Flyers Fans Start GoFundMe to Buy Penguins

Philadelphia fans aren’t the most beloved fans in the world, but when folks from the city of brotherly love aren’t taking scientific demonstrations of the kindness of humanity and decapitating it, it can be entertaining to watch them poke at Pittsburgh fans with a long cheese steak-shaped stick.

That’s why we’re enjoying that some intrepid Flyers fans have set up a GoFundMe campaign to purchase the Pittsburgh Penguins. The Pens are interesting in selling a majority share of the team and the asking price is currently set at $750 million, according to reports. That would be a NHL record valuation.

However, TSN’s Ken Campbell reports that the team hasn’t even had a nibble at that price. So, it’ll have to come down.

That’s good news for these Flyers fans, who, as of this post, have raised $894 toward buying the Pens. But, in their hearts, if the price comes down $100 million, they can really feel like they’re $100,000,894 toward their goal and that’s really an accomplishment in itself.

Their GoFundMe has some great ideas about what they’d do with the team once purchased:

Please help us purchase the worst franchise in the NHL so we can try to make it better by doing things like:
– Painting the entire inside of the arena Orange and Black
– Putting a giant photo of Claude Giroux on the outside of the building, facing the highway
– Repainting the parking lots stripes orange, with a Flyers logo in each spot
– Using colored thread to impose a beach ball in the net behind Fleury
– Make a wall of fame in the concourse with photos of our top donators

No word yet on what they’ll do with Phil Kessel when they own the black and gold. It’s probably nicer than what Maple Leafs fans have already done and nicer than how Boston treats a player once they’re gone, though that’s a pretty low threshold.

Should the $750 million not come together on their campaign, they plan to donate all proceeds to Flyers Charities.

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