Hockey Headlines: Draft Week Trade Rumors

Is Taylor Hall on the Block?

I’ve written at length about the value of Taylor Hall. I’ve cited how he’s been one of the best scoring left wingers in the league since he broke in. I’ve documented that he’s been able to win at the International level, which means he’s not the issue in the room everyone makes him out to be, he just needs to be surrounded with better leaders. I’ve noted that if the Oilers chose to move him, it better for an absolute stud of a defenceman, or else they’ll lose the trade every time. And even then, if they get a great return, they’ll spend a long time searching for his replacement.

But, it’s that time of year when things get a little crazy as we approach the draft, and trade rumors are flying. Are any of them true? Who knows. But I’ve also suggested that just one really good defencemen may not be the solution for Edmonton, especially if it costs them a key player. Though I understand a trade may be the only way to really fix that blueline, it’s going to be a tough sell to deal Hall. Yes, they haven’t been able to win with him on the team. Yes, he’s part of the core that has failed. But you don’t know much about hockey if you actually believe he’s the problem. [Todays Slapshot], [Edmonton Journal]

In Other News…

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