Is Timo Meier the Top QMJHL 2015 NHL Draft Prospect?

by Eldon MacDonald (edited by @ChrisRalphTHW)

NHL Draft War Room: Timo Meier – The Pizza Guy – He Delivers the Works

Timo Meier
Timo Meier of the Halifax Mooseheads [Photo: David Chan]
Ranked #10 – March 2015 Rankings

  • Hashtag: #TheWorks
  • Team: #96, Halifax, QMJHL
  • Position: Right Wing
  • Shoots: Left
  • Height: 6’1
  • Weight: 209 lb.
  • Born:Gallen, Switzerland, 8-Oct-96
  • Twitter: @MeierTimo



Other Rankings

  • 10 – TSN – Craig Button – Top 100, Mar-15
  • 12 – ISS – Top 30, Mar-15
  • 12 – SN – Damien Cox, Feb-15 Top 30
  • 13 – McKeens – Top 30, Mar-15
  • 13 – NHL Combined – Top 305, Mid, Jan-15
  • 13 – THW – Christopher Ralph, Top 30, Mid, Feb-15
  • 15 – HP – Top 60, Feb-15
  • 20 – FC – Top 30, Mar-15
  • 20 – TSN – Bob McKenzie’s Poll of NHL Scouts – Top 60 – Mid, Jan-15

THW’s Draft War Room: Timo Meier -The Works

Eldon MacDonald, THW:  A few words on Timo Meier:

The Works: Timo Meier is like your pizza delivery guy, he delivers “the works”.

He gives you everything  – big guy type game (6’1, 209), North-South, corners, boards, to the net, vision, passing, shot, finish, creativity, compete, results – the works – makes you feel like ordering a pizza.

Five Reasons Why Timo Meier May Be the First Player Chosen from the QMJHL in the 2015 NHL Draft

  • Excels When Playing With the Best: What draft eligible player has played with the best players and excelled with each of them? For the answer, please contact Jonathan Drouin or Nikolaj Ehlers or Kevin Fiala or Connor McDavid.
  • Willingness to Get Better: The biggest thing that Timo Meier gained from playing with so many star players was not the points he added from their excellent feeds; it was the knowledge that he gained in what it takes to be a star player. He has used that knowledge to make himself a star player in his own right.
  • Big Game Player: The best players reserve their best for when the game is on the line or when the opposition is the most formidable. Watch Timo Meier late in a close game or in a big game like the BMO NHL/CHL Top Prospects
  • Physicality: Timo Meier has learned to play the power game – to use his mature frame to run you over, to hit you hard or just push you around. He is good on the cycle and is learning the North American zone possession game. He will go to the dirty areas of the ice and gets a lot of his goals from in close. He loves to drive to the net.
  • Compete: Timo gives his team a warm flow of energy that is contagious just about every time he is on the ice.


  • Shooting – Release, velocity, accuracy – NHL quality. He likes to vary his repertoire – wrister, slapper, one-timer.
  • Passing – Timo can make ridiculously skilled passes. I have seen him do goal resulting passes through the legs, behind the back at speed or on the back, on the tape, behind the back. He is more of a shooter but he can pass with the best as well.
  • Pro size – At 6’1, 209, Timo Meier provides that mature frame and NHL size that teams are looking for in their top six forwards. He is willing to use that pro size in a physical way whether it is in a net drive, a net presence or in board and possession battles.
  • Finish – He can finish with the best of them. He currently leads the QMJHL first year NHL draft eligible players with 43 goals (17-Mar-15). His trademark is getting himself in the right space to take the pass and make the shot all the time.
  • Vision – Timo possesses the vision necessary to compete and be successful in today’s NHL.

Defense: Timo plays the full 200-foot game, backcheck, forecheck, body check. He also plays on the PK. Yes, his defense still has room for improvement but if he continues to bring his compete level and willingness to get better, the improvements will come.

Awards and Achievements

  • 2014-15: 2015 IIHF U20 Tournament – Team Switzerland – Top 3 Player
  • 2014-15: Selected for BMO NHL/CHL Top Prospects Game
  • 2014-15: Pacific 4 Forward of the Month – Jan/15

Improvements to make: Timo Meier is a guy who has worked hard on taking the weaknesses out of his game. Like everyone, there is always room for improvement. Here are a couple things that he could still improve upon:

  • Skating: Yes, Timo has taken his skating to the next level this year, but he still does not have that separation speed that you associate with a player like Nikolaj Ehlers. He has more a big-man with roll you over or run through you speed. After seeing the difference that the skating improvements have made to his game from last year, I think any future improvements would likely bring similar results.
  • Supporting the defense on breakouts: Timo has a tendency to make long breakout passes with a low probability of success. His and his team’s overall success (Halifax has a very young defense) would likely improve if he made more short passes on the outlet or held back to support the defense to increase possession time.

NHL Projection: It takes a special player to be able to play with the best players like Sidney Crosby or Alexander Ovechkin. Timo Meier is that special player who has excelled when playing with the best of players. So if you are a special player who excels when playing with the best players, where would you play in the NHL. Well, the answer is obvious – first line, of course. For the record, Timo Meier was the best player by far on the Halifax Mooseheads when the team won two games with Nikolaj Ehlers away at the World Juniors.

Draft placement: The latest rankings show Timo mainly in the 10 to 15 range. I have him at the upper end at 10 because I believe he has the goods along with the desire to do what it takes to make it happen, mentally and physically, to be a high-end player in the NHL.

Those in the Know

  • Quote 1: – Craig Button – TSN Director of Scouting and a former NHL GM, “Timo Meier has taken a leap up the list. It’s not a case of watching him play well and showing strong potential, because I’ve been watching him for three years and have seen lots of positives from him. When I evaluate Meier’s attributes and potential and then compare them to others in the draft, I see a very strong player. He can play the game in three essential areas; skill, physicality and in-game thinking. He knows how to utilize all of those elements to have a real significant role in the game.”
  • Quote 2: Hockey Prospectus – Ryan Wagman, “A bull of a winger, Meier has a very mature frame which he can use, in conjunction with strong puck skills and a good shot to wreak havoc in the offensive end. In spite of tremendous point production in the ‘Q’ and for Switzerland, many are unjustly sleeping on Meier.”
  • Quote 3: – Adam Kimelman, Deputy Managing Editor, “Meier has a habit of making good players look better, whether it’s Halifax teammate and Winnipeg Jets prospect Nikolaj Ehlers, or Nashville 2014 first-round pick (No. 11) Kevin Fiala at the World Juniors. A big body (6-1, 208) with soft hands and great vision.”
  • Quote 4: Metro News.caDominique Ducharme, Head Coach of the Halifax Mooseheads, “He keeps improving, and that’s the most important thing. He does every little thing to get better, whether it’s on the ice or off the ice; he’s pushing himself.”
  • Quote 5: Future – Dan Stewart, Scouting Director for Future Considerations, “Meier has really taken his game to the next level this season. He displays a nice shot, ability to make skilled plays with the puck, strong boards play and a willingness to engage in the dirty areas on the ice. At the World Juniors and even before that with his play starting in November really has been impressive as he has continued his strong game both creating offensive chances and playing more of a consistent power game than he showed us last season or even at the beginning of this season.”


  • Interview 1: – Damien Cox – 12-Feb-15 (Video)
  • Interview 2: Sports and Moore – John Moore – 14-Dec-14 (Video)



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