Chicago Blackhawks Milestones for 2015-16

Corey Crawford – The Crow is Still Rising

Corey Crawford will always be hockey’s version of Rodney Dangerfield. No Respect. The only way anyone will ever fully credit his abilities would be for Corey to play for a basement dwelling team, and still compete at the same level. A feat that many, if not all of the NHL’s elite could not accomplish, yet Crawford will still get maligned for each goal because of the team he plays in front of. Regardless of what the world thinks of the man they call ‘Crow’, he will leave an indelible mark on the Blackhawks’ franchise.

During the 2015-16 season, Crawford has a couple of milestones that are within reach. If he matches the number of games played last season, Corey will easily jump into 2nd on both the All-Time Career Saves (7775) and All-Time Shots Against (8951) with the franchise, passing Jocelyn Thibault for both milestones. He should also pass the 300 games played mark, and could vault into the top 5 All-Time Games Played as a Goalie with the Hawks if he plays 49 games, or more again this year.

Crawford may never get the respect he deserves, but something tells me he won’t lose any sleep over it. He is among a small group of active netminders with one Cup, let alone two, and Crow may not be done just yet. Hockey Reference