2017 Winter Classic Logos Revealed

An annual NHL attraction, the Winter Classic will be rocking the city of St. Louis this coming season on January 2, 2017. While the event itself will electrify Busch Stadium – home of Major League Baseball’s Cardinals – fans of both clubs involved will be eyeing a piece of Winter Classic apparel.

The new – or rather older – team logos will be plastered across the city. Hats, scarves, sweaters and jerseys will don the chosen logos of the Chicago Blackhawks and St. Louis Blues for the special outdoor event.

On Wednesday, the crests for both participating clubs and the NHL’s logo for the outdoor game were revealed.

The home team also tweeted out a picture of their chosen logo for the January game.

The game will come as part of the Blues’ 50th anniversary season. They first entered the NHL as an expansion franchise in 1967. Their logo for the Winter Classic closely resembles the one the team wore during their inaugural season.

The Blackhawks, on the other hand, will be taking part in their fifth outdoor game since 2009. Once again, they will be sporting a vintage logo on the front of their jerseys when they take to the ice in St. Louis.

According to CBS’ Chris Peters, the Hawks have decided to go with a logo that will remind their fans of the jerseys they wore during the late-1950s to mid-60s.

While the actual jerseys have yet to be unveiled, let the speculation start on what both clubs will do to honour their franchises’ pasts.