THW’s Top Posts of the Summer of 2015

Summer is a time when we let our hair down a bit and have a bit of fun. With the actual on-ice game further in the rear-view mirror and training camps still on the road ahead, our writers let their imaginations take over. Here are some summertime posts from THW that you may have missed.

How To Talk Like a Hockey Player  by Bill Schoeninger

  • Biscuit (noun): the puck.
  • Breadbasket (noun): term that describes the goalie’s chest. Typically used when describing that you put a shot right in the goalie’s logo.
  • Bucket (noun): a helmet
  • Flow (noun): great hockey hair, typically long that flows out of the helmet when the player skates.
  • Grocery Stick (noun): a player that sits on the bench the whole game between the forwards and defense, acting like a separator like the checkout line at the store.
  • Pigeon (noun): describes a player that isn’t good enough to score goals by himself, so he picks up the trash of his more skilled linemates. Often used as trash talk, as made famous by Claude Giroux:
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The Pinnacle in pro hockey is winning the Stanley Cup, but to have your team win it then have your name left off – how disappointing is that?

Names Left off of the 2015 Blackhawks Cup

We added a new feature to The Hockey Writers this summer, Hero Charts. You can plug in the name of any player to check on his numbers. Here’s how they look when considering some of the best d-men in the league. Be sure to check out the Charts and pop in the name of other players.

Another new feature we are excited about is the addition of complete, up to date Salary Cap info on all NHL clubs. Check out the NY Rangers Salaries here then check on your favourite team by using the NHL Teams section in our main menu.

Now, back to our summer posts:

Most Intriguing Players to Watch for By Team

The Worst Moves in the NHL This Past Summer, hello Mr. Vermette and Mr. Smith

(Amy Irvin / The Hockey Writers)
(Amy Irvin / The Hockey Writers)

I’d like to finish off with a post I always enjoy reading from one of our earlier writers, Jas Faulkner. It’s about Bob Suter, from the Miracle on Ice team, and the Suter family. Bob passed away in 2014 but the Suter hockey clan lives on..

The number 20 on the 1980 Team USA sweater, the one belonging to the “Miracle On Ice” team, was worn

(Photo: Rob Schumacher for USA TODAY)
(Photo: Rob Schumacher for USA TODAY)

by Wisconsin-born Robert Allen Suter.  He is the least recognised and yet arguably the most influential of the Suter clan when it comes to hockey.  The rink and development complex he owns and operates in Madison, WI is instrumental in sharpening the skills of players who will go on to distinguished careers at all levels of play from varsity to NCAA to the NHL.  Possessed of a wicked, dry wit and gentlemanly calm, Bob Suter is an entrepeneur, coach and teacher, he is the hockey veteran who expresses quiet amusement at being mistaken for his brother and the proud dad who can be seen cheering for his son, Ryan. All of this  seems like a lifetime and a half removed from Bob Suter the defenseman.

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