Las Vegas Jersey Design Speculation Soaring

Are you one of the many still discussing possible names for the NHL’s most recent expansion team in Las Vegas? As last reported, they were down to three possible choices with the ‘Las Vegas Nighthawks’ being one of those options.

Rumours surrounding the franchise’s new name and logo have been swirling since it was announced by the league that Sin City would be getting a team for the 2017-18 season. From the Black Knights to the Nighthawks, fans have taken to social media to discuss their favourite options and what they dislike about others.

With that in mind, it’s no wonder possible jersey designs are hitting the web as well. While they might not be on par with what is likely to come from the NHL and the Vegas ownership group, they are getting the ball rolling when it comes to possible logos for the new club.

One of those designs was sent out on Twitter by an account that has closely followed the growth and development of the Vegas franchise for some time – The Sin Bin. Their logo stems from one of the possible names – the Nighthawks – and the city’s close connection to the U.S. Military.

While some have called into question the colour scheme (or the lack thereof) with others adding that it makes sense with the name, this is just one possibility that will circulate over the next little while before the team finally shares the route they will take heading into their inaugural NHL season.