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THE LIST of the best NHL information available online.

Our team of great writers spends a lot of time reading about hockey online. We mean A LOT!

Their first stop is, of course, the tremendous coverage that everyone can get here at The Hockey Writers, where they cover every team, league, tournament, and event. Along with great news coverage, they also bring their readers well-informed opinion pieces, and stories about the great history of the sport, regularly delving into the business side of the hockey world.

Though the landscape of hockey information on the internet is constantly changing, we have compiled a list below of the most popular sites for our writers and readers. Make sure you bookmark this page as your go-to source for your daily hockey fix. We’ll update the list as sites come and go…and please let us know if we missed any. We’re always open to finding new sources.

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NHL News and Analysis:

The following websites deliver the day’s biggest headlines from the NHL and are home to some of the most prominent media personalities in the hockey world. From daily scores to insightful analysis of relevant topics, these sites have you covered.

Bally Sports

Bleacher Report

CBC Sports

CBS Sports

Daily Faceoff


Fox Sports

Hockey Buzz

Hooked on Hockey

Inside Hockey

Kukla’s Corner

NBC Sports


SB Nation

Sports Illustrated: The Hockey News




Yahoo Sports


General Statistics:

The following websites provide a wide range of NHL statistics at the individual and team levels, including scoring and goaltending leaderboards, individual player profiles, and league standings.


Hockey Reference

Elite Prospects



From extensive datasets to engaging graphics and visualizations, the following websites and personalities offer invaluable resources for understanding and applying advanced analytics to the NHL and its players. They represent the cutting edge of hockey analytics in the public sphere.

Prospects & Drafts:

The following are a collection of websites and personalities dedicated to delivering statistics and written analysis and rankings for NHL prospects and upcoming NHL Drafts. Given the sheer volume of leagues and tournaments showcasing the league’s pipeline of future stars, these sites and scouting personalities will keep you up to date with the latest in the prospect world.

Contracts & Caps:

The following websites provide comprehensive, up-to-date information about each franchise’s cap situation. They also explain the finer details of the NHL’s salary cap rules and regulations, including contracts and transactions, and clarify the minutiae of the league’s collective bargaining agreement (CBA).




Betting and Gambling Analysis and Resources

The following websites provide advice and analysis for those with an interest in betting and gambling on NHL hockey. They also provide links to reputable sportsbooks from across the globe.


Sportsbook Review

Fantasy Hockey

The following websites provide analysis, news updates, and tips and tricks for a variety of NHL fantasy hockey leagues and scoring formats, as well as housing their own leagues and competitions.

CBS Sports





TSN Fantasy

Yahoo Fantasy

Team News Pages:

The following are pages solely dedicated to each individual NHL team, providing the latest in team news and announcements as it pertains to contract signings, trades, and other roster transactions.