Joe Colborne – Boston Bruins Interview {Part 2}: Rapid Fire Shootout


Joe Colborne {Photo courtesy SVICTORIA29-Flickr}
Joe Colborne {Photo courtesy SVICTORIA29-Flickr}

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BostonBruins’ Joe Colborne: “Full Potential” Profile And Interview {Part 1}

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Colborne is a focused and articulate young athlete out to prove any naysayers wrong. With his evolution as a hockey player in the past season, he looks to be well on his way to doing just that. The Bruins’ 16th overall pick in 2008 may  just turn out to be a steal from that draft position.

I concluded the interview with a rapid-fire line of questioning mixing in hockey with other various topics.


Rapid Fire Shootout Questions:

CR:  I have seen you referred to as “Big Joe” in the Denver Post. Can I call you “JoeCo”? Do you have any other nicknames?

JC:  Jumbo, JC – quite a few actually.

CR:  What is your favorite hockey movie – Youngblood, Slap Shot, Miracle On Ice, Mystery, Alaska or The Mighty Ducks?

JC:  Mighty Ducks when I was younger, now Miracle or Slap Shot

CR:  Which NHL city/arena that you haven’t played in yet are you most looking forward to playing in?

JC:  Calgary/Saddledome

CR:  Have you seen a Colorado Rockies baseball game?

JC:  Numerous

CR:  Denver Broncos game?

JC: One

CR:  Have you met John Elway?

JC:  Quickly

CR:  What do you think about Eminem leaving the MTV Awards after Sacha Baron Cohen landed face down in his lap? ( see clip at: )

JC:  Just saw it right now, but I heard it was planned.  I think it was pretty funny by both of them.

 CR:  Do you think fighting hockey should be banned? Do you think it will be banned in the near future?

JC:  Fighting is an integral part of the game.  I think it should never be banned.

CR:  Do you think anyone will ever have the guts to wear #66?

JC:  I don’t.  I think it is a measure of respect, just like you don’t wear 99.

CR:  Do you think the NHL should bring back the glowing puck (Fox Sports used this feature and called it “FoxTrax” during the mid to late 90s)?

JC:  I never actually saw it, I was always a Hockey Night in Canada guy, or TSN

CR:  Sidney Crosby, Evgeny Malkin or Alexander Ovechkin?

JC:  Crosby

CR:  Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux or Bobby Orr?

JC:  Gretzky

CR:  Do you think anyone will ever break Gretzky’s point record in a season (215 points)? And for a career (2856 points)? And if so, by a current player or someone we haven’t seen yet?

JC:  No.  The level of skill by all the players and goalies are too high.

CR:  Who’s the toughest/fiercest hockey opponent(s) you have faced so far in your hockey career?

JC:  I faced many, but my teammate John Ryder may have the shortest fuse I have ever seen.  Even in practice.

CR:   Which opposing hockey player has hit you the hardest?

JC:  Well I remember I got crushed in Bantams the hardest by far but I don’t remember who did it.

CR:   Who’s the craziest teammate, on and off the ice, you’ve had so far?

JC:  Steve Cunningham… By far!

CR:   John Tavares, Viktor Hedman or Matt Duchene?

JC:  Tavares

CR:   If you could have dinner with any one of the following people, who would it be and why – Barrack Obama, Maria Sharapova, LeBron James or Sean Avery?

JC:  Maria, for obvious reasons, or LeBron, because I think he is the best athlete in the world today.

CR:  If you only had two choices and forced to pick one: #1. You would win the cup in your first season but never play hockey again OR #2. You would have a 10 year career with one Hart Trophy but NEVER make the playoffs – which would you choose?

JC:  Tough one, I think the cup because if you go with choice 2 you will never be able to say you were a champion.  They can never take away the fact that you were a champion.

CR:  On those rare occasions when you are away from the hockey world, what things do you like to do in your free time?

JC:  I like golf, working out, movies and just hangin’ out with friends.

CR:  At the end of your career, what actor would you like to see play you in a movie? And your co-starring actress?

JC:  Someone good looking hopefully, maybe Russell Crowe.  Megan Fox would be just fine with me.

CR:  Crowe a cool choice. I can’t imagine why you’d choose Megan Fox! If you were not a hockey player, what career path would you think you would take?

JC:  Something to do with hockey for sure.  Maybe become a coach or GM.

This wraps up an outstanding interview with one of the top prospects in the game today. Thanks “JoeCo” for taking your time to talk with me. You have survived “The Hockey Spy’s” Hot Seat. Best of luck in your off-season training program, with the DU Pioneers next season, and, of course, when the Bruins come calling!

For an added bonus, check out this interview July 2008 with “Jumbo Joe” and Blake Wheeler before a Red Sox game.

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