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The Hockey Writers is driven by a team of tremendous writers. It’s their hard work and dedication that helps us to lead the pack in hockey journalism.

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Dean Plunkett  –  –  @DeanPlunkettTHW

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Rob Soria
Oilers Contributor
Declan Schroeder
Jets Contributor
Kyle Gipe – Team Editor
Team Editor
Andrew Forbes
Fantasy Editor & Leafs Contributor
Josh Bell
Senators Contributor
Alex Chauvancy
Devils Contributor
Anthony Sciandra
Sabres Contributor
Gail Kauchak
Blackhawks Contributor
Rachel Anderson
Red Wings Contributor
The Old Prof
Maple Leafs Contributor
Larry Fisher
At-Large Contributor
Eugene Helfrick
Lightning Contributor
Rob Mahon
Jets Contributor
Kate Formica
Flyers Contributor
Matt Lawson
Canucks Contributor
Drew Johnson
Bruins Contributor
J.D. Killian
Avalanche Contributor
Ryan Szporer
Canadiens Contributor
Conner McTague
Penguins Contributor
Dan Rice
Devils Contributor
Jeff Seide
Sabres Contributor & Columnist
Nissa Khan
Copy Editor
Tony Wolak
Red Wings Contributor
Alex Thomas
Bruins Contributor
Mark Scheig
Credentials Manager & Blue Jackets Contributor
Spencer Hazen
Islanders Contributor
Tom Castro
Rangers Contributor
Sharks Contributor
Greg Boysen
Blackhawks Contributor
Ryan Pike
Flames Contributor
Will Billinghurst
Maple Leafs Contributor
Jim Parsons
Oilers Contributor
Jacob Messing
Red Wings Contributor
Peter Ferrell
Preds & Panthers Contributor
Stephen Ground
Blues Contributor
Louis Pannone
Coyotes Contributor
Mark Shiver
Hurricanes Contributor
Brandon Share-Cohen
Bruins Contributor/Columnist