The Best and Worst Fake NHL Trade Deadline Deals

Every year around the NHL Trade Deadline, internet trolls/heroes take to social media, create fake accounts for NHL media personalities, and report trades that have not occurred.

And people fall for it.

Every year around the NHL Trade Deadline, TSN’s Bob McKenzie and Darren Dreger warn the social media public to watch out for fake accounts reporting fake trades.

Most listen, but some don’t.

For the record, McKenzie’s actual Twitter handle is @TSNBobMcKenzie and Dreger’s is @DarrenDreger. What out for accounts that have slight changes to the Twitter handle (e.g. @TSN_BobMcKenzie, @TSNDarrenDreger, or @Darren_Dreger). Follow the real verified accounts for the latest, accurate information. Better yet, follow The Hockey Writers (@TheHockeyWriter) for NHL Trade Deadline news and analysis.

Instead of condemning the heroes that wish to cause havoc online, this article is dedicated to celebrating the creativity and stupidity that come out in these fake deadline deals. Some trades are actually feasible and should be considered. Other trades are just hilarious and would get GMs fired.

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So this year, beware the geniuses that cook up erroneous NHL Trade Deadline transactions. Trust the verified accounts for correct NHL news.

Let’s begin.

GM-Firing Trade Deadline Deals

This “Darren Dreger” has the same profile picture as the TSN analyst, but clearly a different Twitter handle. And his trade would get Ken Holland fired in Detroit. Trading Dylan Larkin is not and will not ever be in the cards. But trading Larkin, prospect Dominic Turgeon, and a 1st round pick for a few months of Steven Stamkos is just silly. Don’t you realize that this would put the Red Wings over the salary cap ceiling?! Lol.

Trading your captain for a pending unrestricted free agent. Right. New Bruins’ GM Don Sweeney would be tarred and feathered in Boston if he traded Zdeno Chara for Andrew Ladd. On the opposite side, the city of Winnipeg would hand GM Kevin Cheveldayoff the key to the city, a crown, a jester, their finest knights—you name it.

If Chicago GM Stan Bowman traded captain Jonathan Toews, Scotty Bowman (GM’s Dad and Blackhawks’ consultant) would throw each and every Stanley Cup ring in his position at Stan until he learned his lesson. Then the younger Bowman would be fired and never find a job in the NHL again.

This Might Work…

Okay, some fake trades are actually feasible. This trade would put the Capitals over the salary cap ceiling, but would add a depth forward for their playoff run. In no other year have the Capitals had a better team to compete for the Cup, so why not add a proven, depth veteran with a his name already engraved on the Stanley Cup.

Chicago has been targeting Loui Eriksson…

This trade is certainly plausible and would cause you to double-check the source. If the Ducks were to acquire Jonathan Drouin from Tampa Bay, they would have an outstanding forward group heading into the playoffs. Their defense is strong enough that trading Cam Fowler is not out of the question.

When Trading Players for Objects Creates a Reasonable Deal

This is good. Leafs’ GM Lou Lamoriello is always looking for creative ways to make a trade. I do think Rangers’ GM Jeff Gorton comes out ahead here. If it was a brand new washing machine, then it would be a toss up.

Just try to picture Ryan Getzlaf with 90s Jaromir Jagr’s mullet. You know Mark Messier was hoping the Rangers would pull off a similar move during his day on Broadway.

Jonathan Toews (Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports)
(Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports)

Final Word

Beware of trolls this weekend and on Monday’s trade deadline. You’re going to look like a fool if you start celebrating how your team acquired Jonathan Toews for the playoff run.

Always look for the verified check mark on Twitter when investigating whether a trade is real or not. Twitter implemented that feature for exactly this reason. People like to impersonate celebrities to they can feel famous for once.

Don’t make stupid people famous.

What do you think of these silly trades? Comment below or hit me up on Twitter: @PolakWolak. I’m not verified, but not a troll either.