Maple Leafs Getting New Logo

To celebrate their 100th year as a member of the National Hockey League, the Toronto Maple Leafs are set to get a new logo as well as new uniforms.

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The logo change will be the first for the organization in 45 years. The team has made subtle tweaks over the years, but nothing as major as what is expected to happen during the offseason.

There are no details about what the new logo will be. The only thing that’s known, according to the report, is the fact that the new look will have features from the past as well as futuristic additions. Chris Creamer speculates that the trademark wording on the logo could be on its way out. However, that is nowhere near confirmed.

Toronto is planning to go all out for their 100th anniversary celebration next season, which includes a number of throwback jerseys. It’s certainly going to be a great time for the team and its fans. Hopefully, for their sake, the production on the ice matches the effort being put forth for the celebration.

If I had to venture a guess, it’s going to be a new looking blue leaf without the font as previously mentioned. As far as the jerseys go, I could see the Adidas three stripe look added as well as a few minor changes.