5 For Writing – Other Great Hockey Blogs

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Do you know what Show Dough is? A terrific hockey blog that I read often is Justin Bourne’s Bourne’s Blog. Here he talks candidly (and from experience) about the money the Pro’s make from an AHL perspective. A great read!

Hockey Blog in Canada gives us a little teaser/update on the possible move of the Thrashers to Winnipeg.

Canucks fans may want to take a peak at Canucks Hockey Blog – they do a nice job of staying on  top of all the happenings on the left coast and remind us that Vancouver has a lot more going on that just the Sedins.

And a little link love to ourselves. A while back we shared the Origins of the Detroit Octopus Toss, enjoy.

To wrap up a nice concise listing by our friends at Open Ice Hockey on who moved where Trade Deadline Day.