Adam Mascherin – The Next Ones: NHL 2016 Draft Prospect Profile

by Eldon MacDonald (edited by @ChrisRalphTHW)

Adam Mascherin

2015-16 Team: #23, Kitchener Rangers

Date of birth: 6-Jun-98

Place of birth: Toronto, ON

Ht: 5’10   Wt: 206 lbs.

Shoots: L

Position: Left Wing

NHL Draft Eligibility: 2016 1st year eligible

Twitter: @amascherin_23

THW The Next Ones Ranking: 46

Other Rankings

  • Consensus: 43
  • Craig Button (TSN – March): 34
  • THW War Room Rankings: 34
  • Corey Pronman: 39
  • NHL Central Scouting Combined: 56
  • Bob McKenzie (TSN – January): 57


Adam Mascherin, Mr. Big Shot

I feel sorry for Adam Mascherin’s parents. I fell even sorrier for Adam Mascherin’s parents’ garage. The garage must be a mess after Adam Mascherin pounded it out for 10,000 times and then again for 10,000 times more. However, the garage should feel very proud of itself because it nurtured Adam Mascherin’s shot until it became one of the best in the land, not just the junior land, but the NHL land as well. Adam Mascherin’s shot will land him in the NHL. Count on it.

Five Reasons Why He Could Be Selected in the First Round of the 2016 Draft and Prove Most Prognosticators Wrong

  • The Big Shot: OK, Adam, your big shot will get you the interview. At the interview, you will need to go over your resume. Make sure that you highlight your strengths in addition to your big shot including your overall offensive game, your NHL passing, vision, creativity, and puck protection skills. The key to coming out of the interview with the job will be in defining your place in the organization that you are interviewing with. Tell them you wish to have the title Offense Creator and Goal Scorer. By the way, goal scorers generally go in the first round.
  • Size: He is 5’10; that makes him an under-sized player, right? Wrong, so wrong. He is 206 lbs. and built like a low-profile tank. His sturdy, low profile, low centre of gravity body type is a big asset in cycling and puck protection. He is almost impossible to knock off the puck.
  • Skating: His skating is only average and just not good enough for the NHL, right? It is true that he does not have pure breakaway speed. However, he is still a solid skater and is particularly effective in the offensive zone where his agility and edgework provide effective complements to his other offensive assets – shot, passing, vision, creativity and puck protection. His skating, while not elite, is good enough to take him to the NHL. Any improvements to come can only compound the effectiveness of the rest of his offensive game.
  • Play Without the Puck: His defense and his play without the puck is just not good enough, right? As of now, this is correct. However, the decision to draft a particular player is not based on where a player is now but where a player is likely to be in 3 to 5 years. To help with this projection a team will likely interview the player and talk to his coaches and anyone else who has valuable input in addition to watching the player on the ice. When a team does their due diligence on Mascherin they are likely to find the following: a person dedicated to the game, a person with the right work ethic on and off the ice, a person who is aware of his deficiencies and is working hard to correct them, and a person who values and seeks the input of the coaching staff. The deficiencies to his game without the puck are issues that can be corrected if given the right attitude and perseverance. I believe Macsherin possesses these qualities and that his current deficiencies can be overcome.
  • Play with the Puck: He has the big shot so he must be one-trick pony, right? No, Mascherin is the full meal deal, a complete offensive creator and generator. He has the passing, vision, and creativity to make exciting things happen every time he is in the offensive zone. He is your go to guy for creating offense.



