The Bruins’ New Public Enemy

The $2,500 sucker punch, we’ll call it: a solid right hook by Scott Walker to the face of Aaron Ward during game 5 in Boston. Ward may have some facial lacerations and a potential broken orbital bone after the scuffle while Walker will be skating in the next game, devoid of any type of suspension. Bruins’ fans are up in arms about the waived suspension, commenting on the incident on, and other hockey media outlets. The feeling that the Bruins have been screwed yet again by the NHL front office is back on people’s minds. And as much as I disagree with that ruling, as much as I think that Colin Campbell secretly keeps a Milan Lucic voodoo doll underneath his desk, having Walker in the game tomorrow night will be the absolute best case scenario for the B’s. Simply put, the Bruins have found an enemy to hate.