Jimmy Vesey’s Decision Expected Thursday or Friday

Much has gone into the discussion about August 15 being “Jimmy Vesey Day.” What most people don’t realize, is that Vesey will not officially become a free agent until Tuesday, Aug. 16. per the CBA. Vesey will meet with teams starting on Tuesday, but is not expected to come up with a decision until Thursday or Friday as a lot will go into choosing where he ultimately signs his contract.

Many teams remain in the hunt for the services of the Hober Baker award winner. The Buffalo Sabres, Boston Bruins, Toronto Maple Leafs, Chicago Blackhawks, New York Rangers and New Jersey Devils appear to be the teams leading the pack, but anything can change once Vesey is able to field offers.

There is no shortage of teams looking for a potential top-six winger who projects to immediately make an impact on a team-friendly, entry-level contract. The fact of the matter is all 30 teams would love to sign Vesey. The issue, however, is that Vesey holds all of the cards in negotiations. At this point, it’s unclear what Vesey is looking for in any team that he signs with. Ice time, market size, location, and Stanley Cup contention will likely all play a role in Vesey’s ultimate decision, but only Vesey and his camp know his priorities at this time.