  • The Big Shot: So, I guess you can read between the lines by now. It is no secret. I like his shot. It is not the release, the heaviness or even the velocity of his shot (all fantastic) that I really like. It is his ability to get it off so quick even in awkward conditions that really impresses me. It tells the opposition goalie, “You can never be safe when I am out here.” I like that in an offensive player. You can be sure that you will never hear goalies humming Pat Benatar’s hit, Hit Me with Your Best Shot, when Mascherin is out there.
  • Passing: NHL approved level of passing and distribution of the puck, big league, all the way.
  • Vision and creativity: Has the vision to see what is possible and the creativity to make it happen, a recipe for an offense creator.
  • Puck protection: His sturdy body type, high-end lower body strength and low centre of gravity make it very difficult for someone to knock the puck of him. It makes him very effective on the cycle as well.
  • Sleepiness: Mascherin can play like a sleeper out there. He can do things so quick, can create plays in such awkward situations and make things happen out of nothing that he often catches goalies napping on the job.



  • Mascherin has been working on his defense and play without the puck this year. There have been significant improvements to date but I think more is needed to give the stamp of approval on this side of his game. However, I believe that his work ethic and perseverance are sufficient to ensure that the necessary further improvements can come to be.


Summary Comment

  • Shot – It is all about the shot.


NHL Draft Projection:

Although many have Mascherin later in the second round or beyond, I feel there is a real possibility that he could end up in the late first or no later than 40. He is a potential goal scoring and offense creating machine. Goal scorers who are offense creators go in the first round.



“Has that killer instinct you look for in pure scorers- finds ways to get up under guys who are trying to separate him from the puck and will fight through traffic to get shots on net. Has the vision and creativity to set up plays from the wing and makes crisp passes on either side of the stick. Although not tall, uses stocky build to power through checks and low center of gravity means he’s tougher to knock off the puck than he looks.”

– Kirk Luedeke at


“Prolific scoring winger that combines an exceedingly high work ethic with speed, skill, and a mature approach to the game to overcome size differentials. An intense competitor with a booming shot, Masherin finds ways to score by outworking the opposition. He may not be the tallest player on the ice, but he isn’t a lightweight either. He plays a fast, heavy game and isn’t afraid to battle against tougher opponents. All-in-all, a lightning rod kind of player that will exceed expectations and bring energy to the game with each shift.”

– Curtis Joe at


“A joy to watch. In my live viewings of him this season he has dictated play with his agility (not the fastest top speed, but can change speeds to beat defenders from a standstill or change directions). One of the more talented draft eligible forwards and he’s helped by his experience as a winger and a centre. A worthwhile second rounder with late first-round upside.”

Scott Wheeler, OHL Scout for Future Considerations, at


“Built like a bowling ball and plays like a tank. Just keeps rampaging through the OHL, and his speed and offensive production are top-notch.”

– Kyle Woodlief of Redline Report at




  • Big Shot – Release, heaviness, velocity, accuracy
  • Finish – Goal scorer
  • Passing – Big league
  • Hands
  • Body style – Tank
  • Puck protection
  • Work ethic and determination
  • Vision and creativity
  • Lower body strength
  • Work ethic


Under Construction (Improvements to Make):

  • Play without the puck – Needs to develop 200 foot game
  • Weight and strength
  • Continued improvements to the defensive side of his game
  • Skating, acceleration and top speed (agility is good)


NHL Potential:  

Mascherin is a goal scorer and offense creator. He has the potential to be a top six forward in the NHL. His shot is unique in its heaviness and the quickness he gets it away, even from awkward angles. The closest I can come for a comparison would be Phil Kessel. Although Adam does not possess Phil’s skating ability, they are alike not just because of their shooting ability but also because of their underrated passing ability, vision and creativity.


Risk-Reward Analysis:  

Risk = 3/5   Reward = 4/5                     


Fantasy Hockey Potential:

Offensive = 8/10   Defensive = 5.5/10



  • OHL Coaches Poll: Best Shot in the Western Conference – 1st in 2015-16
  • OHL Coaches Poll: Hardest Shot in the Western Conference – 3rd in 2015-16
  • OHL Coaches Poll: Most Improved Player in the Western Conference – 3rd in 2015-16
  • OHL Second All Rookie Team: 2014-15
  • Greater Toronto Hockey League Player of the Year: 2013-14

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