Ales Hemsky’s Best Plays of 2014-15

There is no question that Ales Hemsky had a largely disappointing season in what was his first in a Dallas Stars uniform. After the season was over, it was revealed that Hemsky would be requiring hip surgery in the offseason and it plagued him for a majority of the season. While injuries are never an excuse, I think that combined with his adjustment to Dallas played a large role in his struggles this year. Although he had some difficulties, he also dazzled fans from time to time. Here are some of Ales Hemsky’s best plays of the season.

Hemsky’s First as a Star against the Minnesota Wild

Hemsky just dances one of the best defenseman in the NHL and you could instantly see the relief in his face after the goal. Ryan Suter had no idea how to play Hemsky on that play and it showed. It took a very long time for Hemsky to get going but this goal was able to pick him up significantly.

Ales Wins it for Dallas

As much as Ales Hemsky needed that goal, so did Kari Lehtonen. Lehtonen had been heavily criticized so far in the season and was finally playing an incredible game. He mishandled the puck in his own zone which allowed the Rangers to tie the game late, but Hemsky came to the rescue to give the Stars and Lehtonen the win.

Hemsky Sets up John Klingberg

Hemsky’s playmaking ability sets him apart from many NHL wingers and Stars fans are hoping to see more of it next season. Above you see his excellent vision on display as he spies John Klingberg coming in from his defensive position. Many players would have fired that puck on net but Hemsky’s patience allows the Stars to get a late goal in a close game.

Expectations Heading into Next Season

The fanfare surrounding Ales Hemsky in Dallas has long disappeared, and maybe that is a good thing. He has had a full year to adjust to life in Dallas and hopefully will return healthy for training camp. Fans are certainly upset with his $4M price tag and many are calling for a trade already. The truth is, Hemsky hasn’t had a long enough chance to prove himself as a Dallas Star and I think we will be seeing a better Ales next season. He exudes skill on a nightly basis and the team around him is just too talented for him not to be producing. We will see if he is able to add to his highlight reel much more often in 2015-16.