DraftStreet Says Come Make Some Money!

As the daily fantasy hockey world turns, it is essential to realize what you need to ponder in order to win. That is ultimately the bottom line, isn’t it? People have to also understand that daily leagues are tougher to win because literally you set it and forget it. There is no worry of giving up. Simply, one joins or does not join.

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As Toli Metter pointed out the best of the waiver wire, we will do a little something different every Thursday. The goal is to point out as many different aspects to help guide your fantasy teams to victory. No one wants to lose unless you are the 1984 Pittsburgh Penguins right? Exactly. Let’s quickly get to work with some maladies, I mean injuries.

Draftstreet E.R. And CSI

Washington Capitals ALEX OVECHKIN - Photo By Andy Martin Jr
Alex Ovechkin may be headed to the Draftstreet E.R. – Photo By Andy Martin Jr


Alex Ovechkin — RW/LW — Washington Capitals


Player Date Status Description
Alex Ovechkin 2013-10-30 questionable for Friday’s game against Philadelphia upper body

This is not something you want to see if you rely on Ovechkin. Please keep in mind, a healthy season does not happen often but he did play all 48 games in 2013. The presumption is that this injury may be a shoulder ailment. What happened when we did some digging? Let’s see.

It doesn’t appear like this is that serious but hey just keep an eye on this one. The problem is information will be at a premium till later today. Just hang tight but understand that questionable is not doubtful….yet. 

Semyon Varlamov — G — Colorado Avalanche

Another breaking story is out of Denver with Semyon Varlamov. This will take awhile for it to sort out. Please do not rush to judgment yet. However, this definitely affects the goalie’s playing status. There will be the arraignment, proceedings, etc. Here was the original break from last night. 

Also there was this update.

Again what does this do? Honestly, this makes Jean Sebastien Giguere’s value go up at least a good bit. Also, plan for alternatives accordingly. This will affect Varlamov regardless of the outcome so the daily fantasy player has to be ready to make those necessary adjustments. Draftstreet will have a few adjusted goalie values in the near future, something tells me.


As always, you can follow me on Twitter @ChrisWasselTHW. See you next week and good luck with those Draftstreet leagues.