The Five Best Hockey Songs of All-Time

I really only have two hobbies: Music and Hockey.  As such, it only makes sense to combine them and present to you here and now: the five best hockey songs of all time.

5. Jughead “The Hockey Song” 

This song features so many horrible accents that that alone makes it worth a listen. On top of that though, it’s hilarious and sentimental and an old favorite.

4. The Hockey Night in Canada Theme Song 

I really think I’d be more patriotic if this was our national anthem.  I will never forgive TSN for stealing this song away from HNIC and I’ll always consider it the dirtiest most immoral business decision of Canadian history. When Rogers stole all their games, it was Karma.  Now they’ve tried to modernize it to no success and it’s tacky and does not invoke the same feelings it used to when I was a kid.  This one does though.


3. The Tragically Hip “Fireworks” 

Superior to “Fifty Mission Cap” if only because it’s less overplayed, but nevertheless a fantastic hockey song. I can’t relate though – my Mom said that all the time growing up.  Also a massively underrated album – Phantom Power



2. The Rheostatics “The Ballad of Wendel Clark”

Only Warren Zevon prevents this from being one of the greatest hockey song ever written. Am I balanced because Wendel Clark is among my all-time favorite players and the Rheostatics are one of Canada’s best ever bands? Of course. Who cares, it’s a great song.  Oh, and a sweet reference to Dave Hodge? What could be better?



1.  Warren Zevon’s “Hit Somebody” 

A heartbreaking ballad about an enforcer who’s taken too many punches.  A little too close to home for the times maybe, but a solid song by the world’s most under-rated singer-songwriter. There may be a lot of hockey songs, but not one of them is written by an artist of this stature, giving it the title of number one.


BONUS FEATURE – Totally forgot this one until the end – Moe Berg deserves a little love (I think, maybe he’s a jerk, I don’t know him) but the Pursuit of Happiness deserves to have a renaissance because like the Rheostatics, The Northern Pikes, the Cowboy Junkies, hell, even Frozen Ghost they were amazing, much  loved and don’t deserve to be forgotten.


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