Dear Santa: Blackhawks 2022 Player Wish List

It’s no secret the Chicago Blackhawks are struggling in this 2022-23 rebuilding season. As a fan, it hasn’t been very fun to watch the product on the ice. But can you imagine being the players?! They’re trying so hard to find their way. They need all the help they can get, which is why they could easily turn to some magical alternatives. Who better than Santa Claus to give the players some of their Christmas wishes?!

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It’s all in good fun, because what better do we have to do in this dismal season? Let’s project what the players might be asking Santa for this December.

Blackhawks Christmas Wishes: Forwards

Andreas Athanasiou

Hi Santa! I don’t really want to ask for anything this Christmas. Instead, I wonder if you could do me a favor and fill Jacob Trouba’s stocking with coal this year? He certainly hasn’t been very nice recently.  

Colin Blackwell

Would it be too much to ask for a goal with my new team? I’m the only forward so far this season without one, and even most of the defensemen have at least one goal. It sure would be nice to find the back of the net soon.

Jason Dickinson

In my very first game as a Blackhawk on Oct. 15, I scored a goal and assisted on two short-handed goals. Boy, that was fun! Since then, I’ve only scored three goals and had four assists in that last 25 games.

Jason Dickinson Chicago Blackhawks
Jason Dickinson wants to have the type of game he had when he first came to the Chicago Blackhawks. (Jess Starr/The Hockey Writers)

It sure would be awesome to have another breakout game.

Max Domi

I don’t have much to complain about this season. I’m playing on the top line with a superstar in Kaner. I’m tied for first place on the team with another superstar (Toews) with 10 goals. But most of all, I’m reunited with a coach I respect and believe in, Luke Richardson.

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I know it might not jive with the organization’s plans, but I wouldn’t mind signing here again, and being part of the rebuild that will bring the Blackhawks back to contention.  

MacKenzie Entwistle

I’ve been back and forth between the fourth and the third line all season. Obviously, I’d love to play up on the third line and have more of a chance to contribute offensively. After all, I did chip in five goals and 12 points last season.

Reese Johnson

As you know Santa, I recently bought a farm in Alberta, Canada. I’m so fortunate to have found my niche making a living in hockey that enabled me to fulfill this life-long dream. I’d like to be able to continue this awesome work/life balance.

Tyler Johnson

It’s been really tough to stay healthy lately, both last season and now this season with my ankle. For Christmas, I’d love a clean bill of health so I can help this team start winning some games.

Patrick Kane

I think you probably know me well enough by now, Santa. Four goals is A LOT less than what I should be contributing. Yeah, I know that setting up my teammates is important, and that I’m leading the team in that department.

Patrick Kane Chicago Blackhawks
Patrick Kane has a one-track mind. He’s searching for more goals! (Amy Irvin / The Hockey Writers)

But I need to start scoring some more goals. It’s what I’ve always done, so if you could give me a little help in that department it would be much appreciated.

Boris Katchouk

I currently have the lowest ice time on the entire team. Averaging just 9:18 minutes doesn’t really give me much of a chance to prove myself. I would love to have some more ice time.

Jujhar Khaira

As a restricted free agent at the end of the season, I sure would like to make an impression in order to get a decent contract for next season. Whether it be with the Blackhawks or another team.

Philipp Kurashev

I feel like I’ve been contributing pretty well this season, with four goals and 13 points. Plus, I sure do love playing with Toews and Raddysh. If I could just keep a consistent top-six role, I promise I’ll prove I belong there!

Sam Lafferty

My wish is pretty simple, Santa. All I want for Christmas is to stay on the top line. My speed, energy and tenacity is eventually going to help my linemates Kane and Domi score more goals.

Taylor Raddysh

I’m pretty happy with the opportunities I’ve been given on this rebuilding team. Right now I’m second on the team (to both Toews and Domi) with nine goals scored.

Taylor Raddysh Chicago Blackhawks
Can Taylor Raddysh end the season leading the Chicago Blackhawks in goals? (Jess Starr/The Hockey Writers)

It sure would be cool to lead the Blackhawks in goals at the end of the season. I feel like that would be quite the accomplishment!

Jonathan Toews

Hey Santa; it’s been really tough to endure all this losing. We’re mentally having a difficult time recovering as a team. So, as the captain, I’d like to ask for some more wins. I know we can’t win them all; we’re not built that way right now. But a few wins would certainly help morale. I hope that’s not too much to ask.

Blackhawks Christmas Wishes: Defensemen

Jack Johnson

Santa, I tell you; it sure isn’t for lack of trying. I have 40 shots on goal, which is second among all defenseman on the Blackhawks. I’m the oldest player on the team, and it just doesn’t look good for me to not have a goal. A tally from all these shots would be kind of nice.

Caleb Jones

Hi Santa! I’m sure you know from over the years that me and my brother are very competitive. I’m getting lots of chances and minutes this season, and it’s been great to compete neck and neck on the same team with my big brother.

Caleb Jones Chicago Blackhawks
Caleb Jones likely wants nothing more than to end the season with more goals than his brother Seth Jones. (Amy Irvin / The Hockey Writers)

As a Christmas wish, I sure would love to finish with more goals than Seth!

Seth Jones

The fans and the beat writers won’t stop harping about it, so I sure would like to put this thing to rest. You guessed it; I’m asking for a power play tally!  

Jake McCabe

We might not be having the best season, but I like it here in Chicago. My wife is from the area, and I trained here for many years in the offseasons. I would be very happy to be considered a long-term piece, and a part of the Blackhawks return to contention.

Ian Mitchell

My wish is simple, Santa. I’d really like to stop being part of a rotation among the defenseman. I want to be up in the NHL for good, so I need more playing time to prove myself!

Connor Murphy

This is my 10th season in the NHL, and I’ve never officially gone to the playoffs. I know it’s not going to happen this season, but to go to the playoffs at some point in my career (sooner rather than later) would be really cool.

Jarred Tinordi

You might have noticed I haven’t had the best of luck lately. Getting 75 stitches from a skate to the chin and then a puck to the face a few games later is not exactly fun.

Jarred Tinordi Chicago Blackhawks
Jarred Tinordi has had some tough injury luck this season with the Chicago Blackhawks. (Photo by Darcy Finley/NHLI via Getty Images)

Could I possibly just ask to stop getting hit in the face?!

Isaak Phillips

You’ve already granted my wish, Santa. Thanks for the call up from the Rockford IceHogs. I’m excited for this opportunity and can’t wait to get into some games!

Blackhawks Christmas Wishes: Goaltenders

Petr Mrazek

I got another chance in Chicago to hold down the fort and provide stability in net. But I don’t feel like I’ve been able to do that because of these darn groin injuries. That’s my wish for this Christmas and the rest of the season; no more injuries!

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Arvid Soderblom

Well, I’ve had a nice run so far, getting 15 games with the big club. Being sent back down to Rockford was expected, but the time up has spoiled me a little bit.

Arvid Soderblom Chicago Blackhawks
Due to injuries, Arvid Soderblom has played in 15 games for the Chicago Blackhawks through December. (Jess Starr/The Hockey Writers)

I can take the losses, Santa! I’ll do my time with the IceHogs, but if I could get called back up again this season I’d love to continue to strut my stuff.

Alex Stalock

Dealing with this concussion was rough. It’s not a fun injury. I’m very confident I’m in the clear now, but I could use some positive vibes towards not having any more setbacks.

Head Coach Luke Richardson’s Christmas Wish

Greetings Santa, and I hope you’ll be able to grant the boys most of their Christmas wishes. I knew what I was getting into when I took this job, but you never really know how hard it is until you’re in the thick of it.

Luke Richardson Montreal Canadiens
Luke Richardson’s new job as head coach of the Chicago Blackhawks has come with it’s challenges. (Amy Irvin / The Hockey Writers)

It’s tough to get the players to buy in to my message when we’re losing so much. I just hope I can continue to push the right buttons, and maintain that balance to keep a positive culture in the dressing room and on the ice. Any extra help with that would be greatly appreciated.

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Can Santa Claus help the Blackhawks break out of their funk and stop the bleeding? Well, it sure doesn’t hurt to ask! Perhaps some Christmas magic is just what the players and the team needs.

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