Top 30 Ice Hockey Bloopers (Part II – Picks 16-30)

A little bit over a month ago, I made a list of the top 15 ice hockey bloopers. While some bloopers might not have made the top 15 list, several more videos were compiled in order to give hockey fans a few more laughs when looking at the lighter side of the sport. Since hockey can be such a demanding sport for players and coaches, it is nice to know that a simple slip or fall on the ice can put a smile on anyone’s face.

Here are some of those moments:

30.) Zach Bogosian’s Goal Celebration

Scoring a game winning goal is definitely a thrilling experience. In Zach Bogosian’s case, the celebration might’ve gotten a little bit ahead of him. Bogo’s goal was definitely worth a celebration and it wasn’t as though the defenseman didn’t recover in time to share his jubilation with his teammates. Even though Bogo took a tumble, he definitely gets extra credit for a quick recovery.

29.) Puck Splits in Half on Prochno’s Shot

Move over Alexander Ryazantsev, you have competition. Andrew Prochno’s shot can split a puck in half, but lets hold off on the Chuck Norris comparisons for now. While the puck did split into two pieces, it’s quite interesting that neither piece managed to cross the goal line. It’s tough to say how much NHL teams value puck-splitting abilities these days, but if Prochno continues his solid play with the St. Could State Men’s Hockey team, then he might be an interesting defensive prospect in an upcoming NHL Entry Draft.

28.) Dwayne Roloson Makes a Save From the Bench

Now who said that bench duties were boring? Dwayne Roloson might not have been in net, but he sure was ready to make a save. Who knows, maybe a calm and collected save from the bench helped Roli the Goalie convince the coach to put him between the pipes for Edmonton’s next game.

27.) Dan Bylsma Catches Puck in Mid-Air

Dan Bylsma channeled his inner Jim Edmonds when he leaped for a puck that was going out of play. What was even more interesting was the fact that Bylsma caught the puck, tossed it to a fan, and went about business as usual. While the play from the head coach was very impressive, it showed that a highlight reel extension and catch were not enough to make the tactician lose focus on winning the game.

26.) Bobby Ryan Scores With Mikko Koivu’s Stick

On this episode of “Whose Stick is it Anyway”, Bobby Ryan becomes the beneficiary of some on-ice confusion. Both Koivu and Ryan lost their sticks on this play, but the latter was quick to recover as he potted a goal with Koivu’s stick. Mikko Koivu didn’t look too impressed with the feat, but at least we now know that Captain Koivu’s stick doesn’t possess the same properties as Thor’s hammer.

25.) Pane of Glass Falling on David Krejci

Thankfully, David Krejci was not seriously injured when this occurred. Krejci actually brushed the pane of glass off of his shoulders and didn’t look to be too fazed by what had transpired after time ran out. While this situation could have been much more dangerous, Krejci showed why hockey players are some of the toughest customers in all of professional sports.

24.) Marty Turco Plays Prank on Roman Polak

Who said that Marty Turco wasn’t an opportunist? Even Roman Polak got a laugh out of this play as Turco literally showed him a seat, albeit one that didn’t technically exist. Turco’s antics were eerily reminiscent of having your chair pulled out from underneath you, but the goalie deserves some credit for improvisation and quick thinking.

23.) Niklas Kronwall Shovels Patrick Eaves

Patrick Eaves did all that he could on this play as he sacrificed the body in order to prevent a scoring opportunity. While Eaves wound up paying the price for his actions, Niklas Kronwall showed everyone that defense is not the only way in which he can help out his team and teammates. Seriously, those shoveling techniques were second to none, and it’s probably safe to say that Kronwall shovels his own driveway in case of a snowstorm.

22.) Jordan Foreman Empty Net Goal

This was just a case of bad luck for John Murray, but for Jordan Foreman it was a case of being at the right place at the right time. Fans sometimes get upset when their goaltender wanders out of the net in order to play a puck, but this was just an unfortunate bounce for Murray. On the other hand, Jordan Foreman probably hasn’t scored an easier goal in his hockey career, and he has John Murray to thank for it.

21.) Eric Belanger Stuck to Glass

At first glance, it seemed as though Eric Belanger ran into a patch of Stickum. While hockey players frequently battle along the boards for possession of the puck, the glass just wouldn’t have it this time and decided to keep Belanger out of further play. Even though Belanger getting stuck to the glass was pretty funny, it was also quite entertaining how easily the referee “unhinged” the hockey player.

20.) Mitchell Theoret Stick Toss/Catch

Mitchell Theoret’s stick was essentially swatted out of his hands, but that didn’t stop the pivot from moving his feet. Instead of wasting any time, Theoret glided over to the other side of the net and caught his stick before it had a chance to hit the ice. Timing and hand-eye coordination were of the utmost importance on this play and Theoret illustrated that he has both. Whether this catch will merit the center any special considerations for a roster spot on the Islanders might be up for debate.

19.) Devin Setoguchi Shootout Attempt

Carey Price will likely not have an easier shootout win than the one shown above. Even though Setoguchi had tied up the contest against the Canadiens late in the same game, his shootout attempt was not to be. Who knows, maybe Carey Price can psyche out shooters without having to move a pad or a glove.

18.) Swedish Hockey Player Forgets to Remove Ice Guards from Skates

At least we know that Kim Karlsson is probably capable of doing a good army crawl. This moment had everyone laughing, including the fans, announcers, and players. Removing ice guards from your skates might be elementary, but this instance was well worth Karlsson forgetting such a rudimentary task.

17.) Dustin Brown vs. Water Bottle

Dustin Brown was just in the nick of time. Well, just in time to get recorded on national television. We all know how physically challenging hockey can be, but maybe Brown noticed that the ice needed some quick resurfacing and wanted to contribute in his own way. From Penner’s pancakes to Brown’s water bottle, it’s safe to say that the Kings do not fail to entertain us year round.

16.) Dale Weise vs. Gatorade

In his NHL debut, Dale Weise was unfortunately outdone by an unlikely opponent, Gatorade. Not only did the contents of Weise’s bottle splash all over his face, the bottle cap wound up in his mouth. Weise seemed to be surprised by the events as well as he glanced at his teammate with a “Dude, that really just happened?” look. All in all, Weise will have to wait until his next chance meeting with the elusive Gatorade bottle in order to exact his revenge. How this vengeance will be sought is yet to be seen.



* A special thanks to Margann Laurissa for her help and contributions!

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