NHL Reaches Deal to Broadcast in Russia

Hockey fans in Russia have something to cheer about today. The NHL has reached a three-year multi-platform deal with Eurosport to broadcast NHL games in Russia, bringing live games featuring some of the country’s biggest stars to their home nation.

“This agreement with Eurosport will come as great news to NHL fans in Russia,” David Proper, the NHL’s Executive Vice President of Media Distribution and Strategy, said in a statement.

“Our global strategy and commitment is to bring the biggest stars in the NHL into homes around the world and to inspire the future generation of NHL players.”

The deal kicks off with the 2016-17 season, bring live games to Eurosport for the first time, as well as broadcasts on their live streaming platform.

Eurosport is known for their winter sport programming, “covering World Championships, World Cups and European Championships in 12 sports, including hockey, skiing, snowboarding and figure skating,” according to the release. Eurosport will also carry the next two Winter Olympics.