-13-16-90-(+7)

  • Man-sized; has come a long way but still has a long way to go and skating can still be improved.

29. Louis-Philip Guindon – Drummondville Voltigeurs, goaltender, 6’0, 167, 49-4-2.97-.891

  • One of the few draft eligible goalies who got major minutes; some like this guy a lot.  Others liked Alexandre Belanger from Rouyn-Noranda. Me, I am not getting too excited over either one as a NHL potential netminder.

30.  Sven Andrighetto – Rouyn-Noranda Huskies, right wing, 5’10, 180, 21-Mar-93, 53-31-67-98-45-(+25)

  • I am always leery of picking twice-passed over little guys from the Q but Sven looked very impressive at times, especially after Kucherov came over from Quebec.

Honourable Mention: Scott Oke – Rimouski, right wing, 6’3, 195, 16-Mar-93, 57-29-42-71-34-(+17)

  • Another twice passed over guy; had a great start to the season but tailed off after Gauthier tanked and Trainor was moved to another line. Still liked his skating and decent size though. (Profile at THW Combine earlier in the year).

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