Marleau Trade Not Happening

In professional sports, the rumor mill is always churning and the NHL is no exception. Right now all of the hype is surrounding 18-year veteran of the San Jose Sharks, Patrick Marleau. Reports surfaced claiming that Marleau would be willing to waive his no trade clause for three teams.

Although nothing has been confirmed, those three organizations seem to be the Los Angeles Kings, Anaheim Ducks, and New York Rangers. If this list is true and Marleau sticks to it, Sharks fans can sleep easy because Marleau is not going anywhere.

In all reality, I do think that the Sharks would be willing to deal Marleau. However, it would have to be a deal that made sense for them. Both the Ducks and the Kings reside in the same division as San Jose which makes the likelihood of number twelve being dealt two either of these teams pretty low. Especially to Los Angeles, who happens to be the Sharks biggest rival. The Sharks have made progress this year and there is no way that Doug Wilson will want to deal a player with still some value to a team that is in his way of making the postseason.

Trading Marleau to the Rangers would not be a bad idea but it is still unlikely for other reasons. Marleau is currently in the second year of a $20 million contract and New York is tight on cap space. The Rangers are going to have to sign some key pieces to their future over the summer so they need all of the available finances to make sure that happens. New York always has a win now mentality but trading away important players for their future or taking on another salary to prevent that from happening would be foolish move.

Acquiring Marleau could be a smart deal to make for some franchises in the NHL. Even at 36 years of age he still has the ability to make an impact. In fifteen games played so far this season, Marleau has recorded four goals and five assists. In addition, a veteran presence on a team contending for the Stanley Cup is extremely valuable.

What it comes down to is the report that Marleau is limiting his options. One has to believe that this list is going to expand if he really wants out of San Jose. If and when that does happen, the possibility of Marleau leaving the Sharks is going to increase. The Sharks’ faithful should not expect these trade rumors to die down because they will stick around until a deal is made or the trade deadline passes. However if the man who has devoted his blood, sweat, and tears for eighteen years to the Sharks remains extremely picky, there is no chance that a trade occurs.