New York Islanders: Must Follow Twitter Accounts

Over the last seven-plus years, Twitter has become a staple of social media. Not only has the platform allowed users to get updates on a wide array of topics and interests, it has also brought individuals into contact with icons of popular culture.

While following actors, musicians, and others on Twitter can help keep one up to date on certain celebrities, sports fans have been able to use Twitter in order to get closer to their team and its culture, tradition, and players. For hockey fans, specifically those of the New York Islanders (for all intents and purposes of this post), there are quite a number of options to choose from when surfing the Twittersphere. If listening to or watching your New York Islanders isn’t enough for you, then this list (in no particular order) will hopefully help you attain all of your Twitter-related Islanders needs.

Official New York Islanders


Following every team’s official Twitter account is a must, and this obviously applies to Islanders fans. The Islanders’ Twitter account tweets out stories, videos, and photos from the team’s website, and is a great starting point for any Isles fan just getting acquainted with the social media platform.

Arthur Staple


Most New Yorkers, and Islanders fans, that read Newsday will know who Arthur Staple is. Staple has been the beat writer for the New York Islanders over the last couple of years and has been a hockey columnist for New York Newsday for several years. Not only does Staple provide excellent new coverage and analysis for Newsday, he also has informative and up to date tweets for every Islanders fan.

Butch Goring


Islanders fans do not need to be reminded who Butch Goring is and what he has meant to the New York Islanders over the last 30-plus years. Working alongside longtime Islanders announcer Howie Rose, Goring delivers great in-game analysis and his tweets are full of insights that one can only get from a former player and head coach.

Brian Compton


Brian Compton might tweet out a whole bunch of posts related to the NHL, but he is a great personality to follow on Twitter for Islanders fans. As a Deputy Managing Editor for the NHL, you can expect Compton to bring you a very diverse stream of posts, but his coverage of the Islanders speaks for itself.

Mark Herrmann


Much like Arthur Staple, Mark Herrmann works for Newsday and provides Isles fans with a stream of news related to the team. Herrmann’s in-game and post-game reports and tweets are certainly informative and should be a good reference point for any Islanders fan.

Stan Fischler


They don’t call Stan Fischler the Maven for nothing. As a longtime hockey analyst, broadcaster, and historian, Fischler’s focus isn’t specifically on the Islanders, but he does provide a plethora of hockey knowledge when he tweets about the team. Not only does Fischler provide great analysis of the Islanders, fans can learn about all things concerning the Metropolitan Division by following him.

Eric Hornick


Even if you aren’t on Twitter, chances are you have definitely heard of Eric Hornick. As per his Twitter bio/profile, Hornick has served as the Isles’ statistician for the team’s home telecasts for the last 30-plus years, and also writes for the Islanders’ NHL website. The stats and numbers that Hornick diligently outlines and tweets (amongst other things) should be interesting to most hockey fans, and his 7:11 AM publications of “The Skinny” are full of excellent insights on the New York Islanders.

Brett Cyrgalis


Cyrgalis is an NHL sports writer for the New York Post and delivers some outstanding pre-game, in-game, and post-game coverage of the New York Islanders. Anyone looking for quality updates on the Islanders with fresh quotes from players and coaches should add Cyrgalis as he mixes in a good amount of hockey knowledge and perspective in his reporting.

Jeff Capellini


Jeff Capellini brings excellent Islanders coverage to CBS New York and WFAN, and his twitter account won’t disappoint Islanders fans either. Not only does Capellini provide opinionated thought in his writing and tweets, his updates on the Isles are sure to keep the attention of his followers.

Daniel Friedman


While Daniel Friedman recently started covering the Islanders for WFAN, he has been following the Islanders for seventeen years. Friedman is not shy to voice his opinion over Twitter or Facebook and is certainly worth a follow for his top-notch reporting and writing.

Christian Arnold


Christian Arnold has consistently produced quality work for Islanders Point Blank, The Hockey Guys, and the New York Hockey Journal. When you write for a slew of websites like Arnold does and have a very active presence in the social media sphere, you know you’re in for a treat when you give him a follow.

B.D Gallof


B.D Gallof has been providing outstanding coverage of the Islanders for some time, and his tweets are always direct and to the point. Gallof, much like Daniel Friedman, is very interactive with other Tweeters and his followers. Gallof also adds elements of humor to his posts, making him a very enjoyable and reachable personality to connect with in the twittersphere.

 Lighthouse Hockey


Despite the fact that Dominik operates out of St. Louis, Lighthouse Hockey’s coverage of the Islanders is superb. Not only does the staff at this website publish great material, they are constantly updating Islanders fans, and responding to them, in regard to team happenings and progress. Oh, and did I mention that @thechrismcnally and @cultureoflosing also contribute some of the most well thought out Isles pieces on Lighthouse Hockey?

Isles Blog


Following along the lines of other twitter accounts that discuss Islanders-related material, @IslesBlog tweets and retweets opinionated posts regarding the Isles. If you’re looking for a constant (not annoying) stream of stories, opinions, and updates on the Islanders, then this is definitely the account for you to follow.

TCL Isles


Headed by their fearless leader, Rob McGowan, TCLIsles brings you a steady stream of Islanders new and fantastic material from their website. With a knowledgeable and interactive cast of writers, pre and post-game reports, and player interviews, Islanders fans looking for a good flow of hockey-related news should add the account to their “following” list.

Eyes On Isles


Andy Graziano, Rich Dias-Rodrigues, Chris Triantafilis, Michael Willhoft, and a number of other writers combine to contribute some of the most in-depth analysis of the New York Islanders that fans can find. Not only does Eyes On Isles provide daily coverage of the Islanders, they are very interactive with the Isles’ fan-base and well-rounded in many hockey aspects.


More Noteworthy Islanders-Related Twitter Accounts

There are plenty more quality Islanders Twitter accounts to follow below.
There are plenty more quality Islanders Twitter accounts to follow below.


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