Senators Chris Phillips Vocal During Lockout

Chris Phillips Senators
Chris Phillips (Kevin Hoffman-US PRESSWIRE)

When the NHL lockout started players had to take into account what was best for their own interests. Chris Phillips of the Ottawa Senators has been doing what he does best, quietly working away to help his team succeed. Of course we’re not talking about on the ice anymore, with the 2012 NHL lockout in full effect Phillips is helping the NHLPA work towards coming to an agreement and start this hockey season.

Many Ottawa Senators fans know Chris Phillips, the 1st overall pick in 1996 who has played 14 seasons with the Senators. When Phillips is doing his job right few people take notice of him and that’s exactly the way this shutdown defenceman likes it. With the 2012-13 season on an indefinite hold due to the lockout Phillips has been a key part of the NHLPA assisting in negotiations to hopefully end the lockout and get hockey to be played again.

Chris Phillips is the Ottawa Senators player rep for the NHLPA. Throughout his time in Ottawa Chris Phillips has displayed an incredible amount of class, and this week we saw a new more entertaining side to Chris Phillips. With Dr. Mark Recchi weighing in on the NHL lockout:

“The longer they’re out, the revenues are going to go down and down,” said Recchi. “So how are you going to get a better deal? Personally, I think the best time (to give in) is now.”

Phillips had his own words to say on the situation:

“I guess I would say it’s an uninformed answer, unless he’s now tied in with ownership somewhere, or wants to get involved with ownership, and trying to take that side, Unless you’re on the calls all the time or know exactly what’s going on … I don’t know what those comments are based on, because he’s not involved.”

While it is nice to see Phillips showing some fire sticking up for the NHLPA, the fact that there are more comments to the media than actual discussions between the two sides is alarming. These negotiations with all their ups and downs have fans on edge.  Chris Phillips will continue to work his hardest to end the lockout but only time will tell if it is successful.