Chicago Blackhawks Milestones for 2015-16

Jonathan Toews – This Captain is Serious About Winning

Even at this  stage in Jonathan Toews’ career, people find it difficult to sum up everything this young man has accomplished. Imagine how much more difficult that task will become in another eight to ten years.

Whatever he sets his mind to, he accomplishes, and then some. In 2009, no one thought he could lead the young Blackhawks team to a Stanley Cup Finals. But, by June of 2010 the entire team was neck deep in their first Stanley Cup celebration, and Toews was a Conn Smythe winner, too. Many great players have gotten a taste of that kind of success, never to find it again. For Toews, that was simply not an option. He won the Cup again in 2013, and finally on his home ice in 2015. By the looks of these Blackhawks, they may not be finished yet.

For Toews, if he remains healthy he could easily pass Pit Martin (243), in 10th on the Blackhawks All-Time Goals list. He is currently 20 goals away. Last season, he scored 28 goals during the regular season, putting this milestone within reach. Captain Serious is also knocking on the door to join Patrick Kane on the Blackhawks All-Time Points Top 10, needing just 32 points. And finally, the captain can reach 600 career games played, and could possibly even break 650 with a bit of luck, or a deep play-off run.

Toews has had a storied career, and there are still a lot of chapters left to be written. There is no predicting what the Blackhawks Captain will accomplish by the time he is ready to retire, but the running list is already quite impressive. He has already earned 2 Olympic Gold Medals, 3 Stanley Cups, A Selke Trophy, A Conn Smythe, and 3 All-Star Game Starts (including Team Captain in 2015). Hockey Reference