NHL Rumors: Bruins, Sharks, Ristolainen Trade, More

In today’s NHL rumor rundown there are updates on the deal the Boston Bruins might be working on with Charlie McAvoy, Kevin Labanc of the San Jose Sharks made some interesting comments, and did Rasmus Ristolainen just say he’s asked the Buffalo Sabres to be traded?

Bruins Dropping Clues on McAvoy Deal

James Murphy of Boston Hockey NOW writes that the Bruins and Charlie McAvoy could be headed towards a one-year bridge deal if the latest comments from the Bruins are any indication as to where their heads are at.

Tuukka Rask Charlie McAvoy
Boston Bruins Charlie McAvoy celebrates with goaltender (AP Photo/Michael Dwyer)

Calling such a deal a show-me contract of show-me contracts, Murphy suggests comments from an anonymous agent was telling. Saying this is probably the first time anyone has heard Cam Neely talk about McAvoy’s injury history, this agent believes he’s only doing so to knock term off the deal. Murphy notes, “Considering he specifically cites term there, that would tell me that given their cap issues, they’re now aiming for a short-term, I’m thinking bridge contract.”

It is strange for a GM or higher-up (in this case President) to talk so candidly about a player’s injuries when negotiating a new deal if there isn’t a financial reason for doing so.

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LaBanc Expecting Return Favor from Sharks

Adam Kimelman of NHL.com noted an interesting quote coming from San Jose Sharks’ Kevin Labanc that suggests he knows the favor he did for the Sharks organization and that he’s expecting one in return.

LaBanc said:

“I did a big favor … taking that deal. There’s a lot more salary cap for him to get another 1 or 2 players. … I think it’ll help our team be Stanley Cup contenders this year.”

Kevin Labanc (Amy Irvin / The Hockey Writers)

This is pretty candid and it shows that either Labanc is expecting the Sharks to go out and obtain more help to compete this year or he’s setting the table to let the organization know that next season, the favor won’t be there again.

LaBanc shocked the hockey world when he signed a one-year, $1 million deal. He deserved far more than that after a season that saw him put up 17 goals and 56 points. Yes, he’s betting on himself to have an even better year, but the amount of money he took was a sizeable discount.

In other Sharks news, Steve Simmons of the Toronto Sun reports Patrick Marleau’s off-season plan has failed him.

Simmons writes:

After being traded by the Leafs and bought out by Carolina, Patrick Marleau figured he would go home and return to the San Jose Sharks. Well, that’s not happening. Sharks don’t want him. Apparently, Arizona does, but Marleau may not want to play there. This off-season isn’t turning out the way he hoped it would … 

source – ‘SIMMONS: Who’s No. 5 all-time: Beliveau or Sid The Kid?’ – Toronto Sun – Steve Simmons – 08/10/2019

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Did Ristolainen Just Hint He’s Asked for a Trade?

The potential that Rasmus Ristolainen might be traded out of Buffalo has been well documented but until now, there have been no hints from the player’s side that he’s expecting to be moved. Ristolainen’s recent comments may suggest he does.

Sabres defenseman Rasmus Ristolainen
Sabres defenseman Rasmus Ristolainen (Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports)

A Buffalo News report quotes comments from Ristolainen from an interview with MTV Uutiset (translation required) that he asked to be traded. After being translated, the comments are:

“I cannot say anything other than the fact that on the 12th of September, I will be at one of the NHL team’s training camps.”

source – ‘Sabres defenseman Rasmus Ristolainen implies he’s asked to be traded’ – Buffalo News – 08/11/2019

The headline of the MTV Sports article reads, “Ristolainen dissatisfied with situation with Buffalo Sabres – wants to move elsewhere.” That alone suggests whatever Ristolainen and that interviewer discussed, Ristolainen is not happy in Buffalo even though the defenseman said he wants to keep the discussions between him and the Sabres’ front office private.

Ristolainen has three years remaining on a contract that pays $5.4 million per season. He’ll be a name to continue to watch leading up to the regular season if he has, in fact, asked to be moved.

